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Session 15: 11-20-2015 Zanlin's Nemesis is DEAD!

  • It was determined that the Corner Cafe chili needed salt**

Present: Helm, Ebon, Zanlin, Trageon, and the DM

Arrived late: Mara

Absent: Tanvir

Session started with all updating their character sheets to 6th level.

There was a 15 minute discussion regarding Ebon’s magical cloak. +1 Cloak of Protection. Ebon dug deep into his notes and found where it was given to him.

Recap of previous session
1. Talus the White, Zanlin’s long lost friend, works with the party
2. Rezmir wanted to kill Talus the White
3. Talus is a member of the Cult of the Dragon
4. White Dragon – Cloud Chaser

Zanlin concludes after a conversation with Talus that she’s not as passionate about the Cult of the Dragon as she once was or should be. Zanlin believes Talus is acting as if she’s chosen the wrong path.

“Teamat, our mother and strength”

Session begins…

Talus informs the party that Rezmir is blackmailing the Cloud Giant to do whatever the Cult of the Dragon wants. Rezmir has dirt on the Cloud Giant.

No Harm is to be done to the Cloud Chaser (White Giant)

The party prepares to enter the castle:

- pass off as cultists
- it was learned that we could ride wyverns into the Village of Parnast
- plan is to fly the banner high and give the call sign

Party heads out…

Talus, being the sweet individual she is, offers a wagon with a tarp, but party graciously declines.

From one side of the mountain to other, the party overlooks the village of Parnast.

Party enters the villag from the North.

Party passes through the center where multiple wagons are heading towards the castle. There was 4 guards that were checking the wagons as they passed through.

Party headed to the tavern for some food and drink. The guards stopped the party and interrogated them regarding their business there. The party flashed the sign and was permitted entrance Into the Golden Tankard.

Greeted by a man with mutton chops that oddly resembles the DM, “what can I get ye travelers?”

Offers the party a plate of pork swords – hard and juicy or sweet and spicy.

Party places an order for their drinks. Mara licks her lips and orders a hard and juicy pork sword.

The mutton chopped employee barks orders at the other workers, “I need some drinks and bring these fine people a combo of pork sausages and a side of stewed cabbage with carrots.”

Ebon with his astute observation skills noticed a quiet man in the corner who kept eyeballin the party.

Mutton Chop whispers to the kid and the kid hurriedly scurries back to the kitchen.

Ragnar Red Tooth was the owner of the Golden Tankard

Beer/Mead was of very low quality in the Tankard. The mantle housed a Golden Tankard that had a look of magical appearance.

Zanlin, being the entertainer he is, spread cheer by playing several tunes on his pan flute with Ragnar’s permission!

Party concluded that the food tasted better than the drink

Zanlin, readied to entertain the Golden Tankard, is stopped in his tracks when the front door is kicked in. Zanlin stops and immediately notices his nemesis! A captain and 6 privates enter the tavern!

Ebon, still focusing on the sketchy individual in the corner, noticed a behavior change when the door was kicked in. Ebon noticed that the man slumped down in his seat, almost hiding.

The captain approaches Zanlin and authoritatively speaks, “You’re under arrest for murder!”

Zanlin name drops (I know this is a huge surprise to everyone) Talus the White. “ask her, she’ll speak of my fine character!”

Othelstan (Captain of the guard at Parnast)- “you mean Talus the Bitch? I don’t need her, I’ve spoken with Rezmir and Bog Luck!”

A cultist comes in and whispers to the captain

Othelstan looks at Mara and addresses her, “Maybe you should come with us as well!”

Zanlin, being proactive, puts pan flute away, and casts invisibility and walks to the bottom of the room.

Othelstan and his cronies stand shocked

Trageon and Mara ready an action
Tanvir stands up
Ebon casts minor illusion and warns Capt. – “He’s getting away!”

Othelstan and 3 guards race to the front door
*Othelstan stops at Mara and asks her to come peacefully, Mara refuses. The guards head outside to look for the invisible Zanlin.

Helm casts the command FLEE to Othelstan

Trageon approaches the Captain and readies to attack if he tries to forcibly take Mara.
Zanlin moves 30ft along the south wall

Tanvir holds… In full defense
Mara intimidates guards “you don’t wanna die over this!”
Ebon casts minor illusion and whispers “guy in corner behind you is going to kill you!”

Othelstan runs scared out the front door

Guards to Trageon – “don’t think about doing anything!”
Trageon, not one to be bullied, stands strong

Guard moves alongside Ebon
Helm readies in full defense

Trageon attacks guard for 6 Otis damage

Zanlin double moves and closes the door

Mara comes in hot and finishes the guard Trageon attacked! Using both swords, she stabbed him in the gut, twisted, and lifted the guard off the ground. The sword finishes the guard off and slices him from ear to ear!

Tanvir hexes the guard by Ebon and casts Eldritch blast, dropping him!

Ebon uses Mage hand to drop the bar, locking the front door

Guards banging hard on the door with the Captain screaming, “LETS US BACK IN! I DONT KNOW WHY THIS HAD TO GO SOUTH!”

Captain and Guards continue to demand the party to surrender, of course that’s not in their plans. The final guard drops his weapon and puts his hands up.

Helm double moves to open the kitchen door
Trageon tries grappling and instead is reversed and is now in a headlock.

Othelstan instructs guard to alert the castle

Zanlin, hearing the instruction, warns party of the castle mounting a defense!

Guard grips tighter causing Trageon to turn blue

Ebon, not wanting to cause hostility, double moves towards the kitchen

Othelstan still shouting from the outside, “YOU HAVE ONE MORE CHANCE TO OPEN THIS DOOR! IM COUNTING TO 10!”

Othelstan instructs guard to go around back

Helm, makes his way through kitchen and heads toward the back door

Trageon, tired of playing games with the guard, takes him on a trip to Suplex Cith through the Tankards table, knocking the guard out.

*Patrick sets new DnD record with 20 cheese balls at one time while Joe proving he’s nowhere near the man choking on one earning the title “the Uniballer!”

Zanlin, exits through the kitchen door, notices two guards 90’ away. Zanlin casts fireball, dropping both guards.

The rest of the party exits through the backdoor. Before leaving, using magehand, Ebon takes the magical Golden Tankard.
Helm conjures a rhino!

The party now heads towards the castle. Two guards with pole arms extended shout, “HALT!”

Zanlin casts Vicious Mockery on the guards causing 6 puts damage
Mara tosses a pebble and shoos them away. Guards step back

The party continues towards the castle…

The RHINO, conjured by Helm, charges at the guards – stomps one, gores the other! The RHINO continues running amok through the town, heads toward castle along Main Street, with a guard on his horns!

Dragonwing hits Helm with a Magic Missile! Helm retaliates with heat metal, causing the guard’s armor to burn!

Party keeps going towards castle.

Othelstan hits RHINO for 20. Dragonwing hits RHINO with a magic missile.

As the party turns the corner to head towards the caste, they notice the Ice Castle shaking and the drawbridge rising!

RHINO fights back and hits Othelstan for 16 pts. Othelstan fights back, hits RHINO for 20 more, dropping the RHINO!

Dragonwing phase steps and crits Helm with a scorching ray for 20pts.

The drawbridge closes and the Ice Castle spreads out

Trageon heads back up the crooked path that lead to the kitchen

Zanlin casts stinking cloud
*Dragonwing not affected
*Othelstan bends over gagging and puking

Mara’s crossbolt sails high and misses
Tanvir fires Eldritch’s blast twice and misses

Dragonwing continues his torrid hitting Mara with a ray of frost. Maras slowed 10ft

Othelstan still engulfed by the stinking cloud bends and coughs, gags, and vomits

Helm feels rejuvenated after drinking a potion of healing!

Trageon comes back around and encounters a big green cloud

Zanlin casts Shatter and causes 20 pts damage

Maras crossbow misses again

Tanvir hexes the Mage and crits him with an Eldritch Blast

Mage drops to one knee after Ebon’s fire bolt sticks

Othelstan works his way outta the stinking cloud and pierces Zanlin with a spear

Dragonwing finally cools down and misses with Ray of Frost

Helm, rejuvenated from the potion, hits Dragonwing with a moonbeam dropping him

Trageon uses his action surge and Othelstan is slashed for 9 pts damage

Zanlin misses, Maras cross bolt wildly misses, but Tanvir joins the party and hits Othelstan with two Eldritch Blasts for 25 pts damage

Ebon hits with a magic missile

Othelstan misses Trageon with his two attacks

Helm, moves his beam to Othelstan, he takes 6 damage

Trageon hits a badly beat up Othelstan for 9 more

Zanlin misses, Mara fires and misses, Tanvir misses, and Ebon follows suit missing with a fire bolt

A bloody, but pissed Othelstan critically hits Trageon with his flail

Helms moonbeam does 6
Trageon misses twice
Zanlin misses with crossbow

Mara hits with all 3 attacks killing Othelstan

We interrupt this post for a public service announcement


OK back to our regularly scheduled post

Party searches Othelstan/Dragonwing/ and Guards

  • magical shield on Othelstan
  • wand – Dragonwing
  • guards – nothing of value
  • 30 Gold
  • Golden Tankard

Once again the quiet, sketchy old man was caught eyeballin the party

Castle begins to fly away

Zanlin tries persuading townsfolk that guards started the battle

Townsfolk people upset because ever since Cult took over, they’ve ran everything in town

Zanlin tries to find info on how to get into the castle

Ebon and helm approach the old man. Ebon mentions he seems interested in the events unfolding. Guy mentions that he was glad the Cult was after us. Expressed that the town needs assistance driving Cultists out.

Guy helps party by letting him know that the stable contains wyverns to help them enter the castle.

Ebon changes lock to wood and bashes it — party enters the stable.

Upon entering the stable, they see:

  • Riding harnesses mounted to the wall
  • 3 stables contains 3 wyverns

It needs to be mentioned that Helm, the Wyvern Whisperer, calmly harnessed the wyverns and perfectly executed the ole Rub and Tug!

After calming all the wyverns, Helm instructs party on safest way to ride

Wyvern 1: Helm and Zanlin
Wyvern 2: Ebon and Trageon
Wyvern 3: Mara and Tanvir

Party gains on the castle slowly, due to the fast pace of the Wyverns flight


Talus informed party that a Giant was in the upper courtyard

Wyverns land in the upper courtyard.
Upon landing, 4 ogres and 6 kobolds approach the party

Party delivers the pass phrase and Kobolds lead the Wyverns off

Ogres inform party that the Cultists stay in the lower courtyard

Party enters first tower and heads down stairs into the lower courtyard

Party scouts the tendencies of the lower courtyard and check out different rooms

  • discovered the cultists barracks


  • ogre on each side
  • spiral staircase leading case
  • other side is wyverns stable
    Ebon uses Mage hand and unlocks door near stable

Party searches guest chamber and finds nothing of any value!

Tanvir opens the door and room looks like:

  • large rug covering icy floor
  • lit by hot coals
  • large bed
  • large desk with handsome iron banded chest

Standing room is also a Black Half-Dragon, 2 guard drakes, and Baldy with Red Robes

Baldy drops Ebon with a fireball and seriously injures rest of party

Tanvir immediately reacts with Hellish Rebuke causing little damage

Zanlin cures wounds on Ebonand moves 10ft up

Helm – casts windfall on all enemies and hits

Mara’s crossbow hits windfall and flies upward

Rezmir steps behind the windfall

Mara’s fireball does half damage

Guard drakes bite at Trageon and miss, tail swipe misses

Trageon hits once and then uses his second win to restore his health

Baldy’s Scoring Ray misses

Tanvir disengages and moves 30ft

Spellcaster on the North wall casts a spell but Tanvir isn’t affected

Zanlin puts the wizard and one drake asleep

Helm cures himself

Mara hits a drake with two of her three attacks

Rezmir slashes mightily with his great sword and Mara takes 20pts damage and her energy is zapped

Ebon casts Haste on Trageon giving a plus to AC and attacks

Trageon slices and dices Rezmir for 24 pts damage

Tanvir gulps down a potion restoring his health

Out of nowhere, another Red Wizard appears and casts Fireball

  • Helm and Zanlin drop
  • Tanvir and Ebon also hit

Mara hits Rezmir with all 3 attacks and causes him serious harm. Immediately recognizing that he’s on his last leg, Mara uses her action surge and drops Rezmir!

Ebon immediately casts Hold person on the Red Robe Wizard
Trageon crits four times and kills the Red Robe Wizard


  • Upcoming session will begin with party searching the rooms


Nicely written Patrick. Good flow. Trageon getting reversed in a headlock is funny shit.

dingolove dingolove

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