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Session 30: Mara: Battle of the Crater

Defeat of the Dragon Queen

The Battle of the Crater

Friday, April 29th
The night begins with everyone eating on their own and as usual several complications arise. In an attempt to change Roy’s hangout name the entire groups joins forces to tackle the situation. It was at this time that Rob begins his assault on those in attendance. His first act of rebellion is when he stole Arron’s cushion and assaulted with a plethora of foul wind. Joe went over some background information for each of the party members.
Ebon was 8 years of age when his father died and later before he joined the group was going to be hanged. Zanlin’s father was a farmer and he has a younger sister and a mentor called “Dan the Man”.
Tregean and Helm are from the same village with Tregean having an ally named Avare Lavent. Finally, Mara was sold into slavery to escape and be trained by an elf called Drelaven.

Rob’s official assault begins at 7:05pm as he goes over the notes from the last meet.

Beginning at 7:15pm

The group finds itself entering the tunnels to stop the ritual that would bring Tiamat back into the mortal realm, after Ebon and Zanlin hurl fireballs at the 6 cult guards. Ebon takes point as he sneaks down the tunnel, staying about 60 feet in front of the party. As the party make their way through the tunnels the sound of battle can be heard all around them as the forces of the realm battle the forces of the cult and their evil allies.

Battle Overview
The armies of the lord’s alliance find themselves outnumbers by the armies of the cultist as the chromatic dragons outnumber the metallic dragons two to one. The giants find themselves on even ground with the evil giants as the Order of the Gauntlet outnumber the armies of devils 2 to 1. The Order decimate the devils, destroying their armies and sending them scattering to the winds.

As the group continue Ebon spots a group of cultists running franticly through the tunnels to the north.
Ebon’s owl stumbles into a chamber within the tunnels containing a large war table with 10 wearers of purple hovering over it discussing their battle plans. Suddenly 6 dark figures dart into the room slaughtering all within, The Assassins of Zentar fulfill their mission.

Battle Overview
The armies of the Lords Alliance find themselves struggling against those of the Cultists. (5c to 3L) While the Metallic dragons even their odds against the chromatic dragons (2m to 2c). The giants are even as well as the Purple Knights take out the Red Talons. The Emerald Enclave continue their bitter and blooding against the monsters and Trolls but are able to gain ground, taking the monsters out. (2e to 1m.t)

Once the group enters the war room, the assassins nod to Zanlin as they exit to continue their orders. Mara and Tregean stand watch while the group searches through the papers and such for any plans or information to help them win the battle. Afterwards the group continue their way through the tunnels with Ebon scouting in front when he is suddenly spotted by a guard. The guard levels his spear towards Ebon demanding him to identify himself. Ebon stands straight up and gives the old password along with the ‘Spaceballs Salute’. Unable to convince the guard Ebon finds himself under attack all by himself. He had told the group to wait until they heard him to tell them to come forward. But luck is on Ebon as he finds himself facing only one guard at a time due to the tunnels being so narrow. That luck soon runs out as he is stabbed in the belly with a spear. He screams in pain as he runs back to the group who open up their assault on the guards.

Mara steps forward firing two arrows into one of the guards as Helm transforms into a Dire Wolf. Thanior moves forward while firing two more arrows into the same guard, turning him into a pin cushion as he collapses to the floor. Tragean clicks his boots of speed and rushes into the fray striking one of the guards with a critical, taking his head off in one swipe as he expertly continues his assault striking a second guard as his first hits the floor dead. —PK is on fish sandwich #5
Zanlin moves forward in all his grace and points at the guard Trageon is fighting and with his hand on his hip yells a vicious mockery at the guard, “Yo mama wears combat boots”. At this point the guards surround the heavily armored Trageon. Ebon, recovering from his wound peeks out from behind the mighty Dire wolf, casting a firebolt at one of the guards, taking him out.

Contining the fight, Zanlin yells a mockery at one of the guards ‘Sic Balls!!!’ once again as the Dire Helm attacks. Mara attacks a guard that Helm knocked prone, striking him 3 times finishing him off with a sword through his forehead. Thanior fires twice more at the final guard as Tragean finishes him off with a thrust of his sword through his gut.

Battle Overview
As the party make their way through the tunnels the chaos of battle continues around the crater. The Lords Alliance continue their bitter struggle against the armies of the Cultist, bring their foe that much closer to defeat as they are now 3L to 4c. After the Order of the Gauntlet slaughter the devils they move in on the flank of the Cultist to assist the Lords Alliance. Seeing the devils slaughter as if they were sheep the evil giants rage grows as they destroy the good giants and begin to “Run Amok”. The Metallic Dragons bring their mortal enemies, the Chromatic Dragons that much closer to their doom, 2m to 1c. The Purple Knights destroy what is left of the Red Talons as the monsters, using dirty tactics wipe out the Emerald Enclave. They join the evil giants and begin to “Run Amok” as well, having advantage on the field.
As the battle rages outside the party continue their search for their prime target, Sevrin, the Red Dragon Rider and disrupt the ritual. Ebon and his owl spot more guards and slaves, looks like the Harpers have dropped the ball as Ebon starts the battle. With a guttural scream he hurls a firebolt towards the guard but hits a poor slave captive in the face, killing the poor child. —Rob continues his nasty assault as he just sits there and rolls his dice while he is in the foul act. How can he sit there as everyone else leaves the table, if they are able—Thanior and Zanlin take out one guard as Dire Helm takes out the other. And as the guards are about to join the battle the Harpers at last make their appearance and take out all the remaining guards. The group continues to search for their target passing a chamber full of Red Wizards battling each other.
Battle Overview
The Chromatic Dragons gain some ground as they even the odds against the Metallic Dragons. The Lords alliance press their attack hard as they bring the armies of the Cultist down to near destruction 3L to 1c. The Purple Knights fight valiantly but are ravaged and slaughtered by the monsters as they “Run Amok”, 1p to 2m

The group finally make their way onto a very strange room as Ebon’s owl bumps into a Red Wizard. They find themselves in the Temple of Tiamat. One wizard is chanting, but is quickly brought down by a combined arrow assault from Mara and Thanior. The Temple has 5 vaulted chambers surrounding a central spiral. —It is at this time that Joe hovers a fireball blast over Jason, getting a very startled glance— One wizard fires a fireball towards the group only to be halted by a counter spell from Ebon. The group fights their way through the room of wizards as a dark robed figure with a large dragon mask hurls an orb from an opening in the ceiling 90 feet up striking Mara and Helm.

It is 11:30 as PK finishes his 6th fish sandwich. Jacob is call out for some shit eating grin. Aaron finally figures why the keyboard is not working. No one turned it on.—-

The group continue their battle with the wizards with arrows and spells being thrown about, fire orbs being dropped like bombs. Helm is taking all of it in as he decides his next move when all of a sudden, the shadow dragon from up top appears right in front of him. A fire whip entangles him as Ebon cast a disintegrate spell at the figure and Tragean rushes to his aid. All of a sudden Mara takes off running out of the room.

Battle Overview
The Lord’s Alliance and Order of the Gauntlet find themselves loosing against the savage onslaught of the Giants and armies of the Cultist until the Purple Knights charge in with banners waving in the wind after they just destroyed what was left of the monsters. All good hearts trembled as the last of the Metallic Dragons fall to the Chromatic Dragons as the Harpers move in to take out the Red Wizards. All this time the Wood Elves cannot find the Drake Horn.

Mara stops running as Thanior two arrows at Severin staggering him pretty well as Severin’s whip deals damage to Helm. He reaches for Tragean’s face with his other hand that is now beginning to glow with fire. Ebon, using all his might, cast arcane hand and successfully grapples him and squeezes him until Severin’s body goes limp. After Mara and Thanior take out the last Red Wizard Trageon removes the mask of the Dragon Queen from the dead body of Severin the Red Dragon Wyrm Speaker.

Battle Overview
With the death of the Red Dragon Wyrm Speaker and the halting of the ritual to bring back Tiamat it seemed as if the forces of evil lost their morale as the Harpers take out the last of the Red Wizards and the elves finding the Drake Horn. The combined might of the Lord’s Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet and the Purple Knights put down each of the Chromatic Dragons as if they were rabid dogs. And with no time to spare the Arcane Brotherhood take the Dragon Queen mask apart, back into 5 separate masks. (Blue mask is here?)

Escabar killed the White that fled from the party long ago and is having a portrait made to remember his deeds. Group is level 12.


I like it. Good job. The battle sounded EPIC and dire. It was cool to go back and forth between “tunnels” and “outside battle”.

dingolove dingolove

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