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Session 32: Bog Luc's Hideout

The downward Spiral of a Hero?

The Heroes continue the battle into Bog Luc’s Hideout. The action is intense.

Trageon trades blows with orcs but doesn’t do as well. Thaneor and Zanlin start to damage the orc but just make it angry, he takes a mighty swing at Helm , connecting and nearly leaves the heroes planning a funeral. Helm swings back with his shilleighleigh and the orc just looks at him with a taunting smile, Helm knowing he is in trouble watches the Orc’s head melt and sees Ebon’s smiling face through oozing brain matter. Ebon leaving Helm safe once again.

A door swings open and Trageon takes 3 of 5 bolts of fire that spring form the finger tips of a new assailant, almost dropping him in a smoking heap. Mara runs to Trageon’s aid , completely unaware of the mage in the doorway, attacking the less mighty orc in the room.

Another door swings open and arrows come streaking at Thaneor (the opponent slides back around a corner in the hallway ) making a small scratch on his chest. It starts to look grim for the heroes. Thaneor follows the thug and uses the hit and run tactics of his opponent, against him. As he moves back into the room he yells " Archer in the hallway !" Ebon’s hand wreath’s in flames waiting for other combatants as Helm summons two raptors to engage the parties enemies. As the Archer pokes his head around to fire again, Ebon burns his hair away from his scalp as arrows zip Thaneor’s way again and starts to make him look like a pin cushion. Thaneor moves forward quickly after the enemy archer and puts two arrows in the man’s back as he starts to turn back to hit & run again. Helm sends his raptors down the hallway. Ebon, watching the Raptors depart keeps his hand wreathed in flame. Zanlin mocks the archer from a distance , hoping to enrage him into making a mistake against the raptors. ( The raptors and the archer fight fiercely in the hallway – the archer hears Zanlin mocking him, and enraged , slips and falls from the cliff outside the hideout ) The raptors make an appearance from the hallway, nothing is seen from the archer. Helm eats a handfull of goodberriers to regain some of hie stamina as it appears this will be a long fight.

The battle rages – As Trageon shifts his position the orc fighting him taunts, " don’t run away from me little man" and steps forward and swings, his aim just off as he misses. Zanlin steps forward and mocks the archer , criticizing him so much that the man falls dead of embarrassment.

Mara finally notices the mage in the doorway just as 5 lines of fire come from its fingers and pound into Mara’s chest , scorching a hole in her chest plate. The door closes behind the attack. Mara steps forward and kicks the door open , startling the mage. She swings her offhand sword nicking the mage in his chest. With a quick break in the action , Trageon takes a breather and quaffs of healing fluid to repair some of the damage he has been taking and a white light emanates from Zanlin and washes over the party. Filling them full of optimism and renewing their strength. Trageon, feeling a little too good from the fluid and the light , looks deep into Mara’s eyes " Hey, you’re a human and I am a human fighter, let’s fuck… one tit and all ". Mara looks dreamily at Trageon and his muscled physique ….. As Helm hands Trageon and Thanior good berry’s to increase their stamina even more….. A bit of saliva is seen dripping from her open mouth. Being distracted gives the mage an opportunity to stand and fire bolts of energy into her small chest. Mara , infuriated with the mage for breaking her gaze from Trageon , screams and brings the full force of her swords to bear against him, slicing a furrow into his torso. Trageon steps forward to defend his damsel and stabs him twice in the neck, expertly missing his soon to be conquest.

Mara , Trageon and Helm feel like something is trying to put a haze over them. The mage starts to step away and escape. Mara stands confused but Trageon keeps his wits and strikes at the fleeing mage, catching him in between the eyes dropping him where he stood.

The battle finished, the heroes look around at their surroundings trying to find anything that might help them in their pursuit. Helm checks for the archer but sees only open cliff down the hallway. The Heroes assumes the raptors ate the man, giving them a small sadistic satisfaction.

The battle done, the heroes search around the area. A good amount of gold is collected so the party can recoup some of the expense for this expedition. Apparently , Bog Luc, pays well. Helm also finds a small bag of beans on the mage that he believes are magical, tucking them away to have Ebon check them later. He then heals one of his raptors of the damage taken from fighting the archer, and then turns his healing wand to the party. Curing some of their smaller wounds.

As the heroes moves deeper into Bog Luc’s hideout they enter a hallway that is lined with 3 cells and an altar at the end of it with a bloody body lying across it . ( human male, elf male and female , gnome female & gnome kid in the cells ) The body groans slightly as Helm moves toward it. A female half-elf’s bloody body twitches on the altar seemingly tortured and naked .

“Who has you imprisoned here”, Zanlin asks the humans. " The mighty Bog Luc does .", the male replies. " He inhabits the other side of the complex. The orcs live on this side." The half-elf is incoherent. " Ebon, can you open the lock?" Zanlin asks. Giving Zanlin an incredulous look, Ebon deftly opens the lock and releases the humans. As they shuffle out, " thank you, do you have any food and water?" Ebon continues to unlock the cells to release the other prisoners.

The elves eat and drink, as the gnomes stay to the back of the group of prisoners. Ebon directs the prisoners to the room of death the heroes left behind them " You should be able to cloth and arm yourselves from the dead orcs we left behind". Zanlin asks the prisoners more about the half-elf. They tell them that the orcs thought she could tell them more of the champions of Waterdeep. “We have been here a couple of weeks but they didn’t seem to get any info.”

Ebon asks Helm to give the prisoners some goodberries, then tells them ,“Go outside, hide and wait for us. We will escort you to your village when we are done here.” the males are very greedy cusses, continuing to ask for things even after the heroes have given them much. It is hard for the heroes to continue to help them, but the gnome mother and child keep them in a giving frame of mind. The female half-elf is now able to move , but is still not real responsive. The gnome mother helps her along the way as they finally listen to the heroes.

With the prisoners well taken care for and confident that they will hide and be safe until the heroes work is done, they continue searching the hideout. At the end of the hallway is a large wooden gate. Ebon can’t see a way to open it so asks the rest of the group see what they can determine. After the group finds no way to open it from this side nor able to muscle it open, Ebon casts dimension door and takes Trageon to the other side of the door… he hopes.

Ebon and Trageon step through the dimensional door to the other side right in front of two guards. Trageon , with his quick thinking , attacks immediately almost taking an arm off with his mighty swing. The other hears mocking insults through the door and becomes distracted but is still able to hit Ebon with his spear thrust. Ebon casts thunder wave and pushes his attacker back away from him, doing small damage to the other. As he takes in his surroundings and seeing the crank to open the door, he quickly formulates a plan. He runs to the crank and starts to turn it, budging the door an inch or so, giving his friends the opportunity they need to open the door and making easier for Zanlin’s mocking words enter the area.

Helm throws the door open with a huge heave, bringing the odds into their favor. More gladiators come into the fray. Attacking wildly at Trageon and Ebon. Both taking minor wounds.

The Raptors pounces on a guard and Mara tries use the raptor as a jumping point to flip over the guard. As she jumps onto the raptor , being as heavy as a fat cow, they both go to the ground , giving the half orc guard a clear strike with a spear gouging Mara deeply in the side. She writhes on the ground tangled with the raptor thinking ,’ that was a terrible maneuver’ , as she bleeds onto the floor.

Ebon , seeing the dire circumstances, pulses a blue arcane mist from himself , confusing the two guards attacking him. Thanior fires into the guards killing one and damaging another. A bright white light shoots from helm’s hand , damaging a guard. A guard is able to shake off Ebon’s spell and thrust his spear into him , dropping Ebon to the ground, spattering Ebon’s blood into his face blinding him. The two guards shimmer as Ebon’s spell dissipates. Mara disengages from the raptor and the guard moving back to heal herself.

Thanior continues to harry the combatants, killing one and damaging another. The raptor savagely attacks a guard. Zanlin sends a healing word at Ebon bringing him back from the brink of death as Helm moves into the fray to try to help Ebon. The second raptor charges into the fray to damage one of the guards.

Ebon , healed, stands and reaches out to grab the guards metal sheathed arm. Magic courses through Ebon’s arm and shocks him , allowing ebon to misty step out of danger. Thanior kills the other guard leaving only one in the fight and Trageon quickly steps up and attacks. Mara moves forward and fumbles for the 3rd time. A raptor chomps on the guard as Ebon fires a bolt of fire, burning the guard. Thanior fires two arrows into the final guard, dropping him.

AS the last guard falls , the heroes look around and realize their resources are dwindling. Having no time to rest they take the potions they can and move forward, determined to find Bog Luc.

As they move through the corridors , the group encounters a drow elf standing guard down a tunnel. Zanlin brings Thanior to the front to speak, and the Drow says “this way does not hold what you are seeking. Bog Luc is the other way”. After determining the Drow will leave them alone from his demeanor. The heroes decide to leave that area and go the other direction.

The heroes are being cautious and Zanlin starts to give them encouraging words. As Zanlin is delivering the inspirational speech a half-orc clad all in black full plate armor appears ," Turn around and leave if you know what is good for you". " Why can’t we go this way?" Helm asks. “You do not belong here”, replies the armor clad half-orc.

Thanior slips back around the corner and asks the drow who the armored orc is. “That would be Bog Luc’s blackguard”. “Can you take him out?”. " I will not intervene", replies the drow.

Ebon starts casting a spell, letting the rest of the party know he is tired of this orc’s attitude. Zanlin , seeing Ebon start attacking , throws a fireball and it explodes around the orc, not seeming to phase him. Thanior marks him and fires 2 arrows at him and the orc responds by spinning his glaive expertly and wounding Trageon. Mara moves forward to get a better angle for her bow and fumbles….. hitting Trageon in the back with an arrow while a large column of fire shoots down from above to engulf Mara, the raptor and Helm, crisping their clothes. Ebon finally finishes his casting, bringing into being a large hand that grapples the blackguard, squeezing it. A shattering blast from Zanlin engulfs the blackguard. Trageon moves out of range and Thanior blasts two arrows into him. ( Thanior notices the blackguard go limp). The mass of damage output by the heroes appears too much for the blackguard.

From further into the room, a rough voice says , " Ah Zanlin, I hear you were bedding Talos, she was a sweet piece", Zanlin returns " I don’t know what it says about you but it was still tight as hell " , Bog Luc laughs " ah , it will be sweet to kill you and then hit that again… " .

The heroes take this small lull to prepare. Helm and Mara quaff potions, Ebon moves his arcane hand as he moves forward to get a better view, Zanlin disappears, Trageon quaffs a potion and realizes he should learn his f’n character.

From the darkness, “Come on in here Zanlin, and I will bend you over like I did Talos”, Bog Luc taunts Zanlin.

On a side note – after rob farts on roy – Roy asks rob to spread it – we think he meant his ass cheeks.

The Heroes stand waiting with bated breath for what the encounter they have come to this dreaded place for starts to unfold. Mara and Thanior feel something magical crawl across their skin and they feel their limbs start to harden, but are able to shake off the paralyzing effect. Ebon moves bravely forward shooting bolts of force into the figure standing in a doorway and then his ghostly hand swiftly shifts forward and punches the figure also, wanting to end this as quickly as possible.

Nothing is seen of Zanlin but everyone does hear his inspiring words as Trageon engages. Trageon was so inspired ( uses an inspiration point ) that he delivers two forceful blows to the figure. Thanior , angry at the magical intrusion just moments before, puts two arrows in the figure. From deeper in the cavern the heroes here in that same rough voice, “Come on pretty boy , I am waiting. I am going to take Talos back and she will call me daddy again.” The raptor charges up as Helm puts the moonbeam on the figure and Mara puts him down with two arrows to the chest.

An orc gladiator charges out and kills the raptor on his way to Helm and delivers a spear thrust to him. Ebon fires a bolt of fire that narrowly misses and swings his ghostly hand down to punch the gladiator but also misses.

The search for Bog Luc’s death continues……. ( starts with Zanlin’s turn and he is invisible )


dingolove dingolove

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