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Session 14: Death of Frulan

September 25, 2015

The day started out jovial with all being in high spirit and ready for a full night of good times. In attendance were Rob, Patrick, Jason, Joe, Aaron, and Roy along with Angie and the children. We decided to order from the corner for the evening’s meal and this event becomes the beginning of some very questionable, concerning and surprising moments of the evening.
After the food was picked up from the Corner the night starts with Jason and Patrick getting a disappointing surprise when they find that they have no fries. PK wanted everyone to understand that he did not get his fries and even quotes Lethal Weapon (with much heart and enthusiasm), “You don’t go through the drive-thru because they screw you at the drive-thru.” This actually stunned a few of the group as Jason even looks at PK and tells him, “The Corner has no drive-thru.” The night continues to speed up as the group enjoys their meal and Joe notices some very strange hit point shenanigans with PK’s character. After 15 minutes of discussion about the amount of hit points, Joe decides to add it up himself. Taking a pencil and wetting the tip of it with his tongue, he puts pencil to paper. 28 + 5 = 27. He sits up straight proudly and smiles with a hint of satisfaction saying to PK, “You have 28 hit points.” This even stuns Angie who is busily painting her kitchen cabinets, at this point I will mention the room is beginning to fill with fumes.
After a few minutes of uncontrollable laughter and tears in the eyes of all in attendance. Joe quickly hands out cards to Jason, Roy, and Aaron changing the subject. The room falls a little more quiet as all finds out that Jason now has swamp sack, Mara has swamp puss and Aaron has swamp ass. This jester brought a rather serious look from Aaron who was not happy about having swamp ass and made it know he wanted to discuss this. Confusion fills the air for awhile as Jason, Joe, Aaron, and Roy discuss the issue of these swamp illnesses in a debate. While this is going on Rob keeps asking for fresh paper (5 times), PK is on his phone and then all grow silent with the slight noise of a small trumpet is let out. (The night begins with the first assault of foul wind) The room grows silent and Rob discreetly points to Angie who denies it with anger. (Rob finally gets his paper but that is all he is getting this evening)
After 45 minutes in we have yet to begin as Aaron begins to mess with the projector, just not happy with it being cockeyed he says. Joe tries to explain how to turn it and after 20 minutes three people get involved to fix the projector. Time for smoke break.

We finally get underway after 1 hour and 30 minutes and Joe sets the scene where the group has spent the better part of a day exploring this swamp in the middle of the swamp and are heading to the 2nd floor of the last tower to be searched. The floor is one large room with a strange glow and regular furnishings for a sleeping quarters for someone of a somewhat high rank.

initiative rolled (Skirmish of the Tower)

Tanvir the Small is the first to climb the spiral stone staircase to meet the occupants of the floor with the rest of the group following behind. He enters the room to find Frulan searching a wooden chest and holding up a small ornate ring exclaiming, “We have found it!”. Frulan looks to the group with a sneer of frustration as a large 1/2 dragon, human crossbowmen, and a human axe man called a Dragonwing, attack the group.
Tanvir quickly darts into the room to dodge a bolt fired from one the Dragonwings with Mara right behind him. As she enters she raises her crossbow to level and fires a heavy bolt at Frulan, striking her in the right shoulder for 13 damage. The 3rd to enter is the bard, Zanlin, who quickly takes cover behind a bed against the wall firing at Frulan and striking her for 5 more damage. The 1/2 dragon steps forward some and gives a spear a mighty throw, aiming at Mara’s torso who dodges, sending the spear smashing into the wall behind her. Frulan the dark cleric rises from her knelt position, shrugging off the damage to her shoulder and thigh, raising her hand as she looks at Mara casting a spell towards the fighter. The effect of the spell causes Mara to momentarily stagger from dizziness and shaking her head to get rid of the blurriness as she shakes off the cleric’s spell of blindness.
Tanvir fires two Eldrich’s Blast towards the cleric as he nimbly jumps about the room, only to miss once and the second bolt of energy being swatted away by the cleric who is now smiling and laughing at the group. Soon her laugh turns to a look of seriousness as Ebon the Mysterious climbs the stairs to enter the room, his robes flowing about as he raises one hand towards the cleric exclaiming, “You will hold!” The cleric’s eyes fill with shock as she finds herself unable to move, her body becoming rigid, unable to act but able to move her eyes witnessing all that transpires around her. The 1/2 dragon becomes infuriated as he witnesses his cleric being attacked, letting out a deathly growl his eyes fix on the robed assailant, Ebon, who is seeking cover behind the same bed as Zanlin. Tregeon enters the room screaming like a wildman, drawing the attention of the 1/2 dragon off of the mage, throwing two javelins at the huge beast who defiantly swats each away with the skill of a powerful warrior. The 1/2 dragon’s eyes are now fixed on this large well armored warrior, snarling at the warrior he does not see the smaller framed druid enter behind the warrior to cast a area hold spell. Helm waves his hand as he chants some words under his breath causing both the 1/2 dragon and his human axe man guard to hold in their place, held by some unseen force of nature.

As Mara charges the cleric who is defenseless with wide eyes of panic the crossbow man fires a 2nd bolt at the female warrior, who spins her torso in a somewhat bladed dance move, causing the bold to miss her by 2 feet. Savage strikes hit the defenseless cleric causing a frozen 1/2 dragon to quake with rage unable to defend her. Seeing the struggling huge beast Zanlin decides to switch his focus and sends a shattering spell towards the frozen 1/2 dragon. Striking it and the Dragonwing for 16 damage. Tanvir who is now charging the cleric sends two more bolts of energy towards her only to miss (how is this possible…show up to play Ha).
Just as the dark cleric begins to struggle, she can feel herself gaining control of her body again, and this is not unnoticed by Ebon who tries to refocus and get her back in a hold spell to no avail. Tregeon charges the 1/2 dragon striking him with a mightly cut down his shoulder for 27 damage. Blood spills from this deep cut as Zanlin yells, “Good blow.” (everyone stops to look at Zanlin) (small group discussion on if it was really necessary to yell that out in the middle of a battle). Helm rushes across the room, as he closes the distance a long whip of thorns grows in his hand, he raises his whip and strikes the beast, adding insult to injury. The Dragon wing tries to defend his commander, as he frees himself from the hold of nature, striking Tregeon for 13 damage. The crossbow man notices the small Tanvir getting closer to his mistress and fires a bolt at the thief, unable to strike him, as Mara spins bringing her short sword around in a backwards swipe across the cleric’s stomach for 9 damage.
Finally the dark cleric is free and she raises her arms, outstretched above her head, yelling words in a strange chant filling the room with swarming, biting locust. Tanvir, Helm, Tregeon all take 15 damage while Mara, who is closest takes 30 damage.

Arrival of the Man SEAN BARRETT

Sean surprised all with a special appearance complementing Angie on her work on the cabinets. Jason seemed to be getting a little giddy but we dont know if it is the fumes from the paint of the gaseous projectiles from Joe, PK and an unidentified person as of now. PK and Sean play a few hands of High Dice with Sean taking 20 for 20 yelling, “You don’t F%$K with me.” Taking PK’s money with a crit, but being the man he is Sean leaves in style not taking the money but instead opting for a simple beverage at state.

Skirmish of the Tower (continued)

Tanvir, being quick and nimble, leaps on the shoulders of the 1/2 dragon, sending the blade of his dagger down through the slit of the beast’s armor, bypassing the collarbone and killing the huge beast instantly. As Tanvir takes down the towering 1/2 dragon, Tregeon switches targets and attacks the cleric who is still in the midst of her swarm spell. He raises his sword over his head and sends it is a powerful slashing attack, cleaving through her collar bone. Her eyes almost glass over as she falls to her knees, blood dribbling out of her mouth. He spins around to her back and sends a 2nd mighty slash down on the opposite side of her neck, decapitating her instantly. With both the 1/2 dragon and dark cleric dead the two human guards begin to loose moral. Taking advantage of this Helm strikes at the crossbowman with his Shillelagh, killing his instantly. As the Dragon Wing moves to attack a rising Tanvir, Mara sends her short sword cutting through the side of his armor sending him to the floor dead.
With the Tower battle now complete, the group looked at each other and nodded to each other in approval, covered in bruises and the spray of blood. After searching the room the group found the ring of Myrkral on the body of Frulan along with a chest of gold, silver and gems. The glowing and beautifully crafted scale male that Frulan was wearing went to Mara as Helm found for vials of a green foul tasting liquid. After he inspected the vials further he found that this was what was needed to cure the dreadful Swamp illnesses.

Fareseer of Illusk

As the group climbed the stairs to the last floor of the tower they find a dark room with strange scientific devices and shelves of paper, manuscripts, beekers and charts. But, the item that gets everyone’s attention is a large device that resembles a fragile and ancient telescope. After inspection Ebon turns to all to say, “It’s defiantly magical.” He spends a few minutes fine tuning the item and looks through it to gaze into the night sky, but instead of stars he sees a vivid vision of a large lair with a huge Black Dragon arguing with what appears to be Enzma. To her side is Pole, standing silently, and to the other side are the twin girls who attacked and tried to kill Zanlin. Ebon is unable to discern what is being argued about but he sees the twins capturing Enzma. Pole tried to stop them only to be cut down. Enzma seems to be captured as the Dragon looks directly into the direction of Ebon. The group debates what information that has just been discovered. It is to be seen if Enzma is working with the dragon or not.
As the group takes a short rest they pondered returning through the swamp, which Ebon vibrantly denounced, “I do not want Swamp A^% again.”, or going through the portal. It is decided that we keep the ring, since Ebon was able to see it is magical, and turn the book over to Snapjaw to gain the trust of the Lizard folk. Before returning to the courtyard Ebon takes a second look through the telescope to see a vision of a hunting lodge surrounded by white snow that turns to a very quick glimpse of a stormy dark sky and a Storm Giant looking towards him. Before we leave the room Ebon takes the lens and crystals.

Portal to the Unknown

After the group took a rest and gathered their thoughts they stepped through the shimmering portal into the unknown. In a instant they found themselves in a chilly far off land, with the ground covered with snow and a dark and dense evergreen forest surrounding them. Somewhat disorientated and dizzy from the travel the individual members try to gather their thoughts, unable to hear the words of their mage, Ebon (who was use to this type of travel and not as affected). All they could make out was a muttering before they found themselves being attacked by 3 Trolls, one with 4 arms, and 3 Ambush Drakes. After a lengthily battle full of blood, and fire the group was able to dispatch the beasts to finally realize their surroundings. Off in the distance, cutting through the dense forest they could see a large two story building, the hunting lodge. They stood in a clearing with three mossy covered old stones, cracked and traces of old paint, surrounding the portal. On each stone in an ancient Draconic writing were written; Snowy Lands, Unquiet Swamp of Mournful Croaking, Lands of the Red Sands. The group decided to head to the wood line and as they walked towards the trees to take a short rest Zanlin turned to Ebon and said, “Were you saying something about getting to the trees?” Ebon then turned to Zanlin is frustration saying, “So we would not be seen.” Snickering somewhat Tregeon added into the conversation, “That plan worked out well didn’t it.”

(SIDE NOTE) It was during this time of play that all players in attendance witnessed a record being broke. PK was able to place 14 balls in his mouth with the assistance of Jason. A mouth full of balls.

Hunting Lodge

As the group approached the hunting lodge they decided it would be best to just act as they belonged. So they entered the stone and wood building into what appeared to be a mud room of sorts. Upon opening the door Tanvir is frozen in place by what appears to be an alarm. After getting Tanvir back with the group they decide to investigate the area where they find a black suit of Armor that comes to life only to attack them. In the very same room they find a large 15’ by 8’ tapestry depicting a scene of 3 hounds dragging down a large white boar. Ebon inspected it before the suit attacked to realize it was magical.
After further investigation they discover a chest of 4000gp, white scale mail, and a scroll of scorching ray. Then they meet the inhabitants of this lodge. Entering a large room with beautiful furniture they see a human woman dressed in ling flowing red robes and white scale mail holding a wand with a blue jewel. Beside her are 3 guards, all dressed in fancy scale mail, and another 4 armed Troll. Zanlin smiles a bit as he recognizes his long lost friend, Talis. Zanlin and Talis meet later that night as the rest of the group gets a good nights’ sleep in comfy beds. They flirt and smile at each other parting on the same grounds as they met. Later the next morning the group is greeted with a huge and bountiful breakfast. It is here that they learn new information. That Talis is known as Talis the White of the Cult of the Dragon…The Wearer of Purple…and she is one of 5 Wyrm Speakers. She informed the group that she was aware of the groups actions and following Rezmir.
She goes on to tell the group that Rezmir recently tried to have her killed and is at Sky Reach, a castle in the sky. He is holding up with Verem the White and does not agree with the current path the cult is taking. She tells the group that they may have trouble with Glazhale the Cloud Chaser, a white dragon.
After speaking the group is asked to take Rezmir and Verem out for Talis and in return she would give the group the suit of scale mail and 1000gp. She informs the group that the Cult’s army is in the Sunset Mountians and Wyverns may help the group get to Sky Reach at Parnast. (It is at this time the group learns the sign of the cult, an open palm..right hand only while speaking, “Tiamet our mother and strength.” The group has much to decide as they ponder on their next course of action.


Good work, Roy. Nice read.

Session 14: Death of Frulan

I liked it Roy! Thanks for the good read!

Session 14: Death of Frulan

It was a good read.

Session 14: Death of Frulan

Nice job… I needed the recap. Zanlin gets all the chicks.

Session 14: Death of Frulan
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