Epic Augusta

Session 31: Disablers of Tiamat

Champions of the Sword Coast

June 24th, 2017
Homemade Guacamole is quickly added to the banned foods list.
Joe shits consistently form 7:00 p.m until we start about 7:50 p.m.

As we start, Tiamat is taking shape, while Severin was dropping fire bombs.

When we take the dragon mask off of Severin, after killing him. The portal that Tiamat was coming thorough collapses.

As Tiamat disappeared we heard him exclaim, “I will have my revenge!”

The Chromatic dragons were that last of Tiamat’s charges to be defeated. As we are surveying the battle field we find Escobar posing for a portrait of him standing atop the white dragons he claims to have killed.

The party will now and forever more (or until our next heroic deed) be known world wide as the Disablers of Tiamat!

After the long and gruesome battle we finally get to take a long rest. When we awake, we head back to Waterdeep, where a huge celebration has been planned to honor us.

Escobar, much to Zanlin’s chagrin, rides along with us in the parade. After the parade we appear before the Waterdeep Council.

As we arrive to face the Waterdeep Council, we are given a standing ovation. Lady Laural Silverhand herself stands and commends us for a job well done. She proclaims us as “Champions of the Sword Coast” and proclaims that July 8th will forever be a holiday in our honor.

Lady Silverhand tells us to look her up in couple of days, once we are done celebrating and resting and have recovered.

Escobar approaches us and offers to man our flying castle if we make him a full partner. He tells us he will be at the Sleeping manticore Inn. Zanlin for one is against the idea.

After celebrating we take respite in the Waterdeep Grand.

Helm, as usual, chooses to sleep with livestock.
Ebons heads off to stay with Green Emsa
Zanlin sets up stage and performs for all at the Waterdeep Grand, Zanlin is a rock star and the crowd loves his performance.

Thanior hangs at the Waterdeep Grand and enjoys Zanlin’s performance. Trageon spends his free time rubbing elbows with Unthar Flume and the Order of the Gauntlet. Trageon has now risen to the rank of Captin in the Order.

Mara chooses to hang at the inn as well, and while crelaxing she is approached by a scout spy from the Red Talon’s. The spy says that the Talons lost many lives in the battle with Tiamat. The spy talks to mara about running a coup to overthrow a the new leader.

After a couple of days relaxing and recovering the Champions of the Sword Coast have gathered at the Waterdeep Grand.

Ryan nightshade approaches: He is the gentleman that bought the rights to the tower for the Zhentarian (Black Network)

He sells us information on the exact location of Bog Luck. We had to pay 3 diamonds for the intel.

We receive instructions on how to find where Bog Luck Is operating out of. We send a Red Talon retainer to tell Lady Laurel we will return. We fly off to find Bog Luck in our castle. We get to within 15,000 feet and travel that on foot.

The 1st leg of the journey we travel pretty quickly…. Not a lot of snow. As we start to march up the pass, we start to battle a light snow. As it gets dark, we are attacked by 3 huge beasts. After a fierce battle the champions overcome 3 yetis, 2 frost giants and some DM shenanigans to reign victorious…

After the victory, Zanlin casts tiny hut so that the party can take a short rest. (party uses hit dice to restore some lost hit points)

After the rest, we resume travel until we come to the mouth of the cave that had been described to us by Ryan Nightshade. Man made doors lead into the cave. While listening at the doors, Ebon hears voices.

We decide to set up an ambush and try to lure them out of the cave. Ebon gets their attention by imitating a mating call… They seem very excited and peek out. They see Trageon, looking to be all by his lonesome, and the orcs bum rush.

Zanlins hits one with a magic missile.. Orc hits Trageon, Thanior lands 2 arrows deep in an orc. Orc # 2 hits Trageon again. Trageon returns an attack and strikes the orc that had just let out a loud battle cry twice.

The battle rages on with as a combination of melee attacks, ranged attacks and spells ring out. The game is called at 1:45 p.m. and the 3rd instance of DM shenanigans for the night. By my best account, 4 orcs are dead at this point. There is still an orc commander, champion and war chief in the battle. Trageon is up at the top of the round when we resume. I have a note that we need to get the scimitar.


dingolove dingolove

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