Epic Augusta

Session 33: Fear is in the air

Zippity doo da , zippity a

The battle rages on……

Zanlin , still invisible, continues to hide but moves up closer to the fray.

Trageon shifts towards the one last visible orc and slashes it across the chest.

“Be scared lady and gentlemen, I am coming for you soon”, taunts Bog Luc. " Trageon , I am going to skull fuck you!" Hearing that , a shiver runs down his spine , and even his indomitable spirit doesn’t stop him from becoming scared of Bog Luc. His old cowardice coming to the fore.

Thanior fires arrows into the Orc, skimming them expertly past Ebon’s head. The Orc now looking like a pin cushion , roars in agony. Helm takes the opportunity to bring his moonbeam to bear.

Around the corner , Zanlin is debating his next move as a panel opens up beside him. From the new entrance an elf comes through, looks around, and then motions with hands to something still inside.

Mara steps forward trying to corner the first orc , stabbing him with her blades. “Deter , show that woman who’s boss” comes the voice of Bog Luc. With new confidence, the Orc Deter shoves his spear deep into Mara’s belly. Then proceeds to slash about him and nicks Helm. Ebon’s fist moves into close range of Deter and tries to punch him, barely missing.

Zanlin sneaks away from the elf to warn Thanior. him miss the Orc.

Trageon continues trying to take out the Deter, not even managing to scratch him. Fear still running through him , trageon’s shaking makes his swords get tangled in his clothing.

" Alright motha fuckas, time to dance " , yells Bog Luc as he enters the room swinging his greatsword at Helm. Barely missing. " Bog Luc in the front and enemies in behind us", yells Thanior as he takes aim at Bog Luc, two arrows flying true to his mark. Bog Luc looks amused , " Meer mosquito bites drow whore!" an evil glint in his eye. Thanior feeling queezy, starts to sweat with the stink of fear as Bog Luc’s stare unnerves him.

Helm , willing his moon light out of existance, chants in a singsong voice of the wild, as an elemental coalesces into existence right in front of Bog Luc. Helm has a wild look in his eye as the power of nature courses around his body.

The elves that Zanlin warned the heroes of come around the corner, firing arrows at Ebon and Helm. They are only able to hit Helm as Ebon makes for too tough a target. Mara finally extinguishes Deter’s life with her swords and moves forward towards Bog Luc, being stopped mid movement as an orc steps forward from an opening and attacks , barely missing her.

Ebon moves his spectral hand to interpose itself between him and the party and then a bolt of fire springs fromhis hand to hit the Orc that just attacked mara. Bog Luc yells at the party " Death to you all" as he misses Trageon. Big talk for a small minded Orc , thought Ebon as he watches Helm’s elemental attack Bog Luc and wound him , though not near as much as his pride had already wounded itself .

Zanlin , still not noticed by the elves, sneaks past them again to see what is waiting for them in the open doorway the elves entered from. The doorway opens into a passage that appears empty , so Zanlin enters the passageway. As he slips past the orc attacking mara , he sees the passage opens up into a room where the natural walls of the cave give way to man made cut stone walls.

Fear slowly drains away from Trageon and he is able to clearly see his target for what he is, a normal orc with delusions of grandeur. Infuriated , he goes into a flurry of dancing blades, wounding Bog Luc. Bog Luc roars in pain and swings his heavy two handed sword, trading wounds with Trageon. Thanior , trying to beat his fear , steadies his aim and hit Bog Luc with two arrows, to devastating effect. He feels his fear cascade away from him like a rush of water. Bog Luc able to swing again at Trageon but can’t connect.

The archers attack through the hand , barely slicing Ebon and Thaneor , as Mara trades blows with an Orc. While Mara is able to wound the Orc, it thrusts its spear into her stomach and drops her to the floor. Her life blood quickly draining from her.

Bolts of magical energy rush forward from behind Bog Luc to smash into Trageon’s chest. Ebon’s tries to hit the Orc that just took out Mara with a bolt of fire but his concentration is too focused on having his spectral hand grapple one of the archers and misses. The archer is held in place as the hand starts to constrict the life from him. Helm’s elemental bites and claws at Bog Luc as Bog Luc swings at Trageon. Missing thankfully.

Zanlin, knowing he is going to have to enter fray as his friends start to drop, sends bolts of magical energy into the back of the orc that dropped Mara and yells stirring words towards Trageon just as Bog Luc swings at him and misses. Trageon immediately counter attacks, cutting Bog Luc deeply. Bog Luc tries to kill Trageon but misses horribly.

The DM calls out Jason for cheating but quickly backpedals and says he may not have heard him.

Thanior pounds two more arrows into Bog Luc. Bog Luc looks fearful and says " come on fella’s , I was just funnin’ about. Let’s talk this out like gentlemen. Zanlin yells form the darkness " come on into the room , drop your weapons and get on your knees." As the conversation flows, Helm shifts to beside Mara , heals her with his magic , and then shifts back to cover.

Helm offers the sick DM a little salve to fix him right up

The archers fire at Trageon and Thanior hurting Trageon severely and nicking Thanior. Mara laying an the ground below the orc feigning death after Helm healed her , looks up and sees a large instrument of pleasure peaking out from under the Orc’s loin cloth. Salivating, she cuts at the wiggling monster , slicing into it like she is slicing sausage for the morning meal. Standing in front of the Orc, she finds her second wind. Sadly staring at the damage she wrought.

Bog luc, seeing that the heroes don’t appear to want to parly, swings and misses Trageon. The Orc , lamenting his damaged manhood , " I said stay down bitch!", and stabs at Mara’s gash, cutting her but not getting quite even. Mara counters and finishes cutting the beasts manhood from him. He stares at her with hatred as he sinks to the floor and his life slips away just like his manhood. Mara watches on with a pained look on her face.

Five more magic missiles fly from the darkness behind Bog Luc and slams into Trageon’s chest. Felling the mighty hero. Ebon’s spectral hand continues to squeeze the archer as Ebon sends a grey ray of death at Bog Luc, who barely doges out of the way. The xorn was able to hit Bog Luc as he moves out of the way. Zanlin races forward next to Mara. Standing over the mutilated corpse of her last combatant and seeing an unnerving look in her eye as she continues to stare at the orc’s waist , quickly casts magical energy at Bog Luc and whoever is behind him and then concentrates healing energy at Trageon, bringing him back from the brink of death.

Renewed, Trageon stands and delivers a solid blow to Bog Luc. " May Tiamat poop on your head " and attacks Trageon , missing despite his flamboyant words. Two arrows sprout from Bog Luc’s chest as Thanior looks at his handiwork. From the darkness behind Bog Luc and squeaking voice yells " Fuck you Bog Luc, I am outta here!", the last words Bog Luc hears as he slides to the ground dead. ( There was much rejoicing , though a disappointed overtone weakens the mood as Zanlin never got to face Bog Luc ) .

Helm looks at the archers, " Bog Luc is dead and the weasel behind him has run. What is your choice, live or die?" , " please spare us , we were just following orders" . Zanlin orders the archer not grappled to come into the room and get on his knees. The one archer complies and the spectral hand dissipates into the ether and the second archer drops to the ground to catch his breath and joins his friend in the center of the room.

The Xorn moves into the room behind Bog Luc’s body as the heroes search the area.

The search finds enough money to keep their flying citadel going along with a magical rod and goggles. The group decides to take a short rest. Ebon identifies the goggles , Zanlin looks at the rod, Thaneor checks out the quiver and Helm identifies the beans.

(Beans – Bag of Beans – plant bean and get a random effect ) Helm
(Arrows – 10 +2 arrows ) Thaneor
(Rod – immovable rod ) – Zanlin
(goggles – eyes of the eagle – advantage on wisdom perception checks that rely on sight ) Trageon
Gained 13th level

After resting, Zanlin takes Bog Luc’s body and bends it over a chair, stripping his pants off. He then casts magic at the table making it do Bog Luc like he is a member of the clan of the cavebear.

After clearing the rest of the hideout out, the heroes decide to keep it for themselves. They install Orka heart and his clan of four , the nomadic women and the guard drakes as the caretakers. Zanlin wants to name it ’ Zanlin’s Revenge’ . Still up for debate….

The options in front of the Heroes are to take back control of the Red Talons or meet with the efreet that Zanlin set free. The Heroes decide to go back to Waterdeep for now.

Zanlin performs, Helm does not sleep with the sheep this time, Ebon visits with Green Imsa.

Helm and his partner decide to go into business selling Helm’s special salve. He seeks Mara’s help in generating enough salve. Zanlin goes to see if the blue dragon mask is still where we put it . He is trying to persuade the old woman who’s son Mara killed and Zanlin saved to let him in the house. She invites him to dinner. Zanlin, with the help of Helm and Thanior is able to slip the mask out of the chimney and back into our possession. Zanlin becomes the family’s benefactor, giving the woman money and promising to continue to stop by whenever he was in Waterdeep. The woman is still obsessed with the arrow that killed her son.

Mara seeks out the Red Talon contact to get more info on the rest of the Red Talon’s that are doing evil. Revis , the contact, lets Mara know that he was able to convince sixteen former talons back to Mara’s leadership. The new evil leader is Purgue and he is cruel and evil. They inhabit a castle about 30 days east of Waterdeep. He has about 100 red talons and keeps company with giant hybrid wolves. Town of Evern.

The heroes prepare for the journey. They go to zips to buy potions and hope he has sold that damned sickle they wouldn’t buy. They buy a myriad of potions for some gold and Zanlin will write Zip a song about him. And since we bought boots of elven kind from him we also through in getting on stage with Zanlin as he sings it and a quart of Helm’s special salve.

" zippidy doo da, zippidy a "


dingolove dingolove

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