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Session 35: Mara's Revenge

Recently our gang helped Helm rescue a zoo. Once they got all the animals fed they returned to their flying castle.
Pole: (Speaking to Zanlin with a worried look on his face) “Sir, I need to speak with you about something that has happened while you were out adventuring without me!”
Zanlin: “What is it Pole?”
Pole: “Talis touched my willey!” Pole takes a deep breath and sighs! “But I did not entertain the thought!”
Zanlin: “She did what?”
Pole: “Touched my wennie, but that doesn’t matter she also was acting weird for the short time she was here.”
Zanlin: “What do you mean, it’s weird enough that she touched your junk.”
Pole: “Well. Sir, she went into the kitchen to help the kobolds with something and then she left. Now our entire company of ogres all 37 are deathly ill!”
Zanlin: “OK Pole I need you to start a full scale investigation and find out what is going on here. No one enters their barracks unless authorized by you! Understood?”
Pole: “Yes Sir!” “Ohhh Sir! One more thing!”
Zanlin: “Yessss!”
Pole: “We are missing some coin!”
Zanlin: “What are you talking about? How much coin did you let wander off?”
Pole: “I had the keeper of the coin take a look and he feels we are only missing 20,000 gold pieces.”
Zanlin: “Only 20,000, that is a third of our wealth!” “I know it’s not your fault Pole, but please investigate and let me know what you find!”
The team decides to head back towards Water Deep to find help with the ogres. During the next day the ogre’s health continued to diminish. Meanwhile Helm started an investigation of his own. With his keen senses he went into the kitchen and sniffed out some meat that was hanging in the pantry.
Helm: “Horrendous!” He grabs the meet and takes it into the kitchen.
Master Kobold Chef: “Master Helm you want meat?”
Helm: “No, this meat has been tainted! Are you responsible for this?”
MKC: “Not tainted, Ogres love meat, they say best we ever cook!”
Helm: “No, this is why they are all about to die! Take it and burn it in the courtyard immediately!”
At this time the Head Chef orders a couple of his sous chefs to take care of the meat as Helm ordered. Helm returns to the team and lets them know what he found.
Ebon: “Tainted meat? Let me see!”
The sous chefs bring the meat to Ebon before taking it to the courtyard. Ebon uses his wand to detect if there was any magic used. It was not magical, but a poison of some sort.
Ebon: “As you were doing!”
Pole returns on the scene and shared the news of two ogres passing on to the afterlife.
The adventurers talk about a plan while their traveling to Water Deep was complete. Mara and Helm would travel with two others to Water Deep on the wyverns to see if they can find a cleric to come and heal the ogres. At the same time Zanlin and Ebon would turn invisible and stake out the place to see if Talis returns to wreak more havoc.
Once the rescue team reach the stables in Water Deep Mara went to temple of Lathander the God of birth and renewal. He meets up with Delmar.
Mara: “My name is Mar…”
Delmar: “I know who you are and of your friends! We appreciate all the good deeds you do and love Helm’s Salty Salve! Are you here to deliver our order?”
Mara: “No, I am here because we have staff on our citadel that need your healing touch!”
Delmar: “Who needs healed? Please tell me it is not Helm! For we have already presold many jars of his Salty Salve!”
Mara: “No it’s not Helm, and can we get off the Salty Salve talk for a minute? We have 37 rehabilitated ogres that have been poisoned.
Delmar: “We can help half!”
Mara: “What about potions for the others?”
Delmar: “We have none!”
Mara: “Okay, please meet us at the stables. I promise a nice donation for your help!”
Delmar: “There will be 6 of us and we will be there as soon as we get our supplies together!”
During Mara’s conversation with Delmar, Helm speaks with his partner at the stables and together they put a plan together to get a crew out to the zoo to nurse the animals back to health and to get the zoo ready to bring in some gold!
The clerics arrive at the stable and Helm takes the first group up. Meantime Mara speaks to Wally one of the young clerics.
Mara: “Wally, how would you feel about joining our team? We need a good cleric to stay with our team on the citadel! We will make it worth it and we will create a shrine for you!”
Wally: “I will have to talk with Delmar, but this sounds like a great opportunity!”
Wally talks with Delmar and they agree that it would be a great opportunity as long as there was a regular donation made to the temple!
Once the entire team of clerics were in place they were able to heal 12 of the ogres. Once they had finished for the night Pole escorted them to their quarters for the night. The next morning came and we lost 2 more of our family! The clerics continue to work for the next few days until all the ogres are healed. Once they were complete a donation of 100 gold and a ½ priced case of Salty Salve was given to them for their help. Helm saw to it that they all returned to Water Deep safely.
During these two days Zanlin has no luck finding Talis, but he does find more tainted food. This time it is in the form of rice. It is immediately addressed with the Head Chef.
Zanlin gather the kobolds to speak with them.
Zanlin: “YOUURRRR FFIIRRREEEDDDDD! Every one of you! Get out of our kitchen!”
The kobolds turn and start to walk away hanging their heads.
Zanlin: “As your last order take this rice out to the courtyard and burn it!”
MKC: “We are fired!” Shaking his head.
Zanlin: “Maybe you didn’t understand what I said! Return to this kitchen and remove this rice or I will have you and your team thrown into the brig!”
MKC: “I meant yes sir!”
At the same time this is going on Mara is talking with the Stone Giants to get them to start building the shrine that was promised to Wally!
Now that things seem to be more under control our heroes turn their attention to Purgoo.
Mara: “Revis, if we kill Purgoo will all the Red Talons follow us?”
Revis: “There is only one way to find out!”
So the course is set and the flight begins. On the way Helm prepares a Hero’s Feast while Zanlin inspires the team with his words of encouragement. Once the citadel is within a mile of Purgoo’s location the team prepares to exit the citadel and move in on foot.
Revis: “Mara I want you to know that I will proudly stand by your side as we did your father Thorin.”
Mara places her hand on his shoulder and gives a nod of the head. Then turns to the troops and gives the direction that is to be followed.
Mara: “Pass out the red sashes and everyone put them on. We need to blend in as well as we can. Once we get closer stay out of sight until your orders are given.”
The group moves up slowly watching for any patrols. As they arrive to the keep and the sun comes up the adventures get together to talk out the plan. They have 4 guards at the main entrance and 2 on top of each battlement which span 20’ from each other.
Zanlin: “Mara, this is your show, we have your back!”
Mara decides that she will stroll right up to the front gate and intimidate the guards. It works and the team moves through the gates up to the keep.
Mara: “Guard, go in and tell Purgoo to come out?”
Guard: “And you are?”
Mara: “I am Mara and Purgoo use to clean my boots! Now go and get the boot cleaner!”
The guard turns and walks into the keep shutting the door behind him. 30 minutes past by and the door opens.
Guard: “Follow me!”
Mara: “I follow no one, I challenge Purgoo to personal combat!”
Meanwhile Helm notices the troops are starting to get restless and he clams them down. Zanlin on the other hand mocks the guard and he melts like butter in front of Mara and starts to cry.
Zanlin: “I thought you said these soldiers were fearless…. This is ridiculous let’s leave.”
Mara raising her hand: “Purgoo, bring your cowardly ass out here!”
Purgoo: “You have always been a Bitch! Come to my arena and we shall fight!”
The group moves in as the Red Talons cheer while following. The arena is octagon in shape and in the center there is a large pit covered by a grate.
Purgoo: “I will beat you down and throw you in the pit and have my way with you daily!”
Mara walks around inspecting the ranks, she stops and stares at one of Purgoo’s soldiers. The soldier rolls his eyes at her and smirks at Purgoo’s comment. Mara places her hands on his shoulders and raises her knee to make solid contact with the soldier’s family jewels. The guard falls to his knees.
Purgoo: “Quit harassing my help!”
He draws his Great Sword
Purgoo: “Come at me Bitch!”
The two battle with blades clanging and Mara slashes Purgoo across the chest drawing first blood. Purgoo then hits Mara in the head with the butt of his sword and they both step back. Mara makes another attack, but this time she is disarmed by Purgoo on her first blow and then misses with her second. She slides to the side and with her foot flips her dropped sword back into her grasp and cutting herself while catching it by the blade.
Purgoo: “You are worse than I remember!”
Purgoo then swings his sword and barely makes contact. Mara then recovers and swings again cutting him deep. The battle continues with both parties drawing blood, but in the end Mara drew the final blow. She spins around thrusting one sword into Purgoo’s gut and as he falls to his knees she gives him a soldier’s execution.
At this point the battle has expanded throughout the arena. A bird like demon swoops into the fray and Zanlin cast’s Cone of Cold while Helm conjures 8 velociraptors. 3 Hellhounds move in on the adventurers with one biting Mara in the thigh, another breathes a Cone of Fire at Helm and Ebon causing them to be burned. The last Hellhound moves into the fight but prepares for defense. Ebon points at the Hellhound closes to him and casts Finger of Death doing little damage. He pauses for a second and looks at his finger like it had jammed. The Red Talons are fighting good versus evil. The action swings back where Helm’s raptors join together to cut down one of the Hellhounds and then Helm finds himself surrounded by the other two. Hellhound swipes at him but misses and the other uses a breath weapon and hits Helm and Ebon. Mara and Zanlin move in to face up against the V-Rock that had dropped in just to be punished and killed. Helm’s raptors along with Ebon’s owl put the end to the other two Hellhounds. Once the blood shed is complete Mara walks over to lifeless body of Purgoo and separates his head from his body. She then turns to face the Red Talons and holds it high. All swords are dropped and cheer breaks out.
Mara then orders the Red Talons to free the prisoners. Helm does what he can for them and then turns his attention to some Dire Wolves that were in the stables next to the arena. At the same time Zanlin and Ebon were searching Purgoo’s quarters and find a letter to Purgoo. The letter consisted of 4 main points. 1. Plan is back in motion, 2. Recent influx of coin, 3. Disease deployed, 4. Meet me at White Mountain home of the White Dragon.
The group asked around at the keep about the White Mountain and all they could find out was it was in the north somewhere.


Awesome work Jason. Very good read.

A point to add was that a lot of money was stolen from the castle’s treasury as well as the ogre’s being poisoned.

Session 35: Mara's Revenge

Correct! I will add it if I can figure out how to edit!

Session 35: Mara's Revenge
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