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Session 12: Rest for the Wicked!!!

Snapjaw Rules

Actual game play started at 6:45 after delicious meal of coneys was eaten and enjoyed by all. Some would same room for more later, others would not, but we will get to that as we move along. The game started under protest with the DM claiming that the light in the room was not sufficient enough for him to see, although the light had never been questioned before.
The merry band of adventurers awakened at about 3:00 a.m. well rested and ready to go. The topic of conversation centered around the party being thankful that Zanlin had encouraged them to find rest for their weary bodies. The crew realized once again how wise Zanlin was. Although they had slept comfortably, Mara and Ebon quickly realized that they were still afflicted with the swamp ass. Although they were not full speed, the group was still ready to complete their objectives. They knew as they set out, they still needed to discover where the treasure was being transported to, find and destroy Rezmir and locate and kill Bog Luck and Frubar Mandoth.
About 4:00 a.m., disguised as cultists, the group set out to search the walled, castle that included four towers and a huge keep. They knew that at least cultists, bollywogs, lizardmen and guard drakes awaited them. And , only the gods knew what else.
Just before the adventure begins, it is called out that Roy’s glasses were covered with a thick layer of yellow smoke. Years of Machen smoke had finally caught up to him. Maybe he needs to invest in more than a new phone. At this point it is 7:30 and PK has just enjoyed dog # 5 and Aaron has smashed # 3.
As they leave the room they rested in, they here noise in the adjacent room. Someone is overheard urging Rezmir to hurry. With that the group peeks in the room to find stairs going up and down. With a little investigation, it is discovered that Rezmir and his crew headed down the stairs in the room. The foot prints and drag marks were easily spotted by our seasoned band of adventurers. Being born of superior races, Tanvir, Ebon and Zanlin can easily see in the dark and follow the nasties down the stairs. The rest of the crew, being born with inferior vision has to trail behind by about 40 ft. and travel with a torch to see. At the bottom of this set of stairs, it opens into a cavern with a large pool of water. The group moves quickly and quietly along the left side of the pool of water. As we catch up to Rezmir’s crew we notice them near a machine on a ledge. Helm decides to turn into a bat to investigate.
Helm flies up ahead and notices 4 cultists, including the crane driver, up on top of the ledge, and 4 more below. Mysteriously there is no sign of Rezmir. (At this point, 8:37 PK engulfs dog # 6). The 4 cultists below are about 20 ft down and must use the ladder present to get up to the top.
We decide quickly to charge in surprise them and end this battle very quickly. Well as the old saying goes the best laid plans of mice and adventurers often goes astray. Or in this case, smells astray. We are noticed before we get the chance to charge because Ebon and Mara smell something terrible because of their swamp asses. Even though he doesn’t surprise the cultists, Zanlin with his superior speed and skill launches the first attack and hits the crane driver with a bolt that causes him to drop the crate he was transporting below. It would be really cool at this point if I could say the crate and fell and crushed the 4 cultists below, but I can’t. All I can truthfully say is that it fell and broke. Trageon quickly followed up with a massive double strike that killed a cultist. Helm cast Shillelagh, and smacked a cultist around. The cultists, rebounded with their attacks and damaged both Mara and Helm. They completed their attack by moving into an advantageous position. The 3 cultists below enter into formation with the fourth one cresting the ledge by way of the ladder. (Now it is 9:05 and Aaron eats dog #4 and # 5 at 9:14. PK finishes ½ a dog to bring his total to 5 ½. Tanvir continues the battle by killing a cultist with his first attack but peters out on his second attack and misses badly. Zanlin fires another crossbow bolt and kills the crane operator and then sings a tune to give the Trageon a dose of bardic inspiration. Mara then double attacked a cultist as he stepped off the ladder and used her 2nd wind to rally. Helm, with his second attack of the battle, finished off a cultist with his Shillelagh.
The cultists mount their offensive and deliver a critical hit to Trageon, and also hit Mara and Helm. (At 9:30, Jason eats coney #5 with cheese and #6 in an impressive 2 bites. He is in the game) Tanvier responds by killing a cultist with two hits. Zanlin “stays hot” and crits the cultist closes to him and Mara finishes him off. As the battle rages on, Mara is dealt a mighty blow, but is able to parry a large part of the damage keeping her on her feet. The sides continue to do battle, but Zanlin and Trageon continue their assaults and kill the last two foes. (at 9:41 in the midst of this massive battle, PK quaffs dog # 6 ½)
Once the battle is finished we search the bodies and descend down the ladder. Trageon leads the descent. All of the cultists are wearing leather armor and masks. We take these. The noise of the battle must have drawn lots of unwanted attention, as we notice that we are being approached on the bottom level by a large number of bullywogs and up top by a large number of lizard men. Up top Ebon is spitting game to the lizardmen and he eventually talks them into helping us dispatch of the large group of bullywogs. Unfortunately while he is on his knees begging for help, the lead bullywog unleashes a vicious Thunderwave that hurts Helm severely and knocks him prone. The wave also crashes into Zanlin and Mara , but they are able to shake off a part of the impact and do not suffer the full damage of the spell. Helm, struggling to raise up from the floor, is able to respond with a thunderwave of his own that rocks the bullywog leader. The bullywog takes some damage, but is able to withstand a lot of it and keep his footing. From up above, we here the lizardmen finally coming. Help comes from up top in the form of Ebon casting a witch bolt at the leader. Seeing his chance, Zanlin bloodies the bullywog leader with a shatter spell. Mara follows up by shooting a bolt and chucking a spear at him on her attack. (it is now 10:45 and PK finishes off dog # 7 ½). The bullywog leader is badly hurt and extremely ticked off. He casts another thunderwave and it hits home and knocks Helm out causing him to fall of the ladder and lay unconscious on the floor. Zanlin is again able to shake off half of the damage. Tanvir casts misty step, to improve his location and unleashes an Eldritch blast at the bullywog leader. Trageon is the next to attack the leader, he delivers a hit, but the leader still stands strong. The stinking cloud Zanlin had cast earlier to keep a large number of bullywogs at bay begins to dissipate because Zanlin lost his concentration when he took damage.
Spatter-goo, the bullywog leader bites Trageon before he is killed by a Mara fired crossbow bolt. (Dog update: 11:03 Phillip eats 1st dog, 11:10 jason eats 2 more dogs(7 total consumed) and a devil square, and Aaron eats his 6th coney)
Even though their leader has fallen, the remaining bollywogs continue to attack. A combination of our group, and our new friends the lizardmen eventually finish off the bullywogs. 9 of 20 lizardmen die, but their leader Snapjaw stands strong.

For assisting us in the battle, we agree to find and return the “Book of Sermons” and the “Ring of Merkel” to the Black Death. Mara presents Snapjaw with the fish head helm that Spattergoo was wearing. (11:45-PK eats dog # 8 ½)
The lizardmen depart us and continue on into the cavern to battle the bullywogs and the giant frogs. We move on into the cavern as well and come upon a shrine to frogs. Our next stop finds us in what we determine to be Spattergoo’s chambers. During our search of the room we find a chest. The room also contains a muddy chain, a table and chairs and some candles. We quickly determine that the chest is trapped. Tanvier moves in to try and disarm the trap. Try being the key word, and fail being the more important word. This failure causes four pots to crash from the ceiling and engulf him in a purple smoke. Once engulfed, Tanvier strips off his clothes and runs out of the room. Trageon gives chase to save his friend, and catches up with him just in time to see him dive into the lake and start acting like a frog. (at 12:04 PK claims to have crapped Bog Luck—no one rushed in after him to confirm or deny)
Since the trap gave Tanvier so much trouble Helm cast guidance on Ebon before he tries to disarm the chest. As a little extra help, Zanlin sings a little ditty to provide bardic inspiration as well. All the extra help proves useless as Ebon is quickly engulfed by purple smoke from the 6 pots that dropped from the ceiling. Ebon strips to his underwear, pulls out 2 daggers and attacks Helm. Lucky for Helm he misses with both. Helm then successfully subdues Ebon and Mara helps Helm tie him up. Helm then identifies the purple smoke as mushroom spores as assures us the effects are not permanent. Mara heads to the lake and tries unsuccessfully to coax Tanvier out of the lake. While our comrades are under the spell of the purple cloud, we decide to take a short rest and avoid the chest. During the rest, Helm, Trageon and Mara use their hit dice. It takes about 30 minutes, but Ebon and Tanvier eventually come to their senses. Mara takes drastic measures and attacks the chest. Mara then opens the chest. In the chest we find 500 gp, 5 gems, 2 undisturbed pots, 2 gold earrings and an Amulet. Zanlin and Ebon search the rest of the room and find nothing.
As we move on, we run into Snapjaw and he lets us know that they have cleared out the rest of the lower area. We move into what looks to be a teleport room. Located on the floor we find an arcanic circle, but have no luck trying to use it.
12:45 Aarom claims “No Mas” PK undecided Jason not done.
12:47 PK quickly becomes decisive and eats dog # 9 ½.
It is about 8:00 a.m. and we return to the castle. We return to the area where we slept and climb up the stairs we found earlier. We find 3 rooms. They are cultists sleeping area,. These are nice rooms, but we find nothing of value. We ascend to the third level and find the lizardmen, led by the mighty Snapjaw, battling guard drakes and the ½ elf with long white hair. (Borngray) A lesson from the DM teaches us the GRAY is the American spelling while GREY is the british Spelling. We assume our newest adversary is American.
Ebon lines up a lightning bolt as we are attacking 4 guard drakes, 4 bullywogs and Borngray. The bolt crashes home and kick starts the battle by killing 2 bollywogs and damaging a guard drake and Borngray. Tanvier follows up with his own casting of Eldritch Blast the kills Borngray. Zanlin on his attack puts two bollywogs to sleep and Mara slaps a guard drake around with three hits. Helm moves into a better battle position. The spells keep coming as Tanvier hits with another Eldritch Blast and Ebon casts Ray of Frost. When Helm cast the 2nd lightning bolt of the night the battle turns in or favor quickly and it is obvious it is about to end. The rest of the battle is a constant barrage of spells and attacks from the good guys and eventually the nasties lie dead at our feet. We survive practically unscathed. The lizardmen celebrate our victory. We search the ½ elf and notice that the cloak he was wearing took no damage under the barrage of attacks. We will definitely keep it and check it out further. (1:36 Max consumes his first dog.)
Session ends at 1:40. In a shocking twist, Patrick rushes out unable to help clean up.


Well done Robin. I like a DM that teaches as well as informs. :) I did not know Jason ate a hot dog in two bites. Lol. The hot dog contest was epic. Very entertaining read.

Session 12: Rest for the Wicked!!!

Nicely written Robin! I want to stress though that my hot dogs were full blown coneys!!!! Can’t wait until the next session!

Session 12: Rest for the Wicked!!!

I have no recollection of this evening! I fell into a coney coma after the 5th delicious hot darg!

Session 12: Rest for the Wicked!!!
dingolove dingolove

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