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Session 13: Murder Hobos

trap doors should stay closed

Sadly , the Druid starts the evening by trying to throw the Mage under the bus by sneaking a d4 onto his laptop. :( poor Druid. It was bad enough that the DM was already lying about the party’s health. Not a good start to the night.

A Quick recap was done :
• The party is looking for Resmir ( 1/2 blue dragon )
• They need to figure out where all the Valuables are being taken
• Talis ( Zanlin’s friend ) the 1/2 elf
• The infamous Bog Luck is still at large ( could Zanlin be frightened? )
• Frulam Mondath narrowly escaped the party’s grasp
• The party made powerful allies in Snapjaw and the Lizardfolk as we help them take the castle.
• The party is looking for the Book of the Dead & and the ring of Myrkle to give to the Lizardfolk so they can give it to the Black Death ( whom they worship ) . The party is still piecing together who the Black Death is.
• The party is looking for a password or symbol to operate the portal they found below the castle where they believe all of the valuables the cult has been stealing are being taken

After the battle with Borngray and his drake & bullwug thugs ( whom were beaten quite handily. The DM appears not to be able to throw enough at the party to make them remember it is lethal ), our intrepid adventurers continue with the investigation of the rest of the castle. Their initial searches of the rooms in close proximity to the battle were empty ( all enemies obviously ran from the power of the group now ransacking the castle ).

- An aside -
Our Druid admits to liking “wood” …. Very vague on who’s “wood” - though he makes a semi recovery by throwing throwing out another euphemism " he likes Cherry Wood " . The group is unsure if they fall for it or not.

- Back to the story -

As the party continues their search into one of the towers of the castle, the group comes across a barracks used by the lizardfolk. Zanlin immediately starts to search the lizardfolk belongings until he is shouted down by the rest of the party. The term shady was bandied about in regards to the heretofore trustworthy Bard.

The party finds a door in the ceiling leading even further up to what they believe is an attic. Curiously it is barred from below, like the lizardfolk were trying to keep something in. Never ones to shy away from danger ( though lacking in common sense ) , they throw the bolts to investigate. The room above is pitch black except for the small light now filtering in. Helm decides to go batty and changed into a bat to fly up and investigate.

After taking an inordinate amount of time, the party sends ( goads ) the brave Mara into the darkness above with a torch to check on the hapless Helm. When she crests into the room she shrieks and pushes further in letting the party know that a giant spider is snacking on our beloved Helm and that knowledge enraged the party to action.

Mara hits the filthy beast , making it think its days are numbered. Zanlin backs away a little and starts mocking the beast making it fall from the rafters, narrowly missing knocking Mara back into the room below. As the beast hits the floor in a puddle of its own icky blood, Trageon stabs it’s dead carcass to be sure.

Believing the lizardfolk should have just taken care of the beast, Tanvir starts to search and Ebon climbs up to cut away the webs holding Helm hostage. This act causes more spiders to drop from the rafters onto the party, Mara being the only member too slow to avoid being bitten by one of the beasts.

Zanlin jumps and continues mocking the spiders using hit and run tactics while Tanvir does his own version of hit & run as he runs around in circles slapping at his head trying to dislodge a spider that landed on his head but to no avail. A ray of frost leaps from Ebon’s hand onto the spider attacking him and Helm, slowing the beast. Giving Helm the time he needs to revert from bat form and smack the spider with his Shillelagh, only succeeding in angering the beast further making it lunge at Ebon and land a bite. A green poison oozes from the spiders teeth into Ebon. Helm can see Ebon visibly shrug off the effect that would have surely spelled his doom.

Mara continues to whittle away at the spider trying to molest her , but she is saved by Zanlin show jumps to her aid , delivering such insults as to make the beast fall over dead.

Tanvir continues to slap at the spider on that is still attached to his head. This time using a dagger, though it is still not enough to break the spiders grip. He is taking a severe beating from the beast but continues the struggle.

Mara , freed by Zanlin attacks the spider trying to eat Trageon, wounding it greatly. The spider even survives the nasty insults of Zanlin while Ebon and Helm make little progress with the spider they are engaged with. Due in part to the weakened state of the Druid. The again is able to viciously bite Ebon who , while shrugging of the earlier effects, doesn’t have the inner strength to shrug off the poison again and slumps to the ground, death just seconds away.

The vicious melee starts to turn in the favor of the party as Mara finally dispatches a spider , freeing Trageon to engage another while Zanlin punches a crossbow bolt into the fiend waiting to strike a death blow to Ebon with deadly accuracy. Trageon makes short work of the final beast.

The party finally realizes why the Lizardfolk bolted that door and come to the conclusion that some doors should stay locked.

Sweating and near exhausted, needing to heal Helm and Ebon, the party fortifies the door and takes a small rest, letting the lizardfolk continue the clearing of the castle for now. In the quiet dark, Zanlin plays a rousing tune on his pan flute to bolster the groups morale and steady their nerve.

After licking their wounds they continue on looking for the book and the ring. Most of the rooms are free of enemies and are just common rooms. The party starts to get frustrated that they are wasting precious time not being able to follow the cultists to where they are taking the treasure when they hit upon a chapel. Helm explains to the group that this chapel is dedicated to the five headed dragon Tiamat. That in itself causes the party to pause and see if they can glean anything useful from the room. Upon close inspection Ebon was able to find a small secret compartment in the altar, seeming a very logical spot to hide the Book of the Dead Sermons. With swamp ass still keeping its hold on him , he asks Tanvir to search the cubby for traps. Not finding any they cautiously open the compartment to find a silvered dagger which radiates a small amount of magic. Ebon tells Tanvir to use it good effect.

After leaving the chapel empty handed and still frustrated the party barges into another room that appears to be a library, startling several cultists who are huddled up in the room hiding from the lizardfolk. The party still dressed in the garb and trappings of the cult try to bluff the cultists into going to help Master Borngray. Zanlin explains that Borngray wants the party to retrieve the book for him so he can escape through the portal. The cultists seem too scared and challenge Zanlin to give the secret salute, unable to , Zanlin falters.

Ebon was watching the cultists and when Zanlin falters he believes the jig is up. He fires a blast of frost that the wary cultist was able to dodge. The cultist , not wanting a fight stand down at the show of force and Tanvir starts to search the library. As Tanvir finds the book of dead sermons, giving the party a much needed win, the cultists get real irritated forcing Zanlin to start shouting insults at them and Ebon blasts another with a ray of frost , this time connecting. Mara attacks the other cultist and with an amazing cut, lops his head right off. The wounded cultist screams ," Treachery! Borngray will hear of this", as he tries to escape through the door. The poor fool not knowing that the party had already dispatched Borngray , and never would as Tanvir drops him with his new dagger.

The party make a concerted search of the library. Mara helps in the search with a glazed look in her eye , showing the her illiteracy and the party has to search again the area that she was looking. While not finding the ring, Ebon did find a spell book with 3 spells in it, so the effort was not wasted. Continuing to search through this tower they come to an office with a bedroom attached.

Helm’s searches of the office bear fruit, finding papers strewn across the desk that mention the Hunting Lodge and Parnast ( a northern village ) throughout much of them. But the biggest find was a piece of paper that yielded the password for the portal.

“To Port Draezir”

The party would finally be able to follow the cultists to the source.

Just as Helm was explaining his find to the group , two explosions rock the group from the bedroom, painfully dowsing them in acid. Effectively destroying all normal items. Ebon, thinking that the swamp ass was starting to wear off, set off a trap in one of the wardrobes.

- an aside -
Curiously…. PK decided to show all present how many balls he could fit in his mouth. 9 to be exact. These were cheese balls, but it does lead one to wonder why he would practice fitting balls in his mouth.

- back to the story -

On their way down to the main floor , the party comes across several lizardfolk trying to open a chest and decided to help them hoping to find the ring that was still eluding them. The lizardfolk agreed to let the party keep any rings found. Once opened, it was clear that the ring was not present and they ensured the lizardfolk kept the silver that was kept within and the party kept 5 rings that were in the chest. Ebon kept a close eye on the bard as he had already acted shady when he decided to try and search the lizardfolk barracks.

They make their way through to the last tower that is basically a muck pit, having fallen into too much disrepair the only thing left is the place where the castle dumps its waste. There is a part of a staircase , though it is a 10’ jump to get past the muck. The party starts to head toward the last building, the keep, to finish their search when someone notices a small chest on the far wall of the tower, across the muck.

The party decides to leave no stone unturned ( or are they just greedy as this is a very apparent trap ) and devise a way to get the chest. Helm changes into an eagle to fly across the muck. Halfway across tentacles reach out of the disgusting slime and latch onto the eagle. Pulled form the air , Helm takes several hits and appears to start sweating. Another party member contracts the dreaded swamp ass.

Trageon immediately tries to help Helm but can’t seem to hit anything with javelins and wonders why he even bothers. Knowing that it would be suicide to enter the muck and seeing no good way to save his friend, he steps up and lashes out at the creature with lightening jumping from his fingertips as Zanlin hits it with a crossbow bolt. The rest of the party doesn’t fair well with their ranged attacks.

Helm , knowing that death could take him at any minute, drops his eagle form and since the beast is holding him up , he blasts it with a lightening bolt, severely damaging it only to be whipped around and slammed into the ground. The tentacle continues to pull Helm halfway into the muddy cesspool.

- an aside -
In the middle of combat, feeling that his monster is getting whooped, the DM calls out Rob for applying the wrong damage. What a little girl the DM is sometimes. :)

- back to the carnage -

Mara, drops her ranged weapon and decides to try a daring rescue of her friend Helm , who continues to get into bad situations. She takes a running leap that spans the 10’ to the stairs and then into the air and onto the creature, not caring about swamp puss as she has had it for many days. The creature shrieks and slams Helm again, stunning him. Could this be the end of the druid?

Seeing Mara’s success, Trageon gracefully follows suit and wounds the creatures. With one friend stunned and two in danger of being dragged down, Ebon thinks it might be a good time to cut bait and leave. He analyzes the situation and believes he can make one more attack before leaving these fools to their own demise. He pushes as much energy into his attack as he can and is able to kill the beast with the lightening that is still attached to him and creature. Mara and Trageon are able to drag Helm from the muck. The party prevails and gets their chest only to find it holds two copper coins.

While the party laments their decision to take the obvious bait, someone finds dwarven writing on the trap door at the end. They are able to decipher the runes – ’ Mighty Undead lay further beyond this point ’. Believing this might bear them the ring they seek, the party opens the door.

- an aside -
The group is concerned with PK & his fascination with balls as he gives Roy’s nuts a little tweak.

- back to the murder hobo’s -

As the party enters the attic ( maybe they should have learned from the last trap door they opened…. Shakes head ) six ethereal creatures rise up from the dusty bones lying on the floor. Tanvir is quick to attack but misses. Ebon send magical energy in Trageon so he will be able to cross the distance quickly as Zanlin moves into the room and shatters two of the creatures but quickly exits the room the way he came. His hit and run tactics still working to great advantage. Mara advances and destroys one of the wounded creatures.

- an aside -

The DM confiscates Roy’s character sheet and questions his having a magical blade. Wanting to know where he got it and then PK states there will be no confiscating of his character as he dazedly watches the DM pull his sheet away. The DM is finally satisfied and gives the sheets back. We think he is butt hurt that we are mowing down his monsters. :)

- the murder hobos continue -

Trageon imbued with lightening speed slips up, destroys a creature and moves on to engage another, wounding it. Tanvir is drained by one of the creatures and hellishly blasts it.

As the battle rages, Trageon is brutalized by one and Helm has had enough waiting in the wings so he charges into the room and destroys one of the creatures that are surrounding Tanvir giving Tanvir the opportunity he needs to wound another while Ebon sends magical energy into the remaining three creatures.

Zanlin curses the creatures and weakens them as Mara comes to the aid of Trageon dropping one as Trageon unleashes a flurry of attacks destroying another of them as Helm destroys the last.

The party searches the room as they lick their wounds once again and take solace behind another trap door leading to an attic. The party’s search yields star charts that they stow away for later. Rested they continue their search of the Castle. Finally moving into the keep.

Making quick work of the keep, the party finds a chest. After both he and Tanvir fail to open it, Tanvir even finding a trap the hard way, Ebon changes the metal of the lock into wood and they bash it open, finding a travelling spell book with more spells in it. Ebon take the book to study.

Further searching has the party stealthily checking a room. What they see makes them elated and wary at the same time. Inside the room are a half dragon and a woman holding what the party believes is the ring of myrkle.

- and break -

- will the two be easy pickins for the the formidable party?
will Zanlin confess his fear of Bog luck?
- will PK finally get 10+ balls in his mouth ?
will Helm redeem himself ?
- Will the DM be a bigger puss ?
will Tanvir show up?
— will roy wear a skirt to get into character?

Join us next time as we follow the intrepid adventures of the Murder Hobos……


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