Epic Augusta

Session 16: FIREBALLS AWAY!!!j


Late start because of wrecks and weather. DM and Ebon arrive saf7el and we start actual game play around 7:40.

Roy is amazed and he swelled up down south that his 1980’s flip phone actually received a text.

Roy hurt his thumbs while messing with his pickle.

A nice treasure was found. Rexmir’s body contained a wand, a ring, and a amulet. (amulet appears to be a woman figure and a giant) Other half still out there somewhere.

Ebon uses mage hand to open the door in front of us. Trageon steps into a room lined with 100 horse skulls about 30’ up and covered with carpet over the icy floor. As Trageon walks in two of four gargoyles turn and look at him. They follow him as he walks. They notice scrolls and potions lying around.

Helm, Ebon and Zanlin search the room as Trageon, Mara and Tanvir keep watch. The fruits of their labor produce 3 scrolls, a wand and 3 potions. (identified as 1 invisibility and 2 healing) After completing their search they decide to head to the storage room they found earlier and take a short rest.

After a successful short rest the group goes to the spiral stair case and they start to help take crates down. As they move down the stairs they see coins, helmets, livestock, kolbolds, and an ogre or two frozen into the walls.

They make it to the central core that contains huge icicles with two levels. The lower level is a huge pile of treasure. Clawed to the ceiling high above them is a huge white dragon.

We dump the crates and climb back up the spiral stair case. On the top floor we see many ogres training in the front. 2 ogres are standing guard in front of large tower door.

The ogres stop us and tell us that their are no cultists allowed beyond this point. Ebon tells him that Blagothkus the cloud giant is who we seek. (Zanlin is not the only one who uses the name drop to his advantage,) After this the ogre leads us into the large tower

We meet the honor guard: Biff and Boff. They introduce their selves in a most profound matter. Me Biff, This Boff.

They lead us up another spiral staircase. As we arrive Blagothkus is meeting with 2 other cloud giants while having his hair stroked by two female ogres. We meet with Blag and he tells us there is nothing we can do to help.

At this point we decide to show him the amulet and it is very obvious that this gets his attention. He tells us that the amulet is him and his wife and asks if we could get the 2nd part from the white dragon. He allows us to take a long rest under his protection to strengthen up for our coming battle. While resting we studied the wands and the ring. Helm claimed the ring of cold resistance and wand of cure light wounds. Zanlin pocketed the wand of magic missiles and Ebon took the wand of detect magic.

At this point in the game due to the constant barrage of intense bad smells on our olfactory senses the group discusses foods that should be banned from future game nights. The foods that make the initial list are fried eggs, chili and ranch dip.

Back to game.

At 2 am we go back down to lower level and it looks like nothing is going on. Ebon picks the lock on a giant door. Zanlin supports Ebon by placing two hands firmly on his backside. With additional help from Helm, Ebon finally gets the door unlocked. Trageon opens the door.

As he peeks inhe sees 9’ table and chairs. There is a chest in the corner of the room. A male stone giant gazing at his female companion sleeping. He says “Stay out” and we oblige.

Trageon next decides to go and check out the situation with the white dragon. As we all get to within 50 ft. we quickly realize this attempt has been an epic fell when the dragon bellows at us " I dont know who you are, but you better turn around and go back upstairs. We retreat and develop another plan.

We break up into three groups of three and decide to attack from three different tunnels so we dont all get caught in the dragon’s breath weapon. The groups are Ebon and Helm, Trageon and Zanlin and Tanvir and Mara. Each groups attempts to stealthily move into the three different entry points and prepare for battle. So as we attempt to sneak up, we quickly realize that the dragon is aware of us and alert as he screams." What matter of shenanigans is this?"

Realizing that the battle is on and unavoidable, Ebon sends a message to Zanlin to attack. Zanlin at the ready casts his fireball to get things started. The dragon saves and only takes half damage. The white dragon retaliates with a cone of cold at Trageon and Zanlin. Zanlin saves but Trageon doesnt. Zanlin takes 25 pt of damage and Trageon takes 50.

Ebon then throws a fireballand hits for 23 points of damage. Mara lights up the area. Helm casts bark skin to raise his AC and prepare him for battle. Zanlin drops back out of attack range and casts another fireball hitting for 19 points of damage again. Tanvir moves up near the torch so he can see and casts hex. This gives him additional damage. He does 9 more points. The dragon frightens both Mara and Tanvir. Dragon claws at Tanvir as well as delivering a bite. Tanvir takes 26 points of damage. Ebon uses a scroll and casts another fire ball to the tune of 21 points of damage. Mara misses with a bolt. Helm’s lightningbolt connects for 37 points of damage Zanlin heals himself and Trageon moves upcloser to the battle. Tanvir disengages and moves backout of the dragons range. As he is moving out Dragon claws Tnavir and puts him down. Mara also takes a hit. Ebon no longer scared casts another fireball and then Mara puts a thrashing on the dragon and hr awesome hits connects for 45 points of damage. Helm casts another lightning bolt and finishes the dragon off.

After the dragon falls, Ebon uses mage hand and reaches up and gets the other half of the amulet and a leather map. Trageon looks over the map and determines the locationof Black Death.

Ebon detects magic in the pile of treasure and notices 3 different areas. leather armor +1, crossbow +1,bracers of defense.

Aaron notices that the 9 volt battery has been replaced after chirping for three years.

We now remove our disguises and move back up to the top floor to meet up with Blag. Zanlin gives him the other half of the amulet. Ogres begin to dispatch the rest of the cultists.

Blag asks what he can do to return the favor to us. He gives us a bag of holding as a token of our appreciation. he also gives us the castle along with all of the army and his sons. We have at our disposal 40 ogres and 20 kolbolds, 2 stone giants, gargoyles, and cloud giant spirit. Some concern over vampire returning.

We decide to head to the Mirror of the Dead Mans swamp to scout around for Black death.

We approach the lizard men and ask to speak to Snapjaw. Zanlin tells them that he is the reason Snapjaw is king. We are granted an audience with Snapjaw and the lizard men lead us to him.

We broker a trade for the release of Pole and Green Imsa by giving Snapjaw a powerful ring. With the whole crew back together we live to fight another day. As we head back to our flying castle we hear a very loud roar. TO BE CONTINUED.


dingolove dingolove

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