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Session 18: Freed from the white death


We started playing about 7:00 once we decided if we needed to ban baked carotas or sushi with wasabi. My vote is for sushi.
We are in search of Macoth, a tiefling warlock, who works for the arcan brotherhood. She has been missing for over 3 years and needs rescuing. We figure if we can return her safely we could gain the arcane brotherhoods favor.

We start right after we have killed off 4 ice trolls. Helm is in need of healing. In the room where we dispatched the trolls we find 4 straw beds and 15 gp. After searching thoroughly we head around the bottom part of the circle that opens into a room. The room is full of mist. We have limited vision for at least 40 feet. Through the fog we can see 6 figures.
As we move up we hear draconic voices. Trageon feels like they might possibly be kobolds and we decide to attack. As we move into attack we see 10-12 kobolds in a large room. 6 of them are guarding a dark elf hanging upside down.
Ebon, always the instigator, shouts, “If you can move you might want to. It’s about to get bloody. At this point Thanior is dropped to the ground, and he makes a mad dash for his equipment. During his escape he manages to free his hands as well.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Jacob Riggins in the role of Thanior the drow elf ranger. He is making his Dungeons and Dragons debut.
As promised, Ebon starts the bloodshed with a firebolt that kills a kobold. Helm follows suit and takes on out with his thornwhip. Zanlin, not wanting to be outdone by amateur tricks, puts the rest of the kobolds to sleep with a slight wave of his hand.
We kill all but two, which we plan on questioning.
As Thanior dons his equipment, we are told to roll initiative in anticipation of another fight. Thanior moves the quickest and gets into an advantageous attack position.
Ebon readies the ever reliable firebolt and Zanlin adds a little extra defense by casting blade ward.
Trageon alerts the party that he sees two trolls coming. Mara at this declaration, prepares an arrow.
Helm oves into position and gets ready to cast command. Before we know it we are surrounded by trolls. Ebon unleashes his firebolt and hits, Trageon strikes out by whiffing three times and the troll in front of him. Mara shoots two arrows and scores two hits.
Helm unleashes his lightning bolt and hits big.
The first troll attacks Trageon and luckily watched him way to closely as he also attacks three times and misses with each one of them. Trageon stays anything but hot and also misses the attack of opportunity he was granted. Troll hits Mara. At 8:05 PK arrives.
A kobold shaman who has entered the fray casts a spell at Helm. Thanior scores the first hit of his young adventuring career with a double strike. Ebon speaks a few words and the shaman is all of a sudden dazed and confused.
Trageon drops a troll and starts bragging about his exploits in battle. We think he is constantly pointing out his battle exploits because he is obviously a fighter and not a lover.
Zanlin lets rip a mighty fart, I mean fireball and finishes off a troll and all of the kobolds. Mara connects on three hits to the troll nearest her. Helm crits a troll with his produce flame cantrip. Thorian continues to impress his new mates with another big hit, and drops a troll. Being a new adventurer Im not sure he realizes the need to kill trolls with acid or fire or they will eventually regenerate. Struggling to finish the trolls off, they keep getting back up and the battle is taking forever.
Ebon, being skilled in the art of dispatching trolls, and other beasts for that matter, casts a fireball and finishes off the troll the Thanior dropped.
Zanlin unleashes three charges from his wand of magic missiles and hits. Trageon scratches a troll for minor damage. Mara, who is in the zone, scores three more hits.
At this point it is noticed that the shit smell showed up about the same time as PK. Coincidence… I think not.
At this point we notice a wild kobold charging at the party with a bone ring in his nose. The players discuss some screwy DM ing right before a troll knocks Zanlin unconscious.
Thanior responds by shooting arrows and hitting for some minor damage. Ebon relying on his trusty firebolt once again explodes the skull of the wild kobold. Zanlin fails to stabilize. Trageon crashes the party and the tide of the battle starts to turn in the favor of the heroes. I’m sure we will hear about this the rest of the night. Once the battle tides turn, Hlem produces flame to finish off the last troll and Mara kills the last 2 kobolds.
Helm cast spare the dying. Our new ally Thanior casts cure wounds on Zanlin to bring him back to the living. While looting they find a platinum necklace worth 50 gp and the pure ivory bone ring worth 25 gp.
Mara quaffs a potion and Trageon being the team player he is shares a potion, While searching the kobold beds the party finds to small dragon figurines worth 200 gp each. We enter the room with many stone statues of yetis, giants, giant squids all of jaw dropping size. The room also houses a 30 ft boat with a full mast.
Thanior while searching the room finds a chest behind the boat. In it is 1000 gp worth of gp, pp and jewelry and gems. While messing with the treasure, helm identifies the growl of what he is certain is a white dragon.
We ascend a long frozen ramp where we find a fancy tent that houses Macoth. She tells us that she is being imprisoned by the white dragon. “white death”
Top ten pick up lines used in a D and D game: “Not that it matters, but we do have a flying castle,
To help us free her by destroying white death Macoth gives us 2 healing potions, another arrow of dragon slaying and a ring of cold resistance that Trageon puts on.
Before the battle we take a short rest and all heal up for the battle.
We notice an 80 ft chute to the bottom level. We notice it is dark at the bottom.
We tie some rope together to go down. Ebon attempts to climb down and fails miserably. Zanlin saves his day by casting feather fall. Everyone but Trageon floats slowly down. As I pass through a zone some ways down the rope I start to feel very sluggish. Mara, Helm and Trageon have the same sluggish feeling. We are slowed. We finally make it to the bottom safely and there is no sign of the white dragon.
We move into position and brace ourselves for an epic battle. We are slow and frightened to begin the battle. The white dragon attacks with his cone of cold and deals massive damage to Mara, Helm and Thanior. Trageon and Mara are no longer slowed but Mara is still frightened.
Thainior lets go two arrows of dragon slaying a deals massive damage as he hits with both. Zanlin aint scared any longer. Trageon misses with a bolt and the dragon puts a whooping on Trageon.
Helm bloodies white death with a moon beam. Thanior hits with a normal arrow but misses with the dragon slaying arrow. A dragon tail attack takes Trageon down.
Zanlin on his next turn heals Trageon and makes his save vs. slow. Trageon wakes up in a big way and gets 6 attacks. In a display of serious failure he lands one attack, but it is enough to cause the white dragon to tuck his tail and run. He is last seen diving into the large body of water.
While searching the lower ice cavern, we find a small dragon hoard. We find a sword, wand and boots. We continue to search for a way up to the top level, when we are attacked by two four armed aquatic trolls. Thanior is knocked unconscious. Helms conjures animal and the prehistoric fish hits. After a couple of regenerations, the trolls are finnaly killed for good. We find our way back to Macoth and head for the hills. We take with us some arcane brotherhood material, but macoth warns us not to read it for our own safety. Ebon collects spellbook and 6 scrolls.
The shaman from earlier is happy that we drove off the dragon. We hire Orca heart and his crew of three warriors, 4 women, 2 kids and a dog to work on our flying castle.
Macoth tells us that the Drakor horn was a gift from Tiamat t the dragons to aid them in the wars vs. the Giants.
She tells us that about 6 months ago, the cultists took the horn and left. Because we were able to rescue Macoth, we have earned the trust of the Arcane brotherhood. We now have war wizards to help us defend our flying castle.
During a long rest we identify Sword of acid (brutal) etra 1 d 6 damage reroll 1’s
Wand of wonder for Helm and Boots of speed for Trageon. We travel to Waterdeep.
Level 8 reached.


Trageon drives off the White Death! Sounds about right!


Good stuff Robin.

One note: You earned the Arcane Brotherhood’s support and they pledged their war wizards to fight against the Cult of the Dragon, not to defend your flying castle.

dingolove dingolove

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