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Session 27: The Blue Mask and Toraz

Play gets started after the not taker is tired of getting “razzed” after setting up the equipment. The group decides to touch the symbol that looks like a right triangle. They disappear to the sundial, and are faced with a decision having two choices. Looking around the sundial, there are only two paths, one going back to the village, and one going towards the tower. The group picks to go down to the tower where they arrive and decide to touch a star shaped symbol. The group appears in a room which looks to belong to a wizard. There is a brass telescope, 2 tomes sitting on a table, and the ceiling of the room is a crystal lens, looking to the sky. Ebon listens to the door and hears nothing, and tests the knob, seeing if it is locked, it is not. He opens the door towards the group, and two fire balls come raining in.

Trageon is hit for 68 points damage, Thanior takes 52 points, and everyone else only takes 34. After the smoke clears, the group can see that Helm, Thanior, and Trageon are all laying on the floor, limp and lifeless. Zanlin casts Shatter into the doorway for 28 points damage. Then, two magic missiles come flying out of the door at Mara, dealing 30 points damage. Then, out of nowhere, Mara queefs out a potion, that heals her for 28 hit points. Then, using second wind, heals herself for 20 more points. Ebon’s insight notices only two attackers, but when Zanlin had casted Shatter, there were many screams heard within the doorway. Ebon peaks out the door, and sees onto a balcony. On the balcony, there are two people lying on the ground, with a mage on either side. He then casts Fireball, doing 30 points of damage, dropping the last of the attackers. Trageon, with the help of Mara, queefs out a potion, which heals him 19 points. Ebon then walks over to Helm, casting cure light wounds, which restores 11 of Helm’s points. The group then searches the bodies and finds an hourglass-shaped key. They then decide it is everyone’s best interest to take a short rest, and heal.

After the short rest, the group turns their attention to the wizard workshop. Most of the books on shelves around the walls are ruined, and the brass telescope in the middle of the room is damaged, not being able to see anything through it. Searching the room, the group finds a table of interest, and in the table, is a trap compartment. Ebon searches for traps inside of it, but finds none, not taking it too seriously. When it opens, acid bubbles pop in Mara’s face, doing 16 points damage. Helm then tends to Mara by giving her a facial, a long household remedy passed on by the wood elves. Helm then wraps Mara’s head with a cloth, so the salty sauce can work its magical powers. Ebon then looks at scrolls found in the hidden compartment, which contain information on fire and earth elementals.

The group then presses a symbol that looks like a square, and it transports them to a bedroom. The bed is nothing special, and there is a makeshift table with notes and scrolls. Zanlin investigates this table, the notes pertain to the Dracoliches, from Jorgen Pawl and Iskander, Mara puts this scroll in her backpack. After looking at every point of interest in the bedroom, the group uses the hourglass symbol, and the key they picked up from the mages, to transport into a room with recently deceased bodies, and trail of blood. 2 of the bodies were killed by magical fire, and 1 was killed by stabbing. With Ebon taking the lead, the group follows the blood trail. There is a 2nd path trailing off from the original streak of blood with boot prints heading to the north passage way, where 3 figures are seen. Those creatures are earth and fire elementals.

The group moves up to see an earth elemental first. Zanlin casts Fireball, doing 36 points damage. Trageon then tosses two javelins to see only one of them hit, doing 8 points damage. Helm casts Conjure Elemental, bringing in a fire elemental of his own. Thanior casts Hunter’s Mark, and shoots 2 arrows for 28 points of damage. Trageon moves in on a fire elemental and hits it for 36 damage. The first earth elemental is confused, but the second uses a slam attack, doing 15 points damage to both Trageon and Thanior. Zanlin then casts Shatter on both earth elementals, which hits for 16 points each. The group notices that Shatter seems very effective against the earth elementals. The fire elemental now tries to attack, but misses twice. Helm casts Ice Storm to hit all three elementals, along with Trageon, doing 31 points damage each to the elementals, and 15 to Trageon. Mara attacks the 2nd earth elemental twice, to do 32 points damage, who falls to the ground in defeat. The friendly fire elemental tries to attack the enemy fire elemental, but fails since they are both made of fire. Ebon casts Ray of Frost to do 2 points of damage to the fire elemental. Thanior then fires two arrows at the fire elemental, doing 40 points of damage, resulting in death. Trageon attacks the earth elemental once for 11 points. It then moves away, and Helm’s fire elemental attacks for 8 points. Zanlin then fires two bolts from his crossbow doing 20 points, and killing the last enemy. There is nothing else in the room, where the fighting happened.

The group then turns around to see steps, descending to a walkway, which seemingly passes through space. You can see stars and planets as if you were looking through a telescope. To the left is a short walkway to a door, to which Ebon listens, and then opens. There is a room with a whirlwind in the center with small gems twinkling inside of it. Ebon then searches all the tables to find useless equipment and Xonthal’s notes to creating elementals. Zanlin tosses a copper piece into the whirlwind, and players roll for initiative, to fight a wind elemental.

Trageon hits once for 15 points damage. The wind elemental then rolls up on Trageon and Zanlin. Zanlin gets slammed against the wall, and lands on his stomach, taking 15 points damage. Trageon is the picked up and tossed at Mara, who side steps to avoid getting hit by Trageon, who takes 12 points damage. Thanior then shoots two arrows at the elemental for 27 points damage. Zanlin, who is laying on his stomach, uses his Wand of Wonder, which casts petrification at the elemental, but it has no effect. Mara hits the enemy twice for 21 points, and our friendly fire elemental does 30 points damage. Ebon then uses Frost Bolt to finish it off.

There is only one way for the group to go, and that is to descend the steps onto the space walkway. Zanlin gives Trageon two potions of greater healing, who takes one for 10 points of health back. As the group goes down the steps, and onto the walkway, Ebon and Trageon see a volley of small meteors cross their path. Everyone besides Trageon can dodge the meteorites. Trageon is hit, and then falls off the pathway, into deep space. Zanlin then casts Feather Fall on Trageon, who takes 12 points of damage. When Trageon lands, he ends up in the room where the group had just fought the earth and fire elementals. Everyone else still heads across, and come to a door. Ebon listens and hears nothing. The door is not locked. Ebon stands behind the door while opening it, to make sure he is hidden from any enemy attacks, but there are none, this time.

The door opens up into a study, with books lining the whole room, along with a ladder with wheels to be able to easily get around. There is a desk in the middle, covered in papers, books, scrolls, and tablets, and Ebon realizes there are a lot of valuables in this room. Zanlin is having fun on the ladder, while Mara pushes him around. Ebon finds a book on arcana, worth about 100 gold pieces, Helm finds a book about King Melan Drake and the Misty Forest Wood Elves, worth about 180 gold piece. Thanior finds a map of an unfamiliar area, which Zanlin inspects, and reveals that it shows the City of Brass. This map is worth roughly 500 gold pieces, Thanior rolls it up, and puts it in his quiver. Trageon finds a book of nobility worth about 70 gold pieces. Helm and Mara then find secret doors. Helm checks his door for traps and finds none. Mara pushes in a shelf, which moves back and then to the right. Loose papers then start moving around the room, slashing at anything inside the study.

Trageon, Mara, and Thanior do 91 points damage combined to the paper. The paper then attacks, missing Trageon, Thanior, and Zanlin. It hits Mara for 12 points, Helm for 9 points, and Ebon for 4 points damage. Helm then casts Dispell Magic, and all the papers float to the ground. Helm moves a book to open the second door, but two openings appear. The first opening heads into a large office. The only thing of interest in this room is ink that would be for magical use. The group then moves into the next room, which is capitalized by a large viewing crystal, and a rod in front of it. Zanlin turns the rod and the scene on the crystal changes to the city on the map that Thanior found, the City of Brass. Mara then urges Zanlin to take out the “rod”, and before you know it, he pulls out his manhood and places it in the palm of Mara. Now, leaving the study, and going down the space walkway once again, another meteor shower manages to knock Mara off, who is then saved by Zanlin using Feather Fall to slow her momentum. Mara still takes 12 points damage from the meteor. Mara then appears in the room at the end of the walkway, which happens to be a storage room. The door to the room is locked, so Ebon attempts to pick it, but fails. Thanior then steps up saying, “slide to the side”, as he opens the door, and there stands Mara.

The door to the left of the storage room is not locked, so Ebon opens the door and walks in. This chamber has two massive hourglasses. And, straight across from the door is the cultist with the Blue Dragon Mask clutched in his hand. He is slumped over. Ebon perceives that he is dead. Zanlin then uses a spell to talk with the deceased. He asks why the cultist would want to run away, and he responds that he did not like the direction the cult was heading. The next question is how to use the mask, and we are told to put it on. “What are the cults’ plans?”, asks Zanlin, to which he receives an answer saying the cult intends to revive Tiamat at the Well of Dragons. The team then takes the Blue Mask and moves on.

The group then enters a room where there is a red-skinned creature, wearing armor of flames, is sitting, studying a chess board. Ebon and Trageon are the first to see this creature. At the doorway, Ebon sees a thin line of salt across the floor. The salt is to keep the creature contained. The creature is known at Toraz the Fair, and he has been there since Xonthal ran the tower. Toraz kept inviting the group in to sit down and play a game of chess. The group then questions Toraz about his life, and origins, while he keeps asking for help escaping the room he is confined to. They learn that he is called an Efreeti, who can grant wishes, but the group can tell he is not being truthful about something. The group leaves without allowing him to leave. On the way out, Toraz yells, “You will regret the day you did not allow me my freedom!”

On the way back to the village the group spots a Blue Dragon. Zanlin then turns invisible, and scurries away, towards the village. Thanior tries to shoot two arrows at the dragon, but misses both. The dragon then frightens Mara, Ebon, and Thanior, who is then shot by a lightning bolt from the dragon for 33 points damage. Trageon does 6 points damage to the dragon, and Helm casts Ice Storm. The dragon fails his saving throw, but then decides to make it, just because he can, and takes 15 points of damage. Thanior then moves to find his Arrow of Dragon Slaying which he had missed earlier, and picks it up. Ebon casts Fireball for 23 points damage. The group then hears the dragon yell, “Give me the mask!”, and then Ebon, puts the mask on. Trageon does 6 more points, along with Helm’s 13 points of damage with his insect plague. Mara then does 12 points of damage. After Thanior gets his arrows ready, he fires one Arrow of Dragon Slaying, and one normal arrow, which slashes the dragon for 56 points damage.

Then, out of nowhere, two firebolts come from the sky, aimed at the dragon, doing 50 points damage. Zanlin then uses his Wand of Wonder to cast Petrification once more, but the dragon auto saves, because he feels like it. Ebon then shoots him for 40 points damage with a Fireball. The dragon is then wounded, and tries to escape. Trageon shoots two crossbow bolts at him for 12 points, along with one hit from Mara for 8 points, and an Ice Storm from Helm for 28 points damage. Then, the group sees Toraz the Fair is the one shooting the Firebolts at the dragon, who then fires two more shots at the dragon for 50 points damage, killing the Blue Dragon.

Toraz hovers above the group….


Good stuff Jacob and Jason.

dingolove jacobriggins2013

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