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Session 26: The End of the Maze

The group approaches the sundial and appears on a separate path. In the distance, they hear charging hooves. A gorgon is coming at the group. Hurrying to react, Thanior pulls out his bow and flings two arrows at the charging gorgon, doing 30 points damage. Zanlin readies his crossbow, fires two bolts, but the gorgon proves to be too elusive, and both of the crossbow shots miss. Trageon uses his boots of speed to charge at the gorgon, he misses his first attack, and then fumbles on the second. Mara moves up 30 feet, drops her torch, and attacks the gorgon wither her bow for 23 points damage. Helm casts the spell Flame Sphere for 7 points damage. Now, the gorgon attempts to attack Trageon, but luckily, it misses. Out of nowhere, a second gorgon pops out of the tall hedges in the maze and uses his breath attack. Everyone in the group feels their bodies start to stiffen, but everyone breaks free, except for Thanior, who starts to turn to stone. Ebon then sends an owl in the air to do a shocking grasp for 24 points damage. Thanior fires 2 arrows that do 30 points, afterwards, he starts to change color before saving himself and fighting off the Petrifying Breath. Zanlin hits gorgon twice for 19 points, and Trageon hits once for 15 points. Mara, wanting this silly scuffle to be over, drops her bow and draws her two short swords, who fumbles her first attack, hitting on the second, and then using action surge getting two more attacks, and doing 42 points damage, finally killing the first gorgon. Helm now focuses on putting down the second gorgon, using a flame sphere and throwing a javelin, to do 17 points damage. The gorgon then charges past Trageon and hits Mara for 24 points damage. The gorgon then tries to use his Petrifying Breath once more, but the group resists. Ebon then commands his owl to do another shocking grasp for 5 points damage. Thanior slings two arrows at the gorgon, hitting on one and doing 21 points damage. Zanlin then fires 5 magic missiles, trying desperately to defeat this last gorgon in one final shot, and thankfully, the gorgon is slain.

Helm notices as the gorgon used his breath attack that a gem rolled from his mouth. Looking around, he found one from the other gorgon also. Helm picks up both gems, and as soon as he does, the hedges of the maze part and lead down to a new path. The team walks about 9 minutes and comes back to the sundial. Zanlin walks up the sundial while there are shadows pointed in all 8 directions. The group decides to travel west, after bickering about always coming back to the same place. They walk along the path for 2 minutes and come to a clearing with a circular pond in the middle, measuring about 60 feet, and has a gem hovering about a foot over the pond. Ebon uses Mage Hand to go out and grab the gem. As the hand approaches the gem, 4 pinchers come from the pond and attack Ebon. The first attack misses, but the second grabs Ebon and does 14 points damage. The other two pinchers turn toward Trageon, hit him with a critical hit, and grab him. Thanior attacks one of the pinchers that grasped Ebon, does 10 points damage with the first arrow, and fumbles the second. Trageon, while grappled, uses his manly strength to strike the pincher twice for 34 points damage. Zanlin then points his crossbow at the pincher that has Ebon by the testicles, and hits it twice for 13 points damage. Ebon, using his quick wits, then remembers he has a spell to get him, and his testicles, out of a sticky situation like this, called Misty Step, teleporting him 30 feet away, and then casts a Fire Bolt for 10 points. Trageon feels poison being injected into his body, but fights it off, and is crushed for 11 points damage. Zanlin is hit by a pincher for 12 points and grappled. Trageon is attacked by another pincher, but misses, and Helm is attakced for 12 points and grappled as well. (Jacob (Thanior) arrives from work and asks, “Are we still in the maze?”) Helm then wild shapes into a Dire Wolf and breaks the grasp of the pincher. (While Jacob is settling in and getting filled in on what is currently happening, him and Jason make a deal. Jason will write the notes, and Jacob will post them for this time, and the next. Jacob also proudly announces that after months of bumming dice from everyone else, he finally bought his own set, saying that it also came with a bag. Joe, then exclaims, that your reputation in the Dungeons & Dragons world is all about how big of a bag you carry your dice in (pulling out an extremely large bag). Jacob, who is obviously flustered by this news, reluctantly pulls his bag out of his pocket, which is barely able to hold 7 dice without ripping. The whole groups laughs at the pitiful size of Jacob’s dice bag, but then quiets down and gets back to the business at hand.) Mara attacks one of the pinchers 3 times with her short swords, doing 33 points damage. Thanior shoots 2 arrows, and hits with one of them to do 11 points damage. Trageon attacks one of the pinchers twice, and does 27 points. He then yells at Zanlin to use a Cone of Cold at the pinchers, which would also hit Trageon. The group thinks this is an act of bravery, “taking one for the team” per say, but then they remember that Trageon wears a ring of cold resistance. So, Zanlin uses his Cone of Cold and does 50 points of damage each, making 2 of the pinchers perish, and causing Trageon to take 12 points. Ebon then fires a Fire Bolt for 13 points. A pincher then grapples Zanlin for 11 points damage. Zanlin feels poison being injected into him, becomes paralyzed, and is taken underwater by the pincher. Helm gets grappled and takes 11 points damage. Mara then hits the last pincher above ground 3 times, “crits” it once, and kills it. Thanior then sheds all of his clothes, and dives in after his buddy Zanlin. Trageon sits and watches, thinking he had already done his good deed for the day. Ebon, then uses Mage Hand to take the gem that is still hanging over the lake, and returns to the party. The pincher then squeezes Zanlin for 11 more points damage. Helm changes into a Giant Octopus and heads after Zanlin. Mara, Trageon, and Ebon all stand by the side of the pond waiting for something to come out, and Thanior heads back up to them, seeing Helm already pass by him. The mosnster crushes Zanlin and makes him take 11 more points damage, but then, Helm catches up to the pincher, and takes 7 points damage and is grappled. Helm takes 11 points damage. While he is grappled, Helm swims 60 feet up towards the shore, but the monster lets go and swims 30 feet deeper. Helm goes after the pincher and misses. The monster then grapples Helm again, who swims powerfully up 15 feet. Helm can feel poison coming through, but fights it off. Helm then attacks the monster for 10 points, who tries to poison Helm again, but fails. Helm then moves 15 more feet towards the surface, and does 12 more points damage to the monster, and kills the last pincher, bringing Zanlin to shore. Zanlin is dying quickly. But thankfully, the group is able to help, and he starts to awaken. Mara then searches the bodies of the monsters, but finds nothing. Zanlin uses Mass Cure Wounds, and the group takes a short rest.

The team leaves the courtyard and walks for 6 minutes and arrive to the sundial with all the paths shadowed. They then move North and travel into a courtyard where there are 6 suits of armor on the edges of the room with a carpeted floor. The ranks of the group are changed before entering the room, as the group is expecting a fight. The fighters of the group step into the middle of room and initiate the battle. Ebon hits a suit of armor for 4 points, Trageon hits for 16 points, Thanior hits with his first arrow for 21 points, fumbles his second, Mara hits 2 of 3 for 23 points damage, who destroys a suit of armor, and a blood stone appears. Zanlin then uses his Wand of Wander and casts Fire Ball, which does 31 points damage to suits of armor and Helm, and Trageon takes 15 points damage. Helm moves forward in the room, Ebon readies for his action, Mara moves farther in, and Trageon then moves to the next suit of armor. Mara then picks up a stone and tries to throw it to Zanlin, but she misses her mark horribly, and breaks the stone. Zanlin then picks up another stone and sticks it in his pouch. The group travels on through the room, then on a path for 3 minutes and come to the Sundial Room. They travel North, once again, for 8 minutes, come to the same room with armor on the edges, and Zanlin notices that the stone in his pouch disappears. This cycle continues to go on many times, and the heroes are confused about what they are supposed to do. (While all of this is going on, Robin is asking people to smell his wrist.)

After 5 insight checks (hints from the DM), the group decides to go through the hedges and they disappear, finally escaping the maze. They appear 5 feet away from the tower, with a portal next to them, on the ground. The group steps on the portal and is transported into the tower. Inside the room they appear in, there are geometrical symbols on the wall, and a lady lies in a pool of blood, killed by a dagger. She looks to be a high ranking official from the cult, a Wearer of Purple. There are no doors in this room, just a portal with controls, and 2 balconies on either side, 8 feet off the ground. Ebon investigates floor, and learns there are portals on both balconies. Under the railing on the balconies, there are buttons which are believed to be controls. The buttons are; a chair, 2 chairs, upside down ā€œLā€, flames, a triangle, and a hour glass.

Ebon and Thanior both press the downward ā€œLā€ button at the same time, and disappear. The rest of the group follows and end up in some room where there are doors leading to other rooms. The group investigates all of the doors, and every room is empty. The group then steps back onto the portal in which they came, and pressed a rectangle symbol. They appear in a room with an altar in the middle, and a half dozen cultists, who are surprised to see visitors. Ebon and Zanlin both shoot Fireballs in at the cultists, and do 15 points and 32 points of damage respectively. The group then presses the flame button on the portal, and teleport into a room with a fireplace, two-thirds of a skeleton of a red dragon on the floor, and half a dozen figures dressed in black, who attack the group. Trageon hits twice for 25 points, Ebon shoots a Firebolt for 12 points damage. Zanlin then uses his Wand of Wonder to cast Darkness. The cultists then move in to attack the group. Mara then hits 3 times and does 35 points damage. Thanior backs up away from the figures to be able to shoot a ranged attack, who shoots two arrows and does 36 points damage, which kills one of the figures. Helm then moves to attack, and misses. Trageon hits once for 16 points damage, and Ebon misses his attacks. Zanlin, once again, uses his Wand of Wonder to cast Fireball who hits Thanior for 15 points, and Helm with two other cultists for 32 points of damage each, which kills the two cultists. The cultists then attack Trageon for 10 points and Mara for 6 points of damage. Mara hits a cultist twice for 20 points, and then fumbles. Thanior shoots two arrows at another cultist doing 47 points damage. Helm then uses his Staff of Healing to regain 13 hit points. Trageon attacks a cultist twice for 12 points, and Zanlin hits a cultist with 1 of 2 bolts, then cures Helm. The battle continues with the group finishing off the cultists.


I’ll tell you one thing there is nothing worse than suffering more damage from a man you saved than you did from the enemy! With friends like Zanlin who needs enemies?

Session 26: The End of the Maze

Nice job Jacob. You had me laughing out loud a few times.

Session 26: The End of the Maze
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