Epic Augusta

Session 41 Mara Loves Salve

In attendance; Joe, Aaron, Jason, Rob and Roy.

Meal plans; it was decided to eat at the Corner Cafe’ to which they fucked it up. Giving Joe and Rob chilli and fries instead of plan chilli and some fries. And we ordered somebody chicken. I paid 10 bucks for a bun and one slice of ham.

The night begins with everyone eating and catching up. While Roy and Aaron were outside taking a smoke Rob shit on Aaron’s cushion, leaving a “squirt”. Joe tried to snag Roy’s Dagwood while Jason took just about every single one from K’s leaving only one for the poor soul that came after who may have been craving a Dagwood to find only a small small sample. That soul turned out to be Roy. We then discover that Jason is a cock knocker for not posting the notes from the previous session. And Rob’s printer works for a 3rd time.

Time 7:37 PM
Rob is assaulting the senses one again that sends the group into fits…Roy begins to cough and actually comes close to throwing up. NO FAN!! The group decides to use Angies painting masks and so they are passed out for emergency. Most of Jason’s notes were not recorded Jason is indeed a Cock Knocker and fuck you Aaron, dont scream at me. Jason swears he did keep notes. So it is decided that He is not one because Aaron accidently deleted Jason’s notes. Aaron is the Cock Knocker by DM decision.

Time 8:00 PM
We start and before we are even able to start up with the fight Rob once again lets a sewage smelling assault that smells of rot, feces, and sweat. It actually can not be stopped by the masks. They are completely useless.
Treagon starts out the fight and attacks the preistess, but is the preistess actually still alive? It is decided that the Drow was dead and combat is over. SO with combat concluded from the previous secession Helm helps cut Mara ouit of the web as Ebon checks the two doors in the 15 X 25 room. Zanlin uses one of his more powerful spells and tells the group to gather around. As the group looks on Zanlin closes his eyes and begins to chant. Moving his hand that is now glowing white in a circular motion a white glow engulfs and heals the group. The group decides to open the north door to reveal a very lavish bedroom with beautiful furniture and a footlocker at the base of the bed. Trageon and Helm decide to stay outside and stand guard as the rest enter the room to investigate and search. Zanlin finds some papers on the desk to reveal that a group called “The Eyes of Waterdeep”. As he searches more he finds a hidden compartment and latch that opens to reveal a key. As Zanlin is searching the desk Ebon is searching the footlocker and finds it locked and trapped with a poison needle. Ebon gets out his tools and easliy disarms the lock and uses the key Zanlin found to unlock the footlocker.

In the footlocker the group finds 2000 pp, a gold ring set with bloodstones, a decanter, and a rolled up well made tapistry. As all this searching is going on at the same time, Mara is searching (side note Rob starts rubbing his dog with dryer sheets to make him smell good as the DM asks why don’t you wipe your ass with one of those.) Ebon discovers that the decanter is magicial in some way. Mara checks the wardrobe and finds nothing as Zanlin finds nothing around the bed. Zanlin decides to take one of the finely made exotic Drow outfits to add to his collection.

The group decides to open the western door and finds another bedroom with two beds. A footlocker sits at the foot of each bed. Helm searches the bodies of the Drows in the hallway and finds the keys to the two footlockers which contain another 2000pp, 3 black opals and one star sapphire.

Time 8:35 PM

Helm is able to examine the jewels and discovered their value as Ebon finds a magical in the potion (potion of supreme healing). It is decided to give it to Tregeon. Zanlin finds some papers that identify some businesses that are being blackmailed to pay the “Eyes of Waterdeep” protection money. After both rooms are searched the group searches the southwestern door. As Ebon approaches the door a voice from behind the door warns the group, “Come no closer pussy, or I will unleash the hounds!!” Ebon stops and tells the voice, “We are opening that door and if you release one hound you will be the first to die.” “How about you come out here and we talk…no hounds.” The voice warns the group again, " I emplore you to not open the door or the hounds are released." Mara moves forward and kicks the door open after she hears sounds that sound fake. BATTLE

Time 8:46 PM
Tregeon moves to a defensive stance as Ebon readys an action and Helm changes into a Giant Hyena. Mara, gritting her teeth, readies her two short swords and kicks the door in with a scream. She finds herself surrounded by 4 Giant Hyenas and takes a bite as soon as she enters, letting out a scream in pain. Upon hearing this Tregeon rushes into the room with his longsword and attacks one of the massive beasts. At the same time Mara takes 3 swings at the one on her and only makes contact once. Ebon moves in and scans the room, finding the small humaniod figure he raises his hand and points at the figure and begins to mutter something under his breath. The humaniod is held by Ebon’s spell. Helm tries to attack but he finds out that he is too big to fit through the door. Tregeon attacks again and deals a single blow to the creature as the trio attack him, each one misses. Ebon, while maintaining control over the small humaniod fires a firebolt into one of the beasts, blackening it’s fur. Helm, decides to return to his normal form and tries to slap one of the magical control collars on one of the hyenas. As Helm attempts to place the collar, Zanlin’s eyes begin to glow white as static and sparks of energy emit from his body. He throws his hand forward as if he was throwing something and casts Chain Lighting into the room shocking the party’s foes as the Hyenas welp in pain and the little figures screams in pain. Mara Swings twice at the Hyena she is fighting and hits with both strikes, she then turns to Tregeon and tells him, “Get off your ass and kill that thing!” giving Tregeon some pep and 8 hitpoints. Tregeon screams a war cry and cuts one down as he feels renewed vigor with two strikes. The Hyena on Mara strikes her once again as she feels her life slipping away with 14 hitpoints left. She looks longingly at helm… needing his salve. Ebon leans into the room and hits the tiny human with another firebolt as helm moves into the room and tries to place the collar on another one of Hyenas. Mara, using every last ounce of her strength strikes and takes out one of the Hyenas and then moves in to strike the little guy, striking him with one of her swords.

Time 9:45 PM

Tregeon continues the fight with two strikes against the two remaining Hyenas, striking oene twice and quickly bringing his shield around to deflect one of the beast’s bites and causing the other to bite himself, as the Hyena tries to bite Tregeon it accidently cuts one of it’s own major blood vessels and bleeds out, killing himself. The remaining Hyena strikes Helm by locking onto his neck, causing Helm to scream in pain. Ebon leans in and strikes the remaining Hyena with yet another firebolt. Helm is finally able to slap a control band on the Hyena and it begins to calm down and becomes nonhostle. Mara comes in and takes her short sword , driving it into the bottom of the little figures jaw straight up through his mouth and into his brain. He gurgles and falls forward. The group finds that the little figure was actually a fully grown very tiny Drow Elf.

10:00 PM
(Smoke Break request was motioned and granted) Jay and Roy dance with death as they send pictures to Angie with home improvements and cheaps lobar.
The room with Hyenas is a holding area with cages for the Hyenas. The group decides to take the hallway to the south. Ebon scouts the hallway staying infront about 20 feet as the group slowly makes their way down the hall. Stopping suddenly as he notices the floor of the hallway infront of him is strangley off colored. He kneels down to take a better look and discovers a spike trap in the floor. He cast Mage Hand and uses it to press down on the trap releasing the half foot long spikes that cover the entire 5 foot area. Ebon backs up and jumps over the trap to peer around the corner to see that the corridor goes east for 20 feet and takes a turn to the south. He discovers yet another trap and uses the Mage Hand to trigger it once again. The group proceeds down the tunnel making their way through the traps as they follow Ebon.

At the end of the corridor the group coes into a somewhat octagonal room with training dummies, weaons scattered across the floor, archery targets and weapon racks. The room has 5 wooden doors. Ebon makes his way to each of the doors and discovers all are not locked but one. The group decides to check all the unlocked doors first starting with the southeastern door. Finding a small bunkbed and footlocker in each of the four unlocked rooms. The group pulls all the footlockers into the training area. Zanlin and Mara watch the hallway as Ebon investigates the lockers to find they are not locked. Nothing of value is found in the lockers so Helm pushes them back into one of the small rooms. Ebon successfully unlocks the door and as he unlocks it Tregeon quickly opens the door to reveal a single bed with an opened footlocker at its end, it’s contents removed (that means empty Aaron).

The group decides to follow the people who they believe quickly left the area and find themselves in a deadend hallway with a huge naturally formed cavern to the east of the corridor. Ebon sneaks into the room and once he finds it to be empty he calls for the group to come in. In the northern area of this massive room is a pile of lavishly made a beautifully colorful pile of pillows. In the southern section of the room are several cages with manacles and a small tattered shirt. Ebon calls the group over and they determine that the people left in a hurry with the childern. As Zanlin checks the pile of pillows he notices a pair of lips appearing on the wall and tells Zanlin, “You have made an enemy of the Eyes of Waterdeep, beware and watch your back, for we strike silently and quickly.” It then disappears.

10:51 PM
Another pair of lips shows up ad says, “The eyes are always watching, beware.” as Zanlin makes his way around the room. As he moves to the southeastern part of the room another pair shows up on the wall and says , “The eye will be your downfall and final defeat.”
(Angie tries to talk Rob into a trip and the group agrees that they should)
The group continues down the hall after investigating the large room and find a ladder back to the streets and docks of waterdeep, In a dirty backalley. A couple beggers are at the end of the alley. Ebon and Zanlin descide to question the beggers about anything they have witnessed with a platnum a piece the beggar says he fears the eyes and they always watch him. After questioning the second beggar the group finds that the people the group is chasing went past the 1st beggar about 10 minutes earlier. Tregeon and Helm make a harness out of some rope to pull the Hyena out of the underground tunnel. They succeed in getting it out and Helm names it “Smokey”.

They decide to return to the Devils Fire Tavern to find a sign on it saying, “Closed”. The group ignore the sign and Ebon picks the lock. THe party enters to find it completely abandoned.

11:30 PM
The group wanders about questioning some people about if they saw the group with the children to find no information. The beggar that got the platnum enters the door of the tavern and gets a drink. He calls to Mara, “Bar wench …some food.” To which Ebon adds, “Go on bitch.” Mara looks at both with a stern angry look but Tregeon whispers to her, “Be nice, we need him to talk.” SO Mara enters the kitchen area and prepares a meal for the beggar. As this is taking place in the tavern Zanlin is waiting on the roof of the tavern, while invisible, Before the spell wears off Zanlin tries to get the rocking beggar to talk again by whispering to him telling him to talk to the players.
Helm talks to the beggar with the pebbles and finds out his name is Red, loves the color red. He loves red gemstones. The beggar offers Helm a tube of salami for the ring.

11:45 PM
(Smoke break granted by DM)
Helm takes the gold ring with red bloodstones and gives it to Zanlin to try to get the beggar to speak to the group. Zanlin puts the ring on the beggars hand and the beggar turns to a building 4 structures down and gives a dead stare. The group decide to investigate the two story abandoned warehouse. Ebon sends Sprocket down to the building to investigate a little closer, the owl flys around the building and over it and does not see anything out of the ordinary. The group decides to use a stealthy 2 prong approach that they codename “Shocker”. Ebon cast invisibility on Tregeon , Helm and Smokey as Zanlin cast it on himself and Mara.The time is now near 9:30 PM as the group puts their plan into action. Helm cast darkvision on the two fighters. Zanlin, Mara, and Tregeon approach the double doors to the front and Ebon, Helm and Smokey approach the side door. The party finds both doors are locked, Ebon is able to easily pick the side door’s lock but the double doors become an obstacle for the others. Ebon has to walk around the building to unlock the double doors at the front and then returns to Helm and the Hyena. The group decides to try and enter as quiet as they can.

Time 12:15 AM
Zanlin slowly enters the double doors to find a huge 60 foot square room with two doors on either side of the north wall. The room is completely empty so Zanlin motions to Tregeon and Mara to come on in and to close the door. They decide to go to the northeast door. Ebon tries to enter the door as quietly as he can to open up into a very small 10X20 rectangular room with some basic plain furnishings with one single window with one door directly across from the door they came through. Zanlin opens the northeast door and find themselves in a smaller room with a door straight across and a door to the left. It is lightly furnished with simple dusty items. Taking the door to their left Zanlin, Mara and Tregeon enter another smaller room with a door to their left and right. As the group enters they can hear a slight sound of a conversation coming from behind the door on their right.

Time 12:30 AM
Ebon and Helm continue their search and open the door on the opposite door to find a hallway. As they enter the hallway the find a door on their right and another further down the hallway on the left. They investigate the door to the left to find a room that was at one time a kitchen area. They decide the enter the other door to find a completely empty room with two doors on the southeast wall and southwest wall.They stop as they hear sound coming from the door on their right, a conversation of everyday concerns. Zanlin decides to move some chairs to try and lure the people into the room he and Mara and Tregeon are in. The sound draws one of the men, who thinks the sound of beggars. THe group decide to try and knock the humanoid out. As the man enters the room Tregeon strikes the man with the pommel of his sword, knocking himm to the ground. As this happens Mara quickly gets her rope out and begins to tie him up. Hearing footsteps moving away from the door infront of him, Helm opens it to see a figure across the room he opens up into running through another door on the far wall.

Time 12:51 AM The Chase Begins
Helm follows the figure with a double move and releases his Hyena. He gets to the far side of the room and sees stairs leading down. Tregeon opens the door and sees the open door on the far wall and decides to use his boots of speed and in a flash is at the door looking down the stairs. The stairs are more spiral than straight down. Mara continues to tie up the knocked out figure. Ebon enters and runs towards Tregeon and descends the steps. Zanlin leaves the room and checks the closed door to discover stairs going up to the 2nd story and then closes the door. Helm descends down two flights down the stairs. Tregeon, using his boots of speed, descends the stairs 50 feet and sees that the stairs go another 10 feet and opens into a room. Mara finishes tying up the man and gags him with part of the hemp rope. She enters the larger room and Zanlin tells Mara where everyone went so she takes a double move towards the door and Zanlin follows. As Ebon descends the stairs he slows down and steps into the shadows. Helm gets to the bottom of the steps He sneaks further into the room as he is invisible and can count at least 12 humans half of which have crossbows trained towards the stairs with the other half wielding swords. Mara makes her way to the steps and begins her descent as Ebon moves off the steps 10 feet and cast sunburst into the room. Blinding many of the humans and sending them into a cluster of confusion as they scream in pain.

Time 1:33 AM
Helm enters the room and cast Firestorm into the room. As he enters he sees that only 4 remain and they fall to the ground after his spell. Sixteen bodies lay scattered on the floor of this huge room. Tregeon opens the door to the right and the two of them see a huge beholder with a single eye floating off the ground. It says “COngrats, you have earned the wrath and deathwish from the Eyes of Waterdeep and we will have our revenge.” Little Johnny it chained to the wall behind where the Beholder disappeared and under some type of sleeping spell. Ebon uses his transmuter stone to heal the boy. He runs to Zanlin calling him “Uncle Zani”

Time 1:50 AM
Night Called.

Session 40: Helm the Healer

Start time: 7:10
Note taker: Jason Snapp

  • Jason proves the importance of knowing his character and notices that the DM printed off a sheet showing 13th level when it should be 15th.
  • Aaron goes over notes from last session.
  • As Robin passes Jason a paper clip it drops into the DM’s drink. Rob immediately dipped his ball scratching fingers into the drink to remove the clip. The look that the DM gave was one of total confusion!
  • Rob’s printer is successful two times in a row!

Helm still has vertigo… Ebon (team player) uses his transmutter stone to heal him
Mara has heard Viggo’s name
The party is now back at their castle and hovering over Waterdeep.
Talis has recovered for the most part with some bruising still hanging around.

Traegon gallops across the courtyard still Winnie the Pooh style to get to his room to grab more clothes.

The party spends a day in Waterdeep.
Helm checks on the stables and zoo.
Everything is running smoothly, but we need to think about the morality of holding a human\werewolf
Zanlin and Mara goes and meets with the council to report the news related to the Cult of the Dragon.
Viggo is heading back the the Well of Dragons to attempt to raise Tiamat. Viggo should have been dispatched during the Great War of the Well. While Zanlin is speaking Lady Ariel and Valik Mara has a look of confusion on her face… You can see her wheels spinning. Valik tells them that Viggo must be taken care of. The guys should return in two days.
Zanlin goes and checks on Marg and he finds her with an arrow in her shoulder. Zanlin removes the arrow and casts cure wounds. The arrow resembles Mara’s arrows so Zanlin tosses it aside. Zanlin explains the situation to her. As Marg opens her hand trying to remember what happen she finds a piece of red cloth. Zanlin notices that the the cloth looks similar to the sash of the Red Talons. Zanlin calms Marg and talks to the city guard to watch over her home. After leaving Zanlin and Mara question the locals about the situation and they found out there were a couple seedy characters lurking around.
While asking around he finds out that there are more and more of these seedy characters and they are coming from the docks.
Zanlin returns to the inn and announces that he will give the fine people of Waterdeep his greatest performance at 7 bells tonight.

Meanwhile Ebon is working on finding the last two ingriedents for Green Emsa’s cure. One being the turd of a bullywug and sperm from a quickling. Spends the evening with Emsa.

Mara sits at the table in the inn sipping some Honey Mead while trying to remember where she heard the voice before. She scratches her head. Meanwhile Helm and Traegon take a seat with her and enjoy a hearty meal. Zanlin joins them and discusses what he had found out.
Mara tosses a runner a gold to fetch a contact from the REd Talons. A few minutes later Bert walks in and Mara explains the situation to him. Bert says that they have already started investigating the issue because it lloks like we are being framed. “We have narrowed it down to the Devil’s Fire Tavern down by the docks.” Mara lets him know that we will address the issue and slips some coinage in his hand.

Mara, Traegon, and Helm head to the docks. A hours travel and they reach their destination. The party enters into the tavern. The group is chatting until they notice we have walked in and at that time they all stare at the party. They walk up to the bar and four of the locals bar the door. The trio take a seat keeping an eye on their surroundings. Traegon orders a round of Honey Meade… The bartender turns the mug towards him and then spits in it. Then a snot ball in Mara’s. Helm’s gets two snot rockets in his. All three drink up with no hesitation.
The bartender says “Drink up Mara the Whore, Traegon the Yellow and Helm the Sheep Lover!” Traegon flips the bartender 5 gold for the 3 silver worth of drink. Once they reach the door the guys blocking the door draw their swords and do not allow passage. Mara: “Do you seriously want to do this” as she tries to intemidate her foes. The men repostion themselves and ready for a fight. Mara draws her swords and tries again with no luck.

Traegon says: “Last chance” “I’ve walked over guys bigger than you to just get to a fight!” He swings away and inflicts some hefty damage.
Thug 1 steps in on Mara and misses with two attacks.
Helm changes into a Dire Wolf
Thug 2 steps up on Mara and misses also
Thug 3 also attacks Mara and slices her across the chest with a cutlass.
Mara attacks Thug 3 back 3 times and slices and dices him.
The hefty bartender leaps over the bar and attacks Mara cutting her deep.
Traegon swings and strikes Thug 1 again
Thug 1 steps in and hits critically dropping Mara down to one knee but she bounces back up.
Helm pounces into action and knocks Thug 1 to the ground.
Thug 2 bitch slaps Mara back to the ground and she is lifeless.
Thug 3 puts the Dire Wolf (Helm) down with a single blow and Helm reappears
Bartender hits Traegon and cuts him with his poison blade. Then he flips back up to the bar and says: Do not let them out a live!"
Traegon hits killing Thug 1 and then hit Thug 3.
Thug 2 missed Helm and then Helm fights back by conjuring 8 velociraptors.
Thug 3 attacks Traegon slapping him down a level
Thug 4 attacks and misses Traegon.
Mara passes her 2nd death roll
Traegon attacks Thug 3 and he falls. He then surges to attack again and hits Thug 2 cutting him for the first time.
Thug 2 attacks Helm and misses because of his quick dodge.
Helm uses his staff of healing and cures the party.
Mara flips up and attacks Thug 4 knicking him and at the same time heals herself. She attacks again and hits again.
Thug 4 attacks with all his might “When I stick ya stay down!” He swings and misses
The Velociraptors attack Thug 4 and chomp him down to size.
Helm touches Mara and strengthens her.
Thug 2 misses
Mara attacks Thug 4 and hits with her attack while belting out a scream dropping him.
Traegon and Helm notice that the crowd has calmed down
Traegon runs Thug 2 through and forces his dead body off his sword.

Mara walks over to a patron and points her sword at him and spits in his drink and says “Drink up!” Then as he raises his drink she pushes the mug down with her sword and says “Remeber this night!” As the trio walks towards the door a mug flies through the air hitting the door frame splashing on Mara and Helm. Traegon turns and threatens the patron “Sacraficea the one who threw the mug or all of you die” Mara talks Traegon down and the three walk out with 8 velociraptors following behind.

Returning to the inn the group goes to Zanlin’s suite and let him know what they found…… NOTHING

While the three warriors heal up Zanlin makes the owner of the inn know that he will have to postpone his show until the following night because of a missing child that we must rescue.

**Patrick releases the first ass bomb of the night at 10:56.

The group swings by Emsa’s to get Ebon and then head back to the docks to start their quest of finding the missing child. They arrive to the Devil’s Fire Tavern. The adventures move into the bar. Once again the chattering stops again.
Zanlin: “First to offer information will be considered as friends” At the same time the room is slightly shaking thanks to Ebon’s spell casting.
One patron eyes a hallway
Zanlin: “I see we do have a friend among us.” Then springs up onto the bar. “Ma’am you may want to have all the patron out so you do not get involved in what is about to happen!”
Bar Maid: “Alright… Everyone out!”
The group move down the hallway and postion themselves to enter.
First room looked into is a empty kitchen. The second is locked and Ebon gains entry with his theives tools and Mara kicks it open. An office area. Both rooms are searched thouroughly. A ledger is found in a door with a late large finacial entry. “To the eyes of Waterdeep from a Benefactor.” While Ebon is searching the desk Zanlin locates a trap door in the kitchen.

Zanlin opens the trap door to find a bolt of lightening which stuns him for a second. After investigating Zanlin notices the depth is about 20’. Traegon scurries down the ladder….


Hyena attacks Traegon once he reaches the bottom but misses and then he swings back slashing at his attacker.
Zanlin fires his crossbow and stuck two bolts in it.
2 Hyena bite attack Traegon chewing on his flesh.
Mara lights a torch and moves half way down the ladder.
Traegon attacks and draws more blood.
Ebon leans into the opening and fires a firebolt adding damage to the Hyena that Zanlin hit.
Helm fires a lightening bolt giving the hyena a shock
Zanlin sticks two bolts in the hyena’s skull as he falls to the ground.
Hyena takes two chomps and draws more blood
A third Hyena moves in and attaks Traegon but misses twice
Mara jumps off the ladder and she lands clumsly on the back side of a hyena and then attacks causing damage
Traegon connects again
Ebon fired another firebolt while Helm heals Traegon.
Hyenas attack with one missing and the other sinking its teeth into Traegon
Mara slices at the Hyena in front of her stuck it with a couple good blows
Traegon still carving away brings it to its death
Ebon “shooting fish in a barrel” burns the last hyena that is still standing.
Helm misses his mark
Zanlin sticks yet another bolt.
Hyena turns and DM has rolled too many crits tonight draws blood on Mara
Mara with her third fumble of the night misses with one attack but hits with two other swings hitting the hyena
Yet another firebolt from Ebon
Helm misses again
Zanlin fires 2 more bolts missing far right with one and then sticking yet another.
Hyena bites and claws at Mara causing blood to flow even more than before.
Mara retaliates with a weak blow and with Traegon’s help drops the last of the laughing dogs.

The group investigates the corridor and find a secret door. Ebon checks for traps and disarms the trap.
Mara and Traegon lead the way through the secret door…


The door opens and a dark elf stands 20’ deep and is pointing at the group the battle begins with a lightening bolt which hits the entire party. The group battles back and forth with the dark elf and rogues. The sound of metal clanging together as the weapons connect and spells being used to help the tanks that quickly start to fall. While the mage is stunned thanks to Zanlin and Ebon Traegon is able to execute him. Mara drops after being attacked by the rogue blocking the entrance. Then Traegon dropped by drow mage. Then seconds later they both pop up revived by healing words from Helm. The battle continues as Trageon drops one of the drow rogues while Zanlin fires magic missle and makes the drow in front of him looking worse for wear. As the battle continues Mara fights back and gives the assassin his final blow. With the dropping of the assassin the group is able to move in just in time to watch Traegon drop the priestess.

Session 39: Assaulted Senses

The night begins with a recap of the previous game

The party continues to investigate the complex looking for additional clues to help them solve the riddle. Expecting whatever it unlocks will give them the antidote for Green Imsa and the location of the wizard Vigo. Clog is protecting Talis in the Golem room.

The party is analyzing the best way to get back past the sliding room.

The party finally combines their equipment and ties two 50’ lengths of rope together to secure to the opposite walls so they can pull themselves across the pits while not being hampered by the quicksilver. As Helm goes to hammer the first piton into the wall and his hands go through. It appears to be an illusionary wall. Helm starts to do the hokee pokee with himself while Ebon investigates the room beyond. Finding nothing, helm continues with the plan and hammers the pitons into the wall to secure the rope. He quaffs a potion of flying to get to the other side to secure the rope there.

After successfully circumventing the obstacle , the party continues past the sphynx again to investigate one last area of the complex in hopes of finding the next clue. The sphynx mean mugs them but lets them pass.

They continue to slog through the water as they make their way to another swollen door. Helm stops hovering ( he is enjoying the fly potion too much ) to use his strength to pull the door open. The room beyond is pitch black so Trageon lights his torch and goes in. It is a large room with 9 silvered glass globes hanging from the ceiling 14 ft above the floor and 6ft from the ceiling. Helm flew up and could not see into the balls but investigates how they are hanging.

Zanlin waits eagerly to shoot a crossbow at one of the balls…. No one wants him to, except Mara. Though we all know she is not the sharpest pencil in the box.

Helm lets the group know that he notices there is a thin layer of muck on the floor. " I think these might be eggs. " he says as he continues to investigate. " I am going to see if it comes from some type of beast."

Finding nothing, Helm raises his hands in defeat. Ebon steps forward pulling a wand form his cloak and casts detect magic. After scanning the area , " nothing magical here guys. Helm, watch my back and don’t let Zanlin shoot anything while I investigate the room further."

Trageon notices that the muck is getting a little deeper, " the shit getting deep in here… wait , I think this shit is crawling up my leg!" as he moves to leave the room. Ebon, hearing Trageon say that looks at Helm, who immediately picks Ebon up and flys him around the room to investigate. After several minutes, Ebon finds a 5ft doorway, but can’t see how to open the door.

" any luck guys," yells Zanlin, " I am about to pop a globe! " . "yes " helm replies " we found something so chill out." After searching the rest of the room , they find nothing else of interest so Helm brings Ebon back to the entrance.

Helm goes back to the door and can’t find it. “do you see anything” asks Zanlin. " yeah but it isn’t here anymore, don’t know what happened." Zanlin pops his head in the room" did it look like this" and points at the wall " did it look like this?" . Helm looks at it and confirms. Mara mean mugs Zanlin as he catches him cast a spell to make a door appear. Zanlin looks sheepishly at Helm " Sorry, I couldn’t help myself". After chastising Zanlin a little for bogging down the investigation , the party tries different measures in the room.

OOO There is something nasty inside Zanlin ( Robin ) . He has made the room gag from the foulness that came out of him twice…. Angie confirms dutch ovens have been plied against her.

OOO Helm ( Jason ) is jealous because Zanlin kept passing notes to the DM and he didn’t get one…..

Ebon tells the group to hold on and wiggles his fingers , a ghostly hand appears and floats to the furthest hanging ball and pushes it. It swings but nothing else happens. He shrugs his shoulders and helm floats up and cups the balls . Letting the others know that they weigh about 20 pounds. He tries to see if he can disconnect one from the ceiling. Not seeing an obvious way to disconnect it, he tries to pluck it from the ceiling to no avail. He can’t break the wire holding them either.

The party all gets behind Zanlin and lets him shoot at one. His first shot hits and explodes into Thousands of little pieces of glass. He notices a small diamond and a key drop down into the muck. He goes into the room and gets them, bringing them back and tells Mara, " here , clean these" , bitch going unsaid but known by all. Zanlin then continues to shoot at the globes. Another diamond drops. Zanlin goes back in pulls another diamond out of the muck. * Mara enjoys the sticky muck * .

Deciding it will be a good idea to burst all of the globes, Ebon casts mage hand and puts it under one globe to catch what falls. Zanlin explodes a globe and the mage hand catches a blue mask that falls from it and brings it back to the group. The mask looks familiar, like the blue dragon mask that the group lost. They continue to explode globes bringing back a scroll case , another 5 keys, potion of silver dragon control , set of metal finger cuffs, platinum ring, a couple of coins ( 15 of about 50 ) , and one drops a glob of green nastiness into the muck and becomes one with it.

OOO Mara and Zanlin continue to pass notes to the DM to antagonize Helm

Ebon uses his wand to detect magic. The potion, mask and finger cuffs radiate magic. Upon further investigation the coins appear to be lead blanks. The group waits and watches as Mara Polishes her “little gems.” The group disperses their find amongst each other. They head to the last area they are aware of in the complex.

They get to the cavern of hanging stones. Helm flies over carrying Trageon and letting Ebon ride on his back. On the way over two geysers of boiling mud spray up at them covering them, doing a small amount of damage before making it to the other side.

OOO Ebon disagrees with the DM. The group believes that Helm should have gotten advantage on his dex checks since Ebon was riding him like a horse and helping direct him away from boiling mud.

They are faced with a locked door that Ebon cannot open. Trageon and Helm try to shoulder it and cracks the jam and they push the door open. They are immediately attacked by a withered clawed hand . It tries to rake Helms face off but Helm deftly avoids it, opening the door the rest of the way allowing a withered lady to bite his neck. She latches on trying to drain him of his blood.

Ebon avoids another one trying to bite him but takes a scratch from a claw. Trageon immediately attacks The abomination on Ebon, wounding it greatly with two swings of his sword. Ebon glows with magical energy and seems to grow in stature, pulls his rapier and dagger then pushes his dagger into the face of the abomination attacking him.

A bolt of lightning sparks past the combatants to slam into the abomination attacking Ebon and blasts it out of existence, the lightning arcing to the other wounding it. Zanlin looking barely contained storm as the lighting fades around him. Helm casts a spell and his skin starts to turn the shade of stone as the abomination struggles to stay attached to him.

OOO at 10:45 the DM is a DICK. Jason has also joins the ranks of Rob as he puts out a rank odor amongst the table. I don’t know what to say about Roy though…… playing a female character and wants people to queef potions ( that is not a typo for quaff…. Ugh.. ) ..

Mara fires arrows into the fray hoping to hit the abomination and praying she doesn’t hit anyone in the party. Luckily she aim is true. Barely hurting the beast.

A voice from the room tells Helm “Good Sir, expose your neck further so my lovely can further take your essence.” oddly Helm seems listen and stretches his neck out further allowing the beast to stay latched onto his neck. Trageon tries to kill the beast , hitting it with his sword of acid. Ebon takes advantage and attacks the beast with his magical strength slicing the neck off it. Unfortunately , Helm still seems to be under some form of control form the voice within the room.

Zanlin, his mind must be going as he pulls his wand of wonder and shrinks himself. Mara just standing in confusion next to him. Mara shakes her head and starts running across the stepping stones, deftly missing the boiling mud geyser.

The voice comes again from the room " ah gentlemen, you kick me out of my castle and now you have come to my lair, come to me Helm". Helm moves to the vampire and is grabbed and pulled down the hallway. Trageon lights his torch again , enables his boots of speed and takes off after the vampire. Ebon charges down the hallway after Trageon and the vampire, trying to save his friend.

Zanlin turns invisible and charges across the hanging stones. Narrowly avoiding some of the boiling mud, but not all. Mara continues across the stones and finally gets to the other side taking another blast of boiling mud. Finally on the other side she lights a torch.

“You have run me out of my castle, why are you in my lair…. I have not done anything to you”. Ebon yells, " you are an abomination and must be destroyed" , the vampire proceeds to bite Helm… ( may have needed to use negotiation skills ? Oh my . Sorry Helm ) .

Trageon attacks, trying to knock him off helm but is unsuccessful though damaging the beast. Ebon moves close and hits him with two sword slices and punches him with a dagger, wounding it more. The beast seems to take a lot of damage.

The vampire yells at helm " protect me my sweet". Helm obeys and attacks trageon, but misses. Making Trageon confused. Mara comes into the room and in a weird husky puss-n-boots voice " I am here". Making all in the room slightly uncomfortable.

Zanlin continues toward the room, having made it across the hanging stones, invisible to all. Trageon continues to hold both Helm and the vampire at bay. He continues to hurt the vampire. Ebon , under the influence of powerful magic attacks the vampire and lands several mighty blows. Not destroying the vampire, but continuing to bring it closer to oblivion.

Helm continues to attack but thankfully cannot pierce Trageon’s armor. Mara finally enters the fray against the vampire. Hurting it but Trageon comes through and slices off the vampires head. The vampire turns to mist and floats into the coffin that is in the room. Ebon, remembering all of the stories he ever heard about vampires, flits to the coffin and throws it open.. Thinking quickly he pulls a crossbow bolt , breaks off the tip and drives it through the heart of the vampire. As the bolt enters the vampires heart it slowly turns to dust.

Scrolled onto the inside of the top of the coffin, the party sees another clue " Dinky the clay golem wears scale mail."

The party dreading they might have to go back to the turtle room, searches the vampires lair and find nothing. Knowing the need one more clue to decipher the riddle, they must now pass back across the hanging stones and the geysers. Ebon, knowing that his spell will wear off soon, moves across the stones as quickly as he can, hoping to avoid most of the damage from the geysers. He makes it across safely. Seeing his success the rest of the party quickly follows.

Helm holds everyone up and uses his healing staff on the group. As his spell ends it is obvious that exhaustion has set in. They make their way back to the golem room and remember that Ebon has a scroll case they have not opened. They look inside and find one last clue. With that clue the group is able to solve the riddle of the golems and dress them accordingly. Once done, they finally find a secret door in this room and regain their stolen gold.

They get their floating castle to get as close as possible and get their staff to bring the gold back onto their fortress. Ebon finds that shocking the golem will heal it and bring it back to full health.

The group gains level 15

- Vigo is trying to get back to the well of dragons and bring tiamat into the world
We now know the rest of the recipe for Green Imsa.

Session 38: Clod rules, Riddles drool

Start about 700 with a review of the notes. Muddy buddies rule. Helm has a brand new painted minature that cntains his salty salve. Aaron with the first burn of the night. Roy replies, after Robin and Aaron both struggle to read his notes, that he is not an English teacher, to which Aaron replies, "you’re not even an English writer.

1st smoke break of evening: 7:21

Play starts with Trageon failing a death save. One success and one failure

Zanlin hit troll twice from behind with bolts and sneaks back up the hallway. Ebon, growing tired of Talis and her idle threats, drops a fireball on her. The fireball aimed perfectly, hits Talis and her enchanter friend that is standing beside her. Talis doesnt take the full damage like the enchanter does. The enchanter falls again.

Talis casts healing and heals herself, choosing to selfishly let the enchanter suffer and remain unconscious. A wizard, near the hanging form levitates two lobsters and drops them on the top level to combat the giant constrictor. The giant constrictor attacke the scorpion in front of him and hits. He does minor damage, but grapples the scorpion. The troll smacks Clod, but it doesnt seem to cause much harm. Clod is the tank we have been looking for. Warrior in the black plate mail fires 3 arrows from his short bow at Helm. All three miss Helm. Mara closes in from behind the scorpion and attacks. She hits with all three attacks and (rolls triple 1’s, he uses savage attacker to re-roll the one and rolls another 1) does minimal damage. Ebon’s owl hovers and watches the battle unfold. Helm calls forth power from his Staff of Healing. He says a few words, strokes his staff, and heals Trageon. Trageon immediately comes to life. Clod makes two slam attacks on the troll. Hits both times, one of them critically and drops the troll.

Trageon moves up to save Mara, inhales and takes a 2nd wind raising his health again and attacks the scorpion. He hits twice with his long sword of acid and almost destroys the scorpion. HE is still hanging on. Zanlin pops the black guard with two crossbow bolts and wakes his ass up. They know we mean business. Ebon casts a firebolt to finish the troll and commands Clod to go through the darkness and attack the black guard. Rob farts and Aaron blows kisses at it before it overtakes him. Rob’s health is once again called into question. Clod looks at darkness and is confused. Ebon’s fire finishes off the troll. Talis cries out, “Arise my sweet” Roy questions Aaron’s willingness to help his incompetence. Aaron defends his actions. After her words, the female that has been dropped twice comes back to life. Wizard calls in two more scorpions. One of the scorpions, already in the battle hits the giant constrictor. The other scorpion claws Trageon and misses and tries to sting Mara and misses. Constrictor, who has scorpion grappled, hits and tightens his grip. Roy has a problem with Jason’s mustard. Black guard, disgusted with his bow efforts, heads into the darkness towards Clod. He is last seen, pulling out his huge glaive. Mara’s first attack drops the scorpion, she moves forward and continues attacking the risen female. Mara says "bow down bitch as she drops her again. She replies with her dying breath, “Not again” Mara continues her blitzkreig on the grappled scorpion. She finishes with a hit, her third of the attack. The owl flies towards Talis. Helm places gold bracelet (charm animal) on one of the scorpions. He commands it to turn and attack the other scorpion. Clod, confused by the darkness, turns and attacks the scopion behind him.

Roy coughs, spreading his germs and replies, I covered my mouth, to no one in particular. Very guilty if you ask me. Clod hits the scorpion closing in on him. Trageon moves forward, using his boots of speed, attacks the grappled scorpion and hits. He attacks a 2nd time, but misses. Zanlin hits the the scorpion twice with his crossbow. Ebon misty steps, casts shocking grasp thru the owl, and moves forward 20 ft. Talis casts a spell at Trageon and paralyzes him. Ebon notices that the wizard is tightening the noose on the hanging figure in the corner hear him. Scorpion attacks Clod, hits three times, but doesnt seem to cause any damage. ONe of the original scorpions attacks the Giant Constrictor. The scorpion under Helm’s charm attacks his friend and hits twice, and kills him. Constrictor attacks and squeezes the scorpion in his grasp. Mara attacks the scorpion, and kills it. Owl misses with shocking grasp. Helm casts a wall of stone to trap Talis. Clod moves to attack the black guard, and is attacked but does no damage. Clod hits the black guard once and deals a great deal of damage. Trageon breaks the hold spell. Zanlin hits Talis with 1 crossbow bolt. Ebon moves 30 ft., casts misty step and casts shocking grasp and deliver it with Sprocket, the owl. Talis attempts to hold Mara and does. Ebon notices that the cloaked female is about to be hung. Wizard moves up to Ebon and misses with a shocking grasp. Helm’s charmed scorpion moves on the black guard. Constrctor moves towards Talis. Black guard casts spell on his glaive and attacks Clod. For the first time, Clod seems to be hurt. Mara is unable to shake the hold spell. Sprocket delivers a schocking grasp to Talis. Helm double moves towards Talis. Clod crits the black guard.

Trageon moves into melle with Talis and hits twice. He delivers a mighty blow to Talis and she falls, Zanlin fires a crossbow bolt and hits the wizard. Ebon casts thunderwave at the wizard and is slammed against the wall. He is now prone. The wizard, scared to death, trembles, “you havent seen the last of me” and blinks out. Charmed scorpion hits black guard with a claw and a stinger. Constrictor moves along the bottom towards the hanging female. Black Guard delivers another vicious blow to Clod. Mara double moves back towards the black guard. Sprocket moves straight across the levels towards the black guard. Helm drops the wall and casts lightning bolt at the black guard. He takes full damage Trageon moves quickly by the constrictor and rushes towards the black guard. Zanlin misses with two bolts. Ebon frees the hanging female and saves her life. He hears her gasping for breath. scorpion misses the black guard three times. Constrictor snake double moves towards the black guard. Black guard gives Clod another three quality hits. Mara double moves into the fray. Sprocket circles the scene below. Helm double moves towards the black guard. Clod hits balack guard twice and weakens him. Trageon moves up and chucks a javelin at the black guard and hits once. Zanlin uses the wand of magic missiles to drop the black guard. He grows tired of the bullshit. We search the bodies and gather up some equipment, Ebon is helping the female after getting her down . We notice that it is Talis. Helm gives Talis some goodberries and Zanlin gives her a potin of healing. Talis is very appreciative of being saved. Says she was on the castle one evening, and then she was here. Says a powerful wizard named Vigo was trying to use her influence to get the cultists to join and re-establish the cult of the dragon and looking for alternate ways to raise Tiamat again. We are once agained credited with saving the world. Heroes we be. Helm notices a door at the bottom of the levels. Mara throws bodies into the water to distract the sharks. Trageon jumps down both levels and ties off a rope. Use a piton to secure the rope at the top and then we will zip line down. We all slide down to the bottom. Helm has the constrictor grapple the scorpion Trageon finds another clue to the riddle when he gets down to the bottom of the levels.

Helm takes the gold bracelet of charm animal back. All fo us gather near the door. Ebon checks the door. Ebon slides the door into the wall and opens it for us.

While on break, Joe stole smokey and put some dm mojo on it. Aaron got it back and rolled three 1’s. Aaron retires smokey for the rest of the evenint. He said he would have to boil it before using it again..

We enter into a hallway that is a tight fit for all seven of us. We come to a locked door. Ebon is able to unlock it, but talks Zanlin through opening the door. We see a dark room, Ebon light s couple of torches in the room so all can see. THe room contains a large rug with three large statues on it. One clay golem, one iron golem and one stone golem. The room also contains luxurious pillows. The pillows contain a diamond, and emerald a ruby and a sapphire. Laying on the floor is robes, leather armor, plate mail and scale mail. The party takes a short rest and spends some hit dice.

At 11:57 Ebon names owl Sprocket. Let it be written, let it be said. Party moves up to the canoes. The party attempts to ride the canoes. Trageon and Ebon go ahead in the first boat with Zanlin and Ebon in the 2nd boat. Ebon and Zanlin pop out to check the crates and row boats. Party still needs to check out a couple of areas. Struggle is real to get through the slick room.

Session 37: Something Musty this way comes
roy tries technology

Friday, May 18 2018
7:00 pm
Attending are Patrick, Roy, Rob, Aaron, Jason and Joe.
It was decided that the feasting would be on your own with Joe being distrought over loosing his ‘Smokie’ die and everyone looking for a three prong. it was commanded that Aaron allow Joe to use his smokie. What the DM commandeth shall be done. Jalapenoes were not a good choice on pizza as I now sit here and ponder. Having problems with the internet. Joe starts the assault with the only warning of a single word….‘Musty’.

With everything getting started we find that stone skin was cast on Trey and Helm’s Water Elemental was still around.
7:22 pm and this is what I have typed. Here we go wait nevermind. We go over the notes with the three riddles and events from our last gathering. Helm has vertigo and puts his special salve in his ear.

7:32 pm Here we go. After dispatchng the trolls the group decides to take the passage to the north with Ebon out front several yards sulking and stealthily looking out for any surprises. As the group makes its way down the corridor we come to a door that is different than any other doors we have come across. This door is made of solid metal with no hinges or handles. It is at this time that Zanlin and Ebon both look at each other and say in unison as they smile and nod to each other, “It must silde.” Ebon immediately begins to search the walls and floor for any possible triggers or latches. When he comes to the door and begins to investigate it he finds that it could be moved fairly easily. He looks to Tregeon and says, “Hey, see if you can move this.” To which Trey shrugs and easily slides the door to the side.

7:49 pm
(We end up discussing if Peanut is a Circus Peanut with his werid laugh.) Back to the door. (It must be mentioned that when Joe called for a marching order, Zanlin and Helm went behind the corner.) (Rob is enjoying his salted roasted peanuts). The group proceeds 30 feet or so to come across a 2nd metal door that opens just as easily. Starting to wonder why these doors are opening way too easily Ebon checks a 3rd metal door for any traps. With no traps being found Tregeon opens the 3rd door as well. After the 3rd door is opened the group find themselves at one end of a 45 foot long corridor with noticably lighter colored smooth solid walls. Fearing that this may be an attack, Ebon sends his owl down the corridor to check. Being able to see through his familiar’s eyes he can see that the corridor is actually a glistening tube ( I cant type , Joe needs to check himself…that is too musty). The owl sees that the corridor opens in a huge circular domed room with clear walls separating the room from millions of gallons of boiling hot water that surround it. Along the far wall is a very large chest (Rob announced , “That’s a damn trap.”) In the room is a huge reptile/turtle.

8:12 pm
The group decides to try and communicate with this large creature as Zanlin yells down the corridor, “Old wise turtle…friend or foe.” The trutle turns its head and blinks its eyes. Mara nudges Tregeon in the ribs whispering, “Its a damn turtle.” To which Tregeon nods in agreement and whispers back, “Such a newt.” (This time Joe emits a very wet sounding one. After it hits everyone, 30 seconds later, he asks “Was that Musty.”) The turtle just moves closer to the chest emitting a low growl. as Zanlin again asks the turtle a question, “Can the chest be bartered for.” Tregeon snickers lowly, trying to hide it and saying, “Hes talking to a turtle.” Mara can not help but to join in on the snickering. Helm turns to the two fighters with a serious look on his face. In a low voice he says in an almost scolding voice, "Hey…you two, this is a serious situation and you (points to both of them)both need to be taking this serious. On that Tregeon says, “Fine”. Puffing out his chest he begins to walk into the room to approach the turtle.
(It must be said that at this point it is a shame when Rob arched his hind quarters towards his own son and assaults him over Aaron. When Tanner looks to his father with a tear in his eye, asking one simple word, “Why?”. Rob replys, " I have a deal with Aaron.")

8:30 pm
Zanlin puts his hand on Tregeon’s shoulder saying, “Wait, if we are going to do this let us soften it up some with a few spells first.” On this Ebon’s hands begin to glow in an otherworldly sparkeling glow and Zanlin’s own light in bright yellowish flames as he prepairs his fireballs. Trageon and Mara unsheath their swords and begin walking towards the massive beast. Helm’s eyes turn a milky white as he commands his elemental to begin itss assault as a green glowing energy begins to emit from his arms and hands. (Initiative is called.)

8:42 pm
Trageon with stoneskin and haste assisting his actions moves in to attack the beast, moving at an almost blur he delivers three savage strikes upon the shelled beast. The beast simplely looks down at the tiny attacker as snorts of steam escape his nostrils as Mara runs into action with her long Red hair flowing behind her . Ebon follows the attacks with a bolt of fire arching from his open palmed hand. The corridor begins to glow a bright yellow as Zanlin lets out a loud grunt as he throws a massive fireball towards the giant turtle. Fire spalshes against the hardened shell of the beast as it lets out a loud gutteral beastly moan. After the firball hit the beast Trageon and Mara hear what seems to be water beginning to gush into the room. (That shits coming in quick) As the water begins to come in a small tidal wave, the giant turtle snaps at Mara as it sweeps Trageon with its tail, almost knocking him off his feat.

9:03 pm
Trageon trys to hit the beast one final time before he runs at full speed like a blur leaving the room and Mara behind. On seeing this Mara does a double take, looking at the turtle and then back to the fleeing Trageon, and decides to run for it, screaming at the top of her voice, “The room is filling with water, RUN!!!” The Elemental moves in to attack the beast as Helm announces, “I’m shutting the door.” as Mara nods to him while trying to catch her breath. Mara and Helm can fill the heat of the fireblast as flames rush past them, crashing into the beast causing smoke to rise from its blackened leathery skin. Water continues to rise into the domed room as the 2nd fireball caused more fisures to appear in the clear glasslike walls.

9:29 pm
As Helm shut the metal door at the opening of the corridor he turns and runs past the 2nd metal door, turning to yell at Mara, “Get the door as you come through.”, pointing at the middle door. Nodding and having caught her breath Mara bravely runs past the middle door, pausing to close and secure the door as she runs to join Helm infront of the last metal door. Helm, inhaling deeply to catch his breath says to Mara, “I dont think that this was a very good desicion.” Mara looks to him and nods in agreement. As the group regroups back in the troll room, trying to gather their thoughts they can hear water gushing and thrashing against the doors. Zanlin says, “It appears it is safe, no water is getting through the doors.” The group begin to disguss their options with Trageon saying, as he rubs his wounded arm, “I have a feeling that we are going to have to go back in there, but we will need a rest before then.”
(1st Smoke Break)

At some point, Robin whines somebody (Will) ate his last snack cake. He is distraught and inconsolable.

9:56 pm
The group decides to investigate the eastern corridor past the sphinx. ( Rob points out that if you take out the fact of his diabetes, High BP. high cholesterol, diarrhea, and smelly frequent farting, he would put his health up against anyone elses. )Everyone gets into a defensive formation and begin to make their way along the edges of the water filled room where they fought the Trolls and begin down the group to pass by.

unknown corridor. As the group continues they run into the Sphinx, who has taken up his guarding position. Zanlin politely ask him to allow a peaceful passage once again to which the Sphinx nods, stepping to the side to allow the group to pass by. As the group begins down the corridor in mid calf murky water. Mara, Trageon and Ebon barely keep their balance as they almost fall into a pit. Ebon makes his way across the water filled pit and finds a ledge on the far side and motions for the group to swim across. With everyone across safely the group continues forward as Trageon carefully prods the water with his sword search for anymore pits.

10:21 pm
As the group rounds the corner in the corridor they come to a section with large copper metal plates along the walls on each side of the corridor, 6 feet by 6 feet.Ebon decides to investigate the corridor as he turns to his commrades and says, “Stay here, I want to check this out.” As he begins to investigate he can sense some sort of energy enveloping him, causing metal on his person to begin to heat up, and causing an uncomfortable feeling. As he grabs his arm, near the now glowing bracer, he yells back to the group, “Be quick, a strange energy aflicts this area.” As Trageon begins to rush through the corridor and makes it 50 feet as his clothing combusts into flames turning him into a rampaging ball of fire. As he screams out in pain his plate armor glows red from the heat as he now has no clothing, pack, pouch and padding burn. He looks back to all of his belongings laying on the floor. Witnessing this Helm gets on his belly and begins to crawl, in the murky water, trying to keep himself below the metal plates. Zanlin looks at Helm crawling as he makes it 7 feet, because of his vertigo. His eyes begin to cross as he trys to keep his balance, fighting off the effects of his damnable vertigo. Helm, saying to himself, “How long does this F@!king vertigo last, I had swampass for less time than this.” Seeing what is transpiring infront of him, Zanlin grabs ahold of Mara and closes his eyes as a sphere of dark energy appears before him. With his arm around Mara he jumps into the black energy, appearing in the far room. Walking back towards the struggling Helm Ebon says under his breath, as he looks at Helm struggling to keep his head up with crossed eyes, " You got to be F$#king kidding me." Shaking his head he kneels down beside Helm and grabs ahold of his cloak. Closing his eyes he mumbles a few obscure and unknown words as blue and white swirls of crackeling energy envelope him and Helm and they appear yards away in the far room.

10:51 pm
As they all gather in the unfurnished room they notice a single door in the southwestern corner. Trageon stands there naked except for platemail and boots. Zanlin gives Trageon a set of fine clothes from his stash. Trageon only accepts the shirt, preferring to go “Winnie the Pooh” style. Mara checks to see that it is locked, but the lock proved to be no match for the nimble fingers of Ebon as he unlocks the door. Nodding to Mara, he motions to her to open the door. With swords ready she opens the door to reveal a room in total darkness with 5 strange statues lines against the far wall. As the group investigates the statues they realize they are humanoid pieced and sewn together from different body parts. They all have red hair and wearing banana hammocks with numbers on their chest in white paint. Numbers 5, 7, 9. 11, 13. As Ebon investigates them one says, “One of us does not belong. Choose the right one and he will serve you. Choose wrong and we will kill you quick.”
With short discussion Zanlin says number 9 does not belong. Ebon then walks up to the one choosen and says, “Come with me.” Upon this number 9 steps forward and does a short hoedown dance as he follows behind Ebon.
(2nd Smoke Break)

11:11 pm
The group reassembles in the unfurnished room and and with their new flesh golem they proceed down the corrider in the north wall. (Rob brought the stink back to the table) As the flesh golem is going up the stairway Ebon looks at it’s ass and notices a piece of paper haning out of the back of its banana hammock. He points it out to Trageon who quickly pulls it out of the thong like undergarment. We find another piece of the puzzle from the crack of a flesh golem. Climbing the stairway it, a 90 degree turn leads to a small landing with a swollen wooden door. Ebon commands number 9 to open the door and proceed into the room. The group enters to find themselves in a large corridor shaped room 85 to 90 foot long by 20 feet wide. Twenty feet into the room is a 10 foot wide open pit with spikes and razors lining its walls and floor. Thirty feet beyond the first pit the group can see a 2nd pit. Between the first and second pits is a silvery substance covering the surface of the floor. Zanlin decides to toss a coin across the pit into the silvery substance and the group watches as the coin slides clear to the other side into the second pit beyond, not loosing any speed. As the group ponders their choices, Mara comes up with a plan to use Zanlin’s enmovable rod and a few ropes and pitons to set up a series of ropes to stop the sliding of each as they cross the pits. Trageon decides to go first and jumps the pit. As Trageon makes his beautiful jump and comes to the end of the rope he ping pongs off the walls as he travels backwards to fall into the first pit. Seeing this, Helm tries to quickly reel in the rope. In a nervious and hasty voice Zanlin yells, “quicker.” Seeing that the group is not going to get the slack out of the rope in time he quickly cast Featherfall on Trageon, saving him from a painful and perhaps deadly fall.

11:56 pm
As the group ponders their decisions, Ebon decides to see if the area is magical with the use of his Magical wand. He turns to the group with a look of disgust saying, “It is not magical so I can not disspell anything here.” (Tanner is freaking me out with his hand in a jar of juju beads.) Finally coming to a possible plan to cross the two pits the group decides to jump across in groups with Zanlin casting featherfall on the groups so they descend into the pits. Climbing out of the last pit and finding another wooden door the group continue their quest. Exploring the corridors the group come to a room with a stream suspended in mid air shaped like a half circle. In the room are six two man canoes as cave fish can be seen darting about in the water. The water flows east to west. The group decides to check the 2nd door in this corridor before deciding to get in the canoes. As Ebon commands the flesh golem to open the door, the door is barely open as a bolt of lightning darts out of the room, hitting the golem in the chest. The golem gave out a low moan as the lightning bolt seemed to not effect it at all. (Initiative called)

12:22 am
The door opens to a 10 foot corridor that ends with a clff ledge. As Ebon peers into the room with his darkvision he is able to make out the shape of another ledge some 200 feet across some sort of inverted zigarat. Trageon snuffs out his torch and rushes out on the ledge to see that a path way some 10 feet wide hugs the wall in both directions. Ledges decend downward for 5 levels, alternating with a ledge of water. (Joe is Musty)Trageon begins to close in with the male humanoid in black armor. Zanlin steps into the room, back up against the wall as he shuffles his feet. He accesses the situation and decides to use his wand of wondor on the Troll, surrounding him in darkness. He does a double take as the female humaniod in armor seems very familiar to him. As Trageon approaches the dark armored female he is hit with two bolts from a crossbow. He wenches in pain as poison courses through his veins, taking him to his knees. (8 hitpoints) In the far corner the group spots Talis. She says to the group in a echoing boom, “You should not have come, now I have no choice but to kill you.” In the other corner the group sees a smaller figure hanging from rope with bags over its head, hands, and feet. Mara quickly moves into the room to assist Trageon. As she moves in she fires two arrows at the female figure. Two hits in the torso cause the black figure to lurch. Helm, with a serious glare in his eyes moves into the room. As he slowly walks towards the dark armored female figure, with his hands at his side, white crackeling energy begins to swirl from his hands arching from hand to hand. With a mighty wide swing Helm throws a surge of white lightning streaking towards the female figure and striking her dead center in her chest. Causing her to stumble back, grunting in pain. Seeming to come out of the depths of nothingness steps a robed figure. Quickly taking a few steps towards Trageon the figure sends a blast of multicolored magic missles streaking towards Trageon and striking a deadly blow. Dropping his sword, his eyes look upwards in a thousand yard stare, falling face down, armor clanging against the stone floor. Zanlin, seeing Trageon fall, yells, “NOOOO!!!” as he points his magic wand towards the female figure, saying, “I remember you, you BITCH!!!” hitting her with 3 magic missles in the chest and torso, causing her to fall to her knees , coming to a rest on her side. Her eyes wide open in a death stare. Growling with an almost uncontrollable swelling anger, Ebon’s eyes begin to glow brightly from under his hood. Smoke begins to swirl about his hands as he moves his arms and hands in a swirling motion infront of his body. Flames being drawn in from some unknown force Ebon sends a massive ball of flames roaring towards the mage and Talis. The blast sends the mage flying back towards the wall as he grunts out in pain with Talis screeching in pain as she tries to pat out the smoldering patches on her person. Talis steps forward casting some sort of spell as dark swirls begin to surround her. Cackeling she says, “Rise” and in saying the female figure stands back up with a wicked smile on her face and the mage straightening out his robe as he brushes himself off. The troll steps forwards at the same time as Clod moves in and they begin to fight it out, Clod having a strange simpleton smile on his face. Mara steps even closer, firing two more arrows into the female armored figure. Two arrows slam into her chest causing her to fall back against the wall with a thud and sliding down the wall slowly, leaving a smeared trail of blood on the wall. Helm begins all his magic to bare as he motions to the water ledge below. Suddenly the water begins to splash violently as a huge constrictor lauches out of the water to land on the ledge beside Talis, coiled with its head rising to tower above her.

1:39 pm
Night called at top of round with Trageon.

Session 36: Three Cheers for Circus Peanuts

April 20th, 2018

Joe – DM
Jason – Helm
Roy – Mara
Rob – Zamlin
Aaron – Ebon
Patrick – Trageon (and note taker)

The night began with the group starting off the session by giving “cheers” with circus peanuts.

Notes were reviewed for the previous session – Mara’s Revenge

This session began with Zanlin meeting with Pole. Pole informed Zanlin that 5000 more gold pieces have come up missing. Helm using his special abilities discovers another bad bag of rice. Seems like we have a thief on the inside as well as someone sabotaging our rice.
Mara was conducting research to see what information she could find on White Mountain. She didn’t have any luck. She was unable to provide the party with any new information.

The party travels for a day and a half to get to Waterdeep
Once in Waterdeep, the party makes good use of their time.
*Helm being the entrepreneur he is has thoughts of opening up his own business specializing in the manufacturing of some salty salve. The word on the street is that there’s a high demand for the salty salve and a lot of people are trying to recreate this special blend, but are unable to do so.
*Zanlin checks in on the family

*Ebon, intrigued by White Mountain, travels to the Waterdeep Library to spend some time researching. After 6 hours of reading books, he discovers that there was a group of Harpers that visited White Mountain.
*Zanlin and Trageon overhear some bar scuttlebutt. The Barkeep mentions that he’s heard of White Mountain and believes it’s up North somewhere.
*Ebon, after researching at the Library, he tracks down Imsa at her house. Ebon and Imsa make small talk.

Imsa – “The Weight of Waterdeep is upon you”
Ebon – “We need your help.”
Ebon mentions White Mountain to Imsa and he notices that she starts to focus when she heard White Mountain.
Imsa – “That’s where my unfortunate accident occurred!”
Ebon – “Can you get us there?”
Imsa – “The Wizard Vigo turned me this way. I was at White Mountain when he did this to me. I will show you how to get there, but it’s too traumatic of an experience to enter.”
(Imsa gathers the belongings that she needs and heads out. She gathers her armor, backpack, and weapons)
Imsa (looking at the castle, speaks to Ebon) “WOW! What an impressive sight!”
Ebon takes this time to fill in the party on Imsa’s plans to lead them to White Mountain
Imsa makes her way to the control room and informs Tanvir on which way to go.

  • The party travels for 5 days to the entrance of White Mountain**
    As the castle gets closer to the entrance of White Mountain, Imsa begins to appear more nervous and explains to the party where to go and informs them that she’s staying on the castle. She will not be entering White Mountain.
    The party hops on the wyverns and head to the entrance

This is the part of the night where it was decided that if you roll a 1 you have to eat a circus peanut***

Trageon was the first to roll a 1 and devours his second circus peanut

Ebon stealthily scouts ahead. Once inside the mountain, he discovers a hole 100ft in that’s 10ft in diameter and contains a ladder that descends 30ft.
Ebon uses the power of message to inform the party of what he finds. Party follows his direction and moves 100ft in.
Once the party joins Ebon, he descends down the ladder. Once to the floor he spots a spiral staircase 20ft ahead.
The party climbs down the ladder

Ebon approaches the man-made, metal staircase and notices that it’s badly rusted. He feels a vibration in his chest. The air is a humid 90 degrees and Ebon gets a whiff of a foul odor.
Ebon moves down 60ft on stairs. They are a little shaky, but stable. After contemplation, he decides to go the remaining 40ft to the floor. The floor is covered with water. There’s green and white algae floating on the surface. The floor is very slippery with mud and the water is murky. Ebon messages the party and informs them of water lies at the bottom of the shaky, but stable staircase.
The party makes it to the bottom of the staircase with no problems.
Ebon stays 50’ in front of the party. He peeks around a corner and sees a large creature looking at him. (JOE GAVE AARON “JUST THE TIP! – Don’t know if that’s all Joe wanted to give or if that’s all that Aaron could handle!)

Ebon messages the party – “Big, Ugly Creature. Come up!”
The party obliges and moves up.
Zanlin, creative and confident with his words, engages the large creature in conversation
“We want to go this way that you’re blocking”
Creature – “I’m a guardian”
Zanlin – “What are you guarding?”
Creature – “Entrance way”
Zanlin – “What’s it take to pass?”
Creature – “What’s the secret phrase?”
Zanlin tries to bribe the creature with a shiny coin
Zanlin, name dropping like he likes to do, speaks of the phrase Lord Tiamat
Creature – “That’s last year. That’s outdated!”
Zanlin tries persuasion and creature agrees to cut a deal.
Creature – “You answer a riddle and I let you pass. You answer it incorrectly and I eat you or one of your party members.”
Helm walks forward and notices a barrier preventing him from going further.
Creature – “Yes, that’s a force field. Do you accept the challenge?”
Zanlin – “Yes, most certainly!”

Creature – “When young, I’m sweet in the sun, When middle aged, I make you gay, and when old, I’m valued more than ever!”
Helm, being the team player he is, reassures Zanlin of his confidence.
Zanlin, after minutes of thinking, smiles and confidently answers “Wine!”
Creature – “Correct!”
(He side steps and allows the party to pass)

Ebon checks the corridor on his right and sends a message to party inviting them up to join him.
Ebon is first out of water as he stealthily gets on a set of stairs leading up.
Party joins Ebon at the top of the stairs
Ebon goes 40’ to a large iron bound, oak door down the south corridor. He listens and checks for lock. The door is swollen and damp. Ebon messages party to inform them about the door. The party agrees to check the north corridor. It also ends in a door. Helm and Trageon work together to push the door open. Door opens and the party is surprised to see a Half White Dragon.

As soon as the door opens, the White Half Dragon cracks Trageon on the head for 11 points and another White Half Dragon kicks the door shut. Trageon informs the party that at least one more half white dragon is in the room.
Door opens and Zanlin fires a fireball. He connects for 40 points damage. Trageon gets blasted with a magic missile for 18 points damage. Being the tank he is, Trageon shakes it off and keeps fighting.
(Jason and I get the Roy Machen Chant going – Roy! Roy! Roy! Roy Machen!)
The White Half Dragon proceeds to miss all 4 attacks. (The chant continues to impress with a 99.8 satisfaction rate guaranteed)
Zanlin hits with another fireball and burns a White half dragon to its death.
Mara, enters the room, and is immediately attacked with a rapier and a dagger. The rapier connects and slices Mara for 12pts damage.
Mara uses all 3 attacks and badly injures a swashbuckler type.
The White Half-Dragon continues to pursue Trageon and hits him 2 more times.
Helm attacks and misses.
Trageon, seeking revenge, attacks the White Half-Dragon and hits critically, slaying the dragon.
Trageon enters the room and is immediately attacked and is missed.
Helm and Trageon pass their wisdom check, however, Mara begins to get a crazed look in her eyes.

The soldier crits Trageon for 9 points damage. Trageon starting to look rough.
Swashbuckler attacks Mara and hits with the rapier and dagger gutting her for 13 points damage.
Ebon sends out his owl to attacking with a shocking grasp and misses.
Zanlin casts vicious mockery, causing minor damage and disadvantage on their next attack.
Mara still confused is just standing dazed.
Helm conjures up 8 raptors.
Trageon attacks the soldier and hits, dropping the veteran.
(By the way, if you haven’t noticed Trageon is a killing machine!)
Trageon enters the room and sees a bald, human male in red robes covered by a purple tunic smile and disappears.
The Swashbuckler misses Mara with 3 attacks
(We credit this to the Roy Machen Chant!)
Mara reacts with Riposte to make a melee attack and hits for 15 points damage.
Ebon’s owl provides a touch attack of shocking grasp and kills the swashbuckler.

The whole party joins Trageon in the room. Trageon checks the desk and finds a worthless book titled, “How to pick up the Ladies”
The in the Oriental Purple Rug room, Helm discovers a desk. Opens it finding papers that read property of Vigo and a gold arm band. The papers read, “change people colors, work on antidote. Resurrect White Dragon cults, Talis – high rank trying to get her back in fold.
The bodies contained 100gp total
Ebon discovers a chest. He checks and finds a trap. Disarms the trap and lock. Opening the chest, he finds 400gp, 5 diamonds, wooden box, fine clothing, and tapestries.
The wooden box contained:

  • 3 vials of liquid (different colors)
  • 3 pouches of powder (different colors)
  • rolled up parchment containing a chemical equation
    The party discovers to finish anecdote, they need the sperm of a bulliwug and the feces of a quickling.
    Ebon secures the wooden box in his backpack. Helm places 400 gp and 5 diamonds in the party’s treasures.
    Helm opens the door north of the entryway. Helm opens door South of the table and reveals a passageway.
    Ebon sends owl down passageway. The passageway contains a black and white tube that’s spinning. Owl got extremely dizzy and couldn’t go any farther. Helm closes the door and party heads to the North door.
    The following statement was found in the parchment that was discovered:
    “The Stone Golem wears the robes”
    Party comes to a turn-style that reaches from the floor to the ceiling.
    Mara tries to go through. As she pushes through, she avoids the spinning saw.
    (Joe was distracted for a minute, swatting some peter gnats)
    The party makes it under the turn-style.

The party comes to another swollen, iron clad door.
Trageon, with Helm’s help, pushes the door open.
Door opens. There’s a cave below of 50’ of boiling mud. A green glow illuminates the cave.
Between two platforms – wooden disks hang from the ceiling from large chains, 3’ apart.
1/3 of the way, a geyser of boiling mud is spotted.
Party heads back to black/white spinning tube
Mara, gracefully, made it through the spinning tube, comes upon a swollen door.
Ebon, Trageon, and Zanlin make it through. Helm attempts to pass and gets dizzy suffering from Vertigo. He now has disadvantage on ability checks and half speed.
Trageon opens the slightly swollen door with Mara’s help.
Troll starts battle with a claw, claw, bite on Trageon for 40 points damage.
Trageon attacks back and hits for 70 points damage.
Helm conjures up a water elemental
Mara enters the melee and gets attacked by a Troll for 24 points.
Mara retaliates for 31 damage.
The Water Elemental hits twice for 31 points dropping a troll.
Zanlin casts fireball for 20 points
The party hears a sweet melody playing, trying to tug them towards the water. The party resists.
Troll attacks Mara and hits for 31 pts damage.
Troll attacks the Water Elemental and does 21 points damage

Ebon hits the Troll twice for 8 points fire damage
Trageon drops the Troll with 38 points of acid damage.
Helm casts stone skin on Trageon allowing him to only receive half damage to bludgeoning, slashing, and piercing.
Mara sends a crushing blow to the Troll for 28 points.
The Water Elemental follows suit and hits twice for 29 points damage.
Zanlin’s fireball connects for 23 points damage.
The sweet melody plays again and the party once again resists the urge to go deeper into the water.
The Troll claws the water elemental for 12 points damage
Ebon’s fire bolt drops the final remaining troll.
Trageon pushes door open.
On the wall in big letters reads:

The Water Elemental attacks a humanoid for 18 points
Zanlin hits for 12 points damage

Humanoid seeks revenge hitting Helm for 6 points damage.
The Sweet Melody sings again and Trageon can no longer resist the beautiful sounds. He starts swaying back in forth in rhythm to the melody and heads to the deeper water.
Ebon strikes the humanoid for 23 points damage.
Trageon submerges himself in the water
Helm moves into the water
Mara moves forward and readies an action.
Water Elemental hits the humanoid for 16 points damage
Zanlin connects with a Magic Missile dropping the beautiful lady.
Ebon readies an action.
Trageon takes 10 points of damage and tries to drown himself.
Trageon, finally passes saving throw, and heads out of the deep water. He coughs up water and gags.
The Party Reaches 14th LEVEL as the night ends!

Session 35: Mara's Revenge

Recently our gang helped Helm rescue a zoo. Once they got all the animals fed they returned to their flying castle.
Pole: (Speaking to Zanlin with a worried look on his face) “Sir, I need to speak with you about something that has happened while you were out adventuring without me!”
Zanlin: “What is it Pole?”
Pole: “Talis touched my willey!” Pole takes a deep breath and sighs! “But I did not entertain the thought!”
Zanlin: “She did what?”
Pole: “Touched my wennie, but that doesn’t matter she also was acting weird for the short time she was here.”
Zanlin: “What do you mean, it’s weird enough that she touched your junk.”
Pole: “Well. Sir, she went into the kitchen to help the kobolds with something and then she left. Now our entire company of ogres all 37 are deathly ill!”
Zanlin: “OK Pole I need you to start a full scale investigation and find out what is going on here. No one enters their barracks unless authorized by you! Understood?”
Pole: “Yes Sir!” “Ohhh Sir! One more thing!”
Zanlin: “Yessss!”
Pole: “We are missing some coin!”
Zanlin: “What are you talking about? How much coin did you let wander off?”
Pole: “I had the keeper of the coin take a look and he feels we are only missing 20,000 gold pieces.”
Zanlin: “Only 20,000, that is a third of our wealth!” “I know it’s not your fault Pole, but please investigate and let me know what you find!”
The team decides to head back towards Water Deep to find help with the ogres. During the next day the ogre’s health continued to diminish. Meanwhile Helm started an investigation of his own. With his keen senses he went into the kitchen and sniffed out some meat that was hanging in the pantry.
Helm: “Horrendous!” He grabs the meet and takes it into the kitchen.
Master Kobold Chef: “Master Helm you want meat?”
Helm: “No, this meat has been tainted! Are you responsible for this?”
MKC: “Not tainted, Ogres love meat, they say best we ever cook!”
Helm: “No, this is why they are all about to die! Take it and burn it in the courtyard immediately!”
At this time the Head Chef orders a couple of his sous chefs to take care of the meat as Helm ordered. Helm returns to the team and lets them know what he found.
Ebon: “Tainted meat? Let me see!”
The sous chefs bring the meat to Ebon before taking it to the courtyard. Ebon uses his wand to detect if there was any magic used. It was not magical, but a poison of some sort.
Ebon: “As you were doing!”
Pole returns on the scene and shared the news of two ogres passing on to the afterlife.
The adventurers talk about a plan while their traveling to Water Deep was complete. Mara and Helm would travel with two others to Water Deep on the wyverns to see if they can find a cleric to come and heal the ogres. At the same time Zanlin and Ebon would turn invisible and stake out the place to see if Talis returns to wreak more havoc.
Once the rescue team reach the stables in Water Deep Mara went to temple of Lathander the God of birth and renewal. He meets up with Delmar.
Mara: “My name is Mar…”
Delmar: “I know who you are and of your friends! We appreciate all the good deeds you do and love Helm’s Salty Salve! Are you here to deliver our order?”
Mara: “No, I am here because we have staff on our citadel that need your healing touch!”
Delmar: “Who needs healed? Please tell me it is not Helm! For we have already presold many jars of his Salty Salve!”
Mara: “No it’s not Helm, and can we get off the Salty Salve talk for a minute? We have 37 rehabilitated ogres that have been poisoned.
Delmar: “We can help half!”
Mara: “What about potions for the others?”
Delmar: “We have none!”
Mara: “Okay, please meet us at the stables. I promise a nice donation for your help!”
Delmar: “There will be 6 of us and we will be there as soon as we get our supplies together!”
During Mara’s conversation with Delmar, Helm speaks with his partner at the stables and together they put a plan together to get a crew out to the zoo to nurse the animals back to health and to get the zoo ready to bring in some gold!
The clerics arrive at the stable and Helm takes the first group up. Meantime Mara speaks to Wally one of the young clerics.
Mara: “Wally, how would you feel about joining our team? We need a good cleric to stay with our team on the citadel! We will make it worth it and we will create a shrine for you!”
Wally: “I will have to talk with Delmar, but this sounds like a great opportunity!”
Wally talks with Delmar and they agree that it would be a great opportunity as long as there was a regular donation made to the temple!
Once the entire team of clerics were in place they were able to heal 12 of the ogres. Once they had finished for the night Pole escorted them to their quarters for the night. The next morning came and we lost 2 more of our family! The clerics continue to work for the next few days until all the ogres are healed. Once they were complete a donation of 100 gold and a ½ priced case of Salty Salve was given to them for their help. Helm saw to it that they all returned to Water Deep safely.
During these two days Zanlin has no luck finding Talis, but he does find more tainted food. This time it is in the form of rice. It is immediately addressed with the Head Chef.
Zanlin gather the kobolds to speak with them.
Zanlin: “YOUURRRR FFIIRRREEEDDDDD! Every one of you! Get out of our kitchen!”
The kobolds turn and start to walk away hanging their heads.
Zanlin: “As your last order take this rice out to the courtyard and burn it!”
MKC: “We are fired!” Shaking his head.
Zanlin: “Maybe you didn’t understand what I said! Return to this kitchen and remove this rice or I will have you and your team thrown into the brig!”
MKC: “I meant yes sir!”
At the same time this is going on Mara is talking with the Stone Giants to get them to start building the shrine that was promised to Wally!
Now that things seem to be more under control our heroes turn their attention to Purgoo.
Mara: “Revis, if we kill Purgoo will all the Red Talons follow us?”
Revis: “There is only one way to find out!”
So the course is set and the flight begins. On the way Helm prepares a Hero’s Feast while Zanlin inspires the team with his words of encouragement. Once the citadel is within a mile of Purgoo’s location the team prepares to exit the citadel and move in on foot.
Revis: “Mara I want you to know that I will proudly stand by your side as we did your father Thorin.”
Mara places her hand on his shoulder and gives a nod of the head. Then turns to the troops and gives the direction that is to be followed.
Mara: “Pass out the red sashes and everyone put them on. We need to blend in as well as we can. Once we get closer stay out of sight until your orders are given.”
The group moves up slowly watching for any patrols. As they arrive to the keep and the sun comes up the adventures get together to talk out the plan. They have 4 guards at the main entrance and 2 on top of each battlement which span 20’ from each other.
Zanlin: “Mara, this is your show, we have your back!”
Mara decides that she will stroll right up to the front gate and intimidate the guards. It works and the team moves through the gates up to the keep.
Mara: “Guard, go in and tell Purgoo to come out?”
Guard: “And you are?”
Mara: “I am Mara and Purgoo use to clean my boots! Now go and get the boot cleaner!”
The guard turns and walks into the keep shutting the door behind him. 30 minutes past by and the door opens.
Guard: “Follow me!”
Mara: “I follow no one, I challenge Purgoo to personal combat!”
Meanwhile Helm notices the troops are starting to get restless and he clams them down. Zanlin on the other hand mocks the guard and he melts like butter in front of Mara and starts to cry.
Zanlin: “I thought you said these soldiers were fearless…. This is ridiculous let’s leave.”
Mara raising her hand: “Purgoo, bring your cowardly ass out here!”
Purgoo: “You have always been a Bitch! Come to my arena and we shall fight!”
The group moves in as the Red Talons cheer while following. The arena is octagon in shape and in the center there is a large pit covered by a grate.
Purgoo: “I will beat you down and throw you in the pit and have my way with you daily!”
Mara walks around inspecting the ranks, she stops and stares at one of Purgoo’s soldiers. The soldier rolls his eyes at her and smirks at Purgoo’s comment. Mara places her hands on his shoulders and raises her knee to make solid contact with the soldier’s family jewels. The guard falls to his knees.
Purgoo: “Quit harassing my help!”
He draws his Great Sword
Purgoo: “Come at me Bitch!”
The two battle with blades clanging and Mara slashes Purgoo across the chest drawing first blood. Purgoo then hits Mara in the head with the butt of his sword and they both step back. Mara makes another attack, but this time she is disarmed by Purgoo on her first blow and then misses with her second. She slides to the side and with her foot flips her dropped sword back into her grasp and cutting herself while catching it by the blade.
Purgoo: “You are worse than I remember!”
Purgoo then swings his sword and barely makes contact. Mara then recovers and swings again cutting him deep. The battle continues with both parties drawing blood, but in the end Mara drew the final blow. She spins around thrusting one sword into Purgoo’s gut and as he falls to his knees she gives him a soldier’s execution.
At this point the battle has expanded throughout the arena. A bird like demon swoops into the fray and Zanlin cast’s Cone of Cold while Helm conjures 8 velociraptors. 3 Hellhounds move in on the adventurers with one biting Mara in the thigh, another breathes a Cone of Fire at Helm and Ebon causing them to be burned. The last Hellhound moves into the fight but prepares for defense. Ebon points at the Hellhound closes to him and casts Finger of Death doing little damage. He pauses for a second and looks at his finger like it had jammed. The Red Talons are fighting good versus evil. The action swings back where Helm’s raptors join together to cut down one of the Hellhounds and then Helm finds himself surrounded by the other two. Hellhound swipes at him but misses and the other uses a breath weapon and hits Helm and Ebon. Mara and Zanlin move in to face up against the V-Rock that had dropped in just to be punished and killed. Helm’s raptors along with Ebon’s owl put the end to the other two Hellhounds. Once the blood shed is complete Mara walks over to lifeless body of Purgoo and separates his head from his body. She then turns to face the Red Talons and holds it high. All swords are dropped and cheer breaks out.
Mara then orders the Red Talons to free the prisoners. Helm does what he can for them and then turns his attention to some Dire Wolves that were in the stables next to the arena. At the same time Zanlin and Ebon were searching Purgoo’s quarters and find a letter to Purgoo. The letter consisted of 4 main points. 1. Plan is back in motion, 2. Recent influx of coin, 3. Disease deployed, 4. Meet me at White Mountain home of the White Dragon.
The group asked around at the keep about the White Mountain and all they could find out was it was in the north somewhere.

Session 34: Mara Swallows
Just another day at the Zoo

While preparing for the next Journey, Trageon was called away by the order for a couple of weeks and Thanior has decided to stay behind and help turn Bog Luck’s headquarters into the groups safe house.

Revis keeps bugging Mara about when she wants to move on getting the rest of the Red Talons back into the fold. Mara begs the group to help her take care of stopping the Red Talon.

Helm works with his partner, Pashenel, ensuring his investment is doing well. Pash tells Helm that he has discovered that 3 days travel from here a zoo is beginning to start up, but that the animals are not treated well. Maybe even holding humanoids along with the exotic animals. A retired Ranger is supposedly the head of it , the Waterdeep Zoo, but has apparently went off the rails.

Imsa , in Ebon’s absence , has been doing research about curing her condition but it requires more investigation. Ebon , still not prying too much about her condition , is concerned for her. She has confided that she hates being green and she has only been this way for the last year. Ebon ensures that she has all of the resources needed.

Helm gives an ultimatum to the group, " I don’t care if you guys come or not, I have to check this zoo. Mara has been dragging her heals this long, a couple more days won’t hurt." The group agrees with Helm and decide to take the flying citadel toward the zoo to take care of it. Knowing how important animals are to their friend.

Zanlin pulls Pole aside to have a private conversation with him. Pole says, " nothing would please me more than doing this for you." Zanlin doesn’t know if he is up to the task, but Pole is positive he can keep on eye on Talis for him. Pulling his daggers, Pole waves them in the air , " if I get caught, should I use these? " , " No, No , no need for that, " Zanlin looks at Pole’s comical battle stance and just shakes his head.

As the group nears the zoo , Zanlin gives a rousing speech. The group feels very empowered and believe success is inevitable. They purvey the area trying to find a good place to land unnoticed. Leaving the Citadel about a half a mile out , the party flies down and due to Helm’s animal mastery the Wyverns stay calm and ensure a quiet landing. He sends the wyverns back to the castle with many ‘at a’boys’ and other coos.

As the group starts to investigate, a booming voice springs out of nowhere " you know, we are not open until next month" , Helm responds " I know but I have heard you may be in need of my assistance." " and who would you be ?" , " I am helm dundragon."

" you are not Helm Dundragon , Helm Dundragon is a much more imposing figure and commands respect, I will tell him of your impersonation." Zanlin , bored easily " Helm I tire of this, let’s move in " . The booming voices continues to taunt and goad the group, telling them that the Heroes of waterdeep are stronger than they are. Even when helm tells the voice that he has heard the animals are being mistreated, the voice dismisses him.

Growing weary of the taunts, Zanlin starts to Mock the voice viciously, silencing the voice momentarily. " Save your insults for someone who cares and keep your cheap parlor tricks for someone else ( regarding Helm as he has shifted into a direwolf ) " . Helm , growling in fury leads the group to the Zoo’s door.

The lock appears complex , though Ebon would surely have been able to unlock without all the distractions from Mara as she is constantly bitching and moaning , and the sound of a large door being opened comes from the right. Helm notices malnourished lion and two Lionesses in a cage close to us . Zanlin moves to cover and waits for something to come into his view, so he can make it look like a pin cushion as he summons his inner thanior.

Helm, in Direwolf form, moves toward the sound and sees a large pen has been opened. He holds waiting to see what appears before he comes back to warn the group. He doesn’t understand why Mara isn’t fighting beside him yet. He knows she loves doggy style. A Rhemorhaz charges into view. Helm inherently knows the dangers as being it swallows it’s opponents. A small dog chuckle escapes his muzzle as he thinks ," but Mara spits " .

The Remorhaz quickly burrows into the ground, but not before Zanlin is able to put two crossbow bolts into it , but before a huge caterpillar-like creature comes around the bend at the party. Ebon moves for a better shot and fires a bolt of fire at it , not able to penetrate the beast’s hide. Zanlin casts a muddy cloud in front of the beast, hoping to confuse it, only time will tell.

Helm as Direwolf lopes forward and attacks the beast , barely nipping it, and quickly moves back to cover, right into the space where the remorhaz explodes from the earth. Mara , holding her attacks fro just such a strategy, slices the beast before it can gobble her or Helm whole. Unfortunately, as each of Mara’s attacks hit the beast, her swords heat up and burns her arm. AS she winces in pain, she is double thinking attacking this breast at all, and barely dodges the beasts attack at her.

The centipede like beast , not affected by Zanlin’s attempt to confuse it, spits lightning at Ebon. As the lightning rips through Ebon, Zanlin , using his inspiring words, helps Ebon not take the full brunt. Seeing Ebon as a smoking hulk and not able to squeeze through the pens to get to him, moves forward and helps the Remohaz sandwich helm and Mara between them. Mara , seeing the danger, takes on the role that Trageon left a void in and yells , " Come on !, you want some?! " as she attacks the new threat. Damaging it enough to make it take notice of her.

Ebon moves forward , sends necrotic energy at the beast , and then steps into a magical mist to separate him from danger. Just in time as a ball of fire explodes where he was , brings a cry of pain from the beast. Direwolf , that is Helm , attacks the caterpillar beast and knocks it prone. That is not enough to protect Mara as the Remorhaz bites her in an attempt to swallow her.

The Behir ( caterpillar type creature ) bites the Direwolf and also swirls its body around Direwolf in hopes of squeezing him to death. The bite was so lethal that Helm is forced from his direwolf form and finds his humanoid form constricted by the beast.

Mara , stuck in the maw of the Remorhaz , tries to make the beast let her go by using her swords on its innards. Ebon fires again at the Behir, missing horribly. Hunkering down to stay out of danger he wonders if he should just cut bait and leave.

Zanlin continues to hide on the top of a set of cages , and sends three bolts of magical energy into the Behir. Helm continues to struggle against the Behir.

After the menacing attack on its innards by Mara , the Remorhaz spits her out and attacks her trying to squish her, but she quickly blocks its head to the side, in time to see the Behir swallow Helm. With a jealous look in her eye , and a hysterical lilt in her voice, yells, " Nooo!!!! I am the only one that swallows Helm!! " . She then attacks , stabbing herself in the thigh in her rage , but connecting solidly on the Behir.

Deciding to stay and fight with his friends, Ebon’s firebolt finally lands and ends the Behir’s life. Saving his friend’s in the process.

As Helm is expunged from the belly of the Behir, the Remorhaz immediately bites him, trying to swallow the creamy treat. Mara, still enraged that something is trying to swallow Helm , attacks the Remorhaz. Doing minimal damage. Ebon’s luck doesn’t hold and his next firebolt blasts into the dirt in front of the Remorhaz.

Jabber Jaws was sung by many

Zanlin, seeing the situation becoming critical, pulls his last resort option… the wand of wonder. Zanlin peeks over the edge of the pen he is hiding on and points at the beast as he commands the wand. Magical energy jumps from the wand slamming into the Remorhaz. Zanlin and the others watch in horror as the Remorhaz doubles in size. Now encompassing a large portion of the Zoo itself. Effectively stopping any chance of breaking free that Helm has. AS Helm struggles, the gargantuan beast swallows Helm down into its gullet. Zanlin wonders if he would have been swallowed if he hadn’t made it grow.

Mara continues her assault on the Remorhaz, ignoring the burning pain running up her arms trying to save Helm. Ebon, finally connecting with the beast, fire bursting around it and it is engulfed in a larger ball of fire that destroys it. As it dies , it slowly shrinks back to its normal size. Helm slowly pulls himself out of burnt husk , looking much worse for wear.

A ghost knocks over the small christmas tree in the hallway. Breaking many mickey mouse ornaments.

Seeing the Remorhaz fall, Ebon rushes forward to help Helm, casting his small healing spell. Zanlin climbs down and also casts healing on Helm. While Zanlin does that, Helm asks Ebon to check out the bracelets found on the beasts. They appear to be bands with the ability to charm monsters, though they don’t appear to be active at the moment. Mara searches the area as Helm puts the bracelets in his pack.

The party heals themselves as Mara tells us the window in the building they were trying to get into has a metal sheet covering it now. The booming voice comes back taunting the party , " now you see my power, imposters. Now come back next month when we are open, and you can keep the bands you stole. " Zanlin, infuriated , viciously mocks the voice again while Mara asks if she can have free tickets.

" we have to try to bash the door in guys, " Ebon says, " I can’t pick the lock. Helm and Mara try throwing themselves into the door, hoping to knock it off it’s hinges. To no avail. " What are you doing , " booms the voice. " Get off of my property."

The group keeps trading quips back and forth. Zanlin continues to try to mock the voice in hopes of causing the speaker pain.

For now, not being able to get into the building where they believe the voice is originating, decide to check out the zoo to see what additional monstrosities it holds. Entering one large building the see a smoke mephit, an owlbear, an orc zombie ( with no band ) , troglodytes ( no bands ) that have been severely treated, and a grell. Most wearing bands.

Deciding to leave the menagerie be for now, the party continues to investigate the buildings in the zoo. Investigating a storage building that holds poor quality supplies. Zanlin continues to mock the voice, " just more strikes against you. We will have you closed down before you even open." The voices taunts back " are you just going to go building by building ? ".

AS they continue along, they see some more mundane cats like the lions. Pairs of Panthers, cheetahs and tigers all held cells across from the Remorhaz and Behir. Helm continues to go back and forth feeding the animals , even with the poor quality rations. Quantity is better than quality when quality doesn’t exist, he muses.

Helm pacifies the Cats to help them out, as Mara dreams of cheetah print panties.

“Don’t feed the animals” , yells the voice. " haven’t you read the signs? "

The party ignores the taunting and continues searching, finding an office and other buildings of little import. Among the papers in the office , Helm finds bills of sale for the exotic animals from someone named Mourn.

The party finds a human male in one cage , butt naked and growling. Refusing to answer, the human flings poo at Zanlin. The party leaves him in the cage and focuses their attention on a Pegasus in the next pen. Helm befriends it with some grain and whispering words of encouragement into its ears. Helm and Zanlin try to take the band from around its leg. Successful, they add the band to Helm’s backpack.

A Tyrannosaurus Rex fills a cell, but it’s band glows so the party steers clear , to check on the last pen. Inside they find hippo’s and rhinos.

" well , now that you have checked everything out… do you think I will make money?" and chuckles. The voice continues to explain how badly he has treated the animals, exotic and mundane alike. Zanlin gives the voice two minutes to come out and talk to us, and starts counting down.

The door unlatches as the party readies for attack. As an iron robotic creature steps into the open air, ebon hits it with a firebolt, Helm fires a lightening bolt through it and Mara shoots it with a bow. It continues to come forward and Zanlin shoots it also. After clearing room , another creature comes out through the door, looking a little scorched form Helm’s lightening bolt. Another metal figure comes out and climbs up the building.

Helm lashes out with a thorn whip , not even scratching the metal behemoth and quickly moves away. Ebon moves further away and creates a magical hand in front of the metal behemoth on the roof that shoves the creature off the building, giving Mara and Zanlin time to prepare. While the fall does little damage to the creature , it knocks it prone.

Taking advantage of the opening that Ebon provided, he throws arcane energy into a powerful blast that seems to shatter against the creatures. Causing a good amount of damage. He then climbs/jumps off the back of the building into cover and hopefully safety.

Mara, taking the fight to the creatures, drops her crossbow and then runs , drawing her swords , and leaps off the building to attack the prone monstrosity. Landing precisely , she damages the foe in a brilliant display of swordsmanship and a dashing display of acrobatics. The Creature stands up and swings at Mara with its fists, missing her agile dodges, and then a burst a flame wreaths its form. The other metal creature moves into the fray as fire wreaths its body as well but misses Mara also. So far she has been able to nimbly avoid all damage.

The clay beast charges forward at Helm to get in range to be able to bash him. Helm lashes out with his thorn whip , doing no damage and quickly moves away from the beast. Playing a game of cat and mouse.

Ebon double wallops the beast he shoved off the roof with a firebolt from one hand and uses his arcane hand to bash the beast. Zanlin moves from around the back of the building and pulls out his wand of wonder for the second time , causing grass to grow up to three feet in a 60 foot radius. Encompassing the Zoo. The overgrown foliage making movement difficult. Mara ignores the obstacle and continues her assault. Ignoring the flames that shoot up her arms and singe her hair.

The beasts, not having any other targets, try to bash Mara. Only succeeding in one glancing blow. The clay beast can’t reach helm so moves into the fray with Mara, taking her unaware and slipping several attacks past her defenses.

Helm shifts to line up the beasts and throws a lightning bolt, trying to save Mara’s life. Ebon lashes out with a firebolt again, doing damage and then tries to shove one of the creatures out of the way so Mara can try to escape, unfortunately, the beast holds its ground and mara is still trapped.

Zanlin continues to use the wand of wonder, hoping to get a miracle to save Mara. Magic engulfs the area and the creatures seem to slow down. Mara , trying to take advantage of the situation , unleashes her fury on the clay beast. While her attacks lack their normal luster, she does manage to blast the clay beast to smithereens. Mara, seeing an opening, charges across the clay residue and escapes around the building. The beasts too slow to react.

One of the fire wreathed beasts follows Mara. Keeping up but unable to attack. Helm steps out from behind the building to hit the beast with another lightening bolt , then engaging into melee to help Mara. The other beast moves the opposite way and reaches Zanlin. Ebon immediately hits the beast with a firebolt from the safety of distance and then his magical hand shoves the beast 30 feet away from Zanlin, who immediately hits it with a cone of cold. Damaging and freezing it. Taking it out of the fight.

Mara runs from the melee knowing the beast can’t react to her fast movement and drinks a potion to heal herself. Helm , standing toe to toe with the last monstrosity, lashes out with his thorn whip , wrapped around the beasts neck , Helm is able to pop the beasts head form its shoulders, finishing it off even as fire licked up his arm.

The immediate battle over, the voice booms, " I am out of tricks. " Helm speaks with the voice, trying to negotiate buying the zoo from him. After much investigation , the party was able to find shady dealings about the land the zoo was built on. Using that , Helm was able to garner a deal for 5k gold , paperwork goes away , and he ahs to take the poo flinging , naked guy .

Deal done. The voice meets us out front to seal it. The man’s name is Timis. The man also used a stone of sending to create the booming voice. After another small negotiation , Helm pays 5.5k for the zoo and the stone. They send Mara after the gold.

A deal is struck and a new business venture is gained.

— Ebon

Session 33: Fear is in the air
Zippity doo da , zippity a

The battle rages on……

Zanlin , still invisible, continues to hide but moves up closer to the fray.

Trageon shifts towards the one last visible orc and slashes it across the chest.

“Be scared lady and gentlemen, I am coming for you soon”, taunts Bog Luc. " Trageon , I am going to skull fuck you!" Hearing that , a shiver runs down his spine , and even his indomitable spirit doesn’t stop him from becoming scared of Bog Luc. His old cowardice coming to the fore.

Thanior fires arrows into the Orc, skimming them expertly past Ebon’s head. The Orc now looking like a pin cushion , roars in agony. Helm takes the opportunity to bring his moonbeam to bear.

Around the corner , Zanlin is debating his next move as a panel opens up beside him. From the new entrance an elf comes through, looks around, and then motions with hands to something still inside.

Mara steps forward trying to corner the first orc , stabbing him with her blades. “Deter , show that woman who’s boss” comes the voice of Bog Luc. With new confidence, the Orc Deter shoves his spear deep into Mara’s belly. Then proceeds to slash about him and nicks Helm. Ebon’s fist moves into close range of Deter and tries to punch him, barely missing.

Zanlin sneaks away from the elf to warn Thanior. him miss the Orc.

Trageon continues trying to take out the Deter, not even managing to scratch him. Fear still running through him , trageon’s shaking makes his swords get tangled in his clothing.

" Alright motha fuckas, time to dance " , yells Bog Luc as he enters the room swinging his greatsword at Helm. Barely missing. " Bog Luc in the front and enemies in behind us", yells Thanior as he takes aim at Bog Luc, two arrows flying true to his mark. Bog Luc looks amused , " Meer mosquito bites drow whore!" an evil glint in his eye. Thanior feeling queezy, starts to sweat with the stink of fear as Bog Luc’s stare unnerves him.

Helm , willing his moon light out of existance, chants in a singsong voice of the wild, as an elemental coalesces into existence right in front of Bog Luc. Helm has a wild look in his eye as the power of nature courses around his body.

The elves that Zanlin warned the heroes of come around the corner, firing arrows at Ebon and Helm. They are only able to hit Helm as Ebon makes for too tough a target. Mara finally extinguishes Deter’s life with her swords and moves forward towards Bog Luc, being stopped mid movement as an orc steps forward from an opening and attacks , barely missing her.

Ebon moves his spectral hand to interpose itself between him and the party and then a bolt of fire springs fromhis hand to hit the Orc that just attacked mara. Bog Luc yells at the party " Death to you all" as he misses Trageon. Big talk for a small minded Orc , thought Ebon as he watches Helm’s elemental attack Bog Luc and wound him , though not near as much as his pride had already wounded itself .

Zanlin , still not noticed by the elves, sneaks past them again to see what is waiting for them in the open doorway the elves entered from. The doorway opens into a passage that appears empty , so Zanlin enters the passageway. As he slips past the orc attacking mara , he sees the passage opens up into a room where the natural walls of the cave give way to man made cut stone walls.

Fear slowly drains away from Trageon and he is able to clearly see his target for what he is, a normal orc with delusions of grandeur. Infuriated , he goes into a flurry of dancing blades, wounding Bog Luc. Bog Luc roars in pain and swings his heavy two handed sword, trading wounds with Trageon. Thanior , trying to beat his fear , steadies his aim and hit Bog Luc with two arrows, to devastating effect. He feels his fear cascade away from him like a rush of water. Bog Luc able to swing again at Trageon but can’t connect.

The archers attack through the hand , barely slicing Ebon and Thaneor , as Mara trades blows with an Orc. While Mara is able to wound the Orc, it thrusts its spear into her stomach and drops her to the floor. Her life blood quickly draining from her.

Bolts of magical energy rush forward from behind Bog Luc to smash into Trageon’s chest. Ebon’s tries to hit the Orc that just took out Mara with a bolt of fire but his concentration is too focused on having his spectral hand grapple one of the archers and misses. The archer is held in place as the hand starts to constrict the life from him. Helm’s elemental bites and claws at Bog Luc as Bog Luc swings at Trageon. Missing thankfully.

Zanlin, knowing he is going to have to enter fray as his friends start to drop, sends bolts of magical energy into the back of the orc that dropped Mara and yells stirring words towards Trageon just as Bog Luc swings at him and misses. Trageon immediately counter attacks, cutting Bog Luc deeply. Bog Luc tries to kill Trageon but misses horribly.

The DM calls out Jason for cheating but quickly backpedals and says he may not have heard him.

Thanior pounds two more arrows into Bog Luc. Bog Luc looks fearful and says " come on fella’s , I was just funnin’ about. Let’s talk this out like gentlemen. Zanlin yells form the darkness " come on into the room , drop your weapons and get on your knees." As the conversation flows, Helm shifts to beside Mara , heals her with his magic , and then shifts back to cover.

Helm offers the sick DM a little salve to fix him right up

The archers fire at Trageon and Thanior hurting Trageon severely and nicking Thanior. Mara laying an the ground below the orc feigning death after Helm healed her , looks up and sees a large instrument of pleasure peaking out from under the Orc’s loin cloth. Salivating, she cuts at the wiggling monster , slicing into it like she is slicing sausage for the morning meal. Standing in front of the Orc, she finds her second wind. Sadly staring at the damage she wrought.

Bog luc, seeing that the heroes don’t appear to want to parly, swings and misses Trageon. The Orc , lamenting his damaged manhood , " I said stay down bitch!", and stabs at Mara’s gash, cutting her but not getting quite even. Mara counters and finishes cutting the beasts manhood from him. He stares at her with hatred as he sinks to the floor and his life slips away just like his manhood. Mara watches on with a pained look on her face.

Five more magic missiles fly from the darkness behind Bog Luc and slams into Trageon’s chest. Felling the mighty hero. Ebon’s spectral hand continues to squeeze the archer as Ebon sends a grey ray of death at Bog Luc, who barely doges out of the way. The xorn was able to hit Bog Luc as he moves out of the way. Zanlin races forward next to Mara. Standing over the mutilated corpse of her last combatant and seeing an unnerving look in her eye as she continues to stare at the orc’s waist , quickly casts magical energy at Bog Luc and whoever is behind him and then concentrates healing energy at Trageon, bringing him back from the brink of death.

Renewed, Trageon stands and delivers a solid blow to Bog Luc. " May Tiamat poop on your head " and attacks Trageon , missing despite his flamboyant words. Two arrows sprout from Bog Luc’s chest as Thanior looks at his handiwork. From the darkness behind Bog Luc and squeaking voice yells " Fuck you Bog Luc, I am outta here!", the last words Bog Luc hears as he slides to the ground dead. ( There was much rejoicing , though a disappointed overtone weakens the mood as Zanlin never got to face Bog Luc ) .

Helm looks at the archers, " Bog Luc is dead and the weasel behind him has run. What is your choice, live or die?" , " please spare us , we were just following orders" . Zanlin orders the archer not grappled to come into the room and get on his knees. The one archer complies and the spectral hand dissipates into the ether and the second archer drops to the ground to catch his breath and joins his friend in the center of the room.

The Xorn moves into the room behind Bog Luc’s body as the heroes search the area.

The search finds enough money to keep their flying citadel going along with a magical rod and goggles. The group decides to take a short rest. Ebon identifies the goggles , Zanlin looks at the rod, Thaneor checks out the quiver and Helm identifies the beans.

(Beans – Bag of Beans – plant bean and get a random effect ) Helm
(Arrows – 10 +2 arrows ) Thaneor
(Rod – immovable rod ) – Zanlin
(goggles – eyes of the eagle – advantage on wisdom perception checks that rely on sight ) Trageon
Gained 13th level

After resting, Zanlin takes Bog Luc’s body and bends it over a chair, stripping his pants off. He then casts magic at the table making it do Bog Luc like he is a member of the clan of the cavebear.

After clearing the rest of the hideout out, the heroes decide to keep it for themselves. They install Orka heart and his clan of four , the nomadic women and the guard drakes as the caretakers. Zanlin wants to name it ’ Zanlin’s Revenge’ . Still up for debate….

The options in front of the Heroes are to take back control of the Red Talons or meet with the efreet that Zanlin set free. The Heroes decide to go back to Waterdeep for now.

Zanlin performs, Helm does not sleep with the sheep this time, Ebon visits with Green Imsa.

Helm and his partner decide to go into business selling Helm’s special salve. He seeks Mara’s help in generating enough salve. Zanlin goes to see if the blue dragon mask is still where we put it . He is trying to persuade the old woman who’s son Mara killed and Zanlin saved to let him in the house. She invites him to dinner. Zanlin, with the help of Helm and Thanior is able to slip the mask out of the chimney and back into our possession. Zanlin becomes the family’s benefactor, giving the woman money and promising to continue to stop by whenever he was in Waterdeep. The woman is still obsessed with the arrow that killed her son.

Mara seeks out the Red Talon contact to get more info on the rest of the Red Talon’s that are doing evil. Revis , the contact, lets Mara know that he was able to convince sixteen former talons back to Mara’s leadership. The new evil leader is Purgue and he is cruel and evil. They inhabit a castle about 30 days east of Waterdeep. He has about 100 red talons and keeps company with giant hybrid wolves. Town of Evern.

The heroes prepare for the journey. They go to zips to buy potions and hope he has sold that damned sickle they wouldn’t buy. They buy a myriad of potions for some gold and Zanlin will write Zip a song about him. And since we bought boots of elven kind from him we also through in getting on stage with Zanlin as he sings it and a quart of Helm’s special salve.

" zippidy doo da, zippidy a "

Session 32: Bog Luc's Hideout
The downward Spiral of a Hero?

The Heroes continue the battle into Bog Luc’s Hideout. The action is intense.

Trageon trades blows with orcs but doesn’t do as well. Thaneor and Zanlin start to damage the orc but just make it angry, he takes a mighty swing at Helm , connecting and nearly leaves the heroes planning a funeral. Helm swings back with his shilleighleigh and the orc just looks at him with a taunting smile, Helm knowing he is in trouble watches the Orc’s head melt and sees Ebon’s smiling face through oozing brain matter. Ebon leaving Helm safe once again.

A door swings open and Trageon takes 3 of 5 bolts of fire that spring form the finger tips of a new assailant, almost dropping him in a smoking heap. Mara runs to Trageon’s aid , completely unaware of the mage in the doorway, attacking the less mighty orc in the room.

Another door swings open and arrows come streaking at Thaneor (the opponent slides back around a corner in the hallway ) making a small scratch on his chest. It starts to look grim for the heroes. Thaneor follows the thug and uses the hit and run tactics of his opponent, against him. As he moves back into the room he yells " Archer in the hallway !" Ebon’s hand wreath’s in flames waiting for other combatants as Helm summons two raptors to engage the parties enemies. As the Archer pokes his head around to fire again, Ebon burns his hair away from his scalp as arrows zip Thaneor’s way again and starts to make him look like a pin cushion. Thaneor moves forward quickly after the enemy archer and puts two arrows in the man’s back as he starts to turn back to hit & run again. Helm sends his raptors down the hallway. Ebon, watching the Raptors depart keeps his hand wreathed in flame. Zanlin mocks the archer from a distance , hoping to enrage him into making a mistake against the raptors. ( The raptors and the archer fight fiercely in the hallway – the archer hears Zanlin mocking him, and enraged , slips and falls from the cliff outside the hideout ) The raptors make an appearance from the hallway, nothing is seen from the archer. Helm eats a handfull of goodberriers to regain some of hie stamina as it appears this will be a long fight.

The battle rages – As Trageon shifts his position the orc fighting him taunts, " don’t run away from me little man" and steps forward and swings, his aim just off as he misses. Zanlin steps forward and mocks the archer , criticizing him so much that the man falls dead of embarrassment.

Mara finally notices the mage in the doorway just as 5 lines of fire come from its fingers and pound into Mara’s chest , scorching a hole in her chest plate. The door closes behind the attack. Mara steps forward and kicks the door open , startling the mage. She swings her offhand sword nicking the mage in his chest. With a quick break in the action , Trageon takes a breather and quaffs of healing fluid to repair some of the damage he has been taking and a white light emanates from Zanlin and washes over the party. Filling them full of optimism and renewing their strength. Trageon, feeling a little too good from the fluid and the light , looks deep into Mara’s eyes " Hey, you’re a human and I am a human fighter, let’s fuck… one tit and all ". Mara looks dreamily at Trageon and his muscled physique ….. As Helm hands Trageon and Thanior good berry’s to increase their stamina even more….. A bit of saliva is seen dripping from her open mouth. Being distracted gives the mage an opportunity to stand and fire bolts of energy into her small chest. Mara , infuriated with the mage for breaking her gaze from Trageon , screams and brings the full force of her swords to bear against him, slicing a furrow into his torso. Trageon steps forward to defend his damsel and stabs him twice in the neck, expertly missing his soon to be conquest.

Mara , Trageon and Helm feel like something is trying to put a haze over them. The mage starts to step away and escape. Mara stands confused but Trageon keeps his wits and strikes at the fleeing mage, catching him in between the eyes dropping him where he stood.

The battle finished, the heroes look around at their surroundings trying to find anything that might help them in their pursuit. Helm checks for the archer but sees only open cliff down the hallway. The Heroes assumes the raptors ate the man, giving them a small sadistic satisfaction.

The battle done, the heroes search around the area. A good amount of gold is collected so the party can recoup some of the expense for this expedition. Apparently , Bog Luc, pays well. Helm also finds a small bag of beans on the mage that he believes are magical, tucking them away to have Ebon check them later. He then heals one of his raptors of the damage taken from fighting the archer, and then turns his healing wand to the party. Curing some of their smaller wounds.

As the heroes moves deeper into Bog Luc’s hideout they enter a hallway that is lined with 3 cells and an altar at the end of it with a bloody body lying across it . ( human male, elf male and female , gnome female & gnome kid in the cells ) The body groans slightly as Helm moves toward it. A female half-elf’s bloody body twitches on the altar seemingly tortured and naked .

“Who has you imprisoned here”, Zanlin asks the humans. " The mighty Bog Luc does .", the male replies. " He inhabits the other side of the complex. The orcs live on this side." The half-elf is incoherent. " Ebon, can you open the lock?" Zanlin asks. Giving Zanlin an incredulous look, Ebon deftly opens the lock and releases the humans. As they shuffle out, " thank you, do you have any food and water?" Ebon continues to unlock the cells to release the other prisoners.

The elves eat and drink, as the gnomes stay to the back of the group of prisoners. Ebon directs the prisoners to the room of death the heroes left behind them " You should be able to cloth and arm yourselves from the dead orcs we left behind". Zanlin asks the prisoners more about the half-elf. They tell them that the orcs thought she could tell them more of the champions of Waterdeep. “We have been here a couple of weeks but they didn’t seem to get any info.”

Ebon asks Helm to give the prisoners some goodberries, then tells them ,“Go outside, hide and wait for us. We will escort you to your village when we are done here.” the males are very greedy cusses, continuing to ask for things even after the heroes have given them much. It is hard for the heroes to continue to help them, but the gnome mother and child keep them in a giving frame of mind. The female half-elf is now able to move , but is still not real responsive. The gnome mother helps her along the way as they finally listen to the heroes.

With the prisoners well taken care for and confident that they will hide and be safe until the heroes work is done, they continue searching the hideout. At the end of the hallway is a large wooden gate. Ebon can’t see a way to open it so asks the rest of the group see what they can determine. After the group finds no way to open it from this side nor able to muscle it open, Ebon casts dimension door and takes Trageon to the other side of the door… he hopes.

Ebon and Trageon step through the dimensional door to the other side right in front of two guards. Trageon , with his quick thinking , attacks immediately almost taking an arm off with his mighty swing. The other hears mocking insults through the door and becomes distracted but is still able to hit Ebon with his spear thrust. Ebon casts thunder wave and pushes his attacker back away from him, doing small damage to the other. As he takes in his surroundings and seeing the crank to open the door, he quickly formulates a plan. He runs to the crank and starts to turn it, budging the door an inch or so, giving his friends the opportunity they need to open the door and making easier for Zanlin’s mocking words enter the area.

Helm throws the door open with a huge heave, bringing the odds into their favor. More gladiators come into the fray. Attacking wildly at Trageon and Ebon. Both taking minor wounds.

The Raptors pounces on a guard and Mara tries use the raptor as a jumping point to flip over the guard. As she jumps onto the raptor , being as heavy as a fat cow, they both go to the ground , giving the half orc guard a clear strike with a spear gouging Mara deeply in the side. She writhes on the ground tangled with the raptor thinking ,’ that was a terrible maneuver’ , as she bleeds onto the floor.

Ebon , seeing the dire circumstances, pulses a blue arcane mist from himself , confusing the two guards attacking him. Thanior fires into the guards killing one and damaging another. A bright white light shoots from helm’s hand , damaging a guard. A guard is able to shake off Ebon’s spell and thrust his spear into him , dropping Ebon to the ground, spattering Ebon’s blood into his face blinding him. The two guards shimmer as Ebon’s spell dissipates. Mara disengages from the raptor and the guard moving back to heal herself.

Thanior continues to harry the combatants, killing one and damaging another. The raptor savagely attacks a guard. Zanlin sends a healing word at Ebon bringing him back from the brink of death as Helm moves into the fray to try to help Ebon. The second raptor charges into the fray to damage one of the guards.

Ebon , healed, stands and reaches out to grab the guards metal sheathed arm. Magic courses through Ebon’s arm and shocks him , allowing ebon to misty step out of danger. Thanior kills the other guard leaving only one in the fight and Trageon quickly steps up and attacks. Mara moves forward and fumbles for the 3rd time. A raptor chomps on the guard as Ebon fires a bolt of fire, burning the guard. Thanior fires two arrows into the final guard, dropping him.

AS the last guard falls , the heroes look around and realize their resources are dwindling. Having no time to rest they take the potions they can and move forward, determined to find Bog Luc.

As they move through the corridors , the group encounters a drow elf standing guard down a tunnel. Zanlin brings Thanior to the front to speak, and the Drow says “this way does not hold what you are seeking. Bog Luc is the other way”. After determining the Drow will leave them alone from his demeanor. The heroes decide to leave that area and go the other direction.

The heroes are being cautious and Zanlin starts to give them encouraging words. As Zanlin is delivering the inspirational speech a half-orc clad all in black full plate armor appears ," Turn around and leave if you know what is good for you". " Why can’t we go this way?" Helm asks. “You do not belong here”, replies the armor clad half-orc.

Thanior slips back around the corner and asks the drow who the armored orc is. “That would be Bog Luc’s blackguard”. “Can you take him out?”. " I will not intervene", replies the drow.

Ebon starts casting a spell, letting the rest of the party know he is tired of this orc’s attitude. Zanlin , seeing Ebon start attacking , throws a fireball and it explodes around the orc, not seeming to phase him. Thanior marks him and fires 2 arrows at him and the orc responds by spinning his glaive expertly and wounding Trageon. Mara moves forward to get a better angle for her bow and fumbles….. hitting Trageon in the back with an arrow while a large column of fire shoots down from above to engulf Mara, the raptor and Helm, crisping their clothes. Ebon finally finishes his casting, bringing into being a large hand that grapples the blackguard, squeezing it. A shattering blast from Zanlin engulfs the blackguard. Trageon moves out of range and Thanior blasts two arrows into him. ( Thanior notices the blackguard go limp). The mass of damage output by the heroes appears too much for the blackguard.

From further into the room, a rough voice says , " Ah Zanlin, I hear you were bedding Talos, she was a sweet piece", Zanlin returns " I don’t know what it says about you but it was still tight as hell " , Bog Luc laughs " ah , it will be sweet to kill you and then hit that again… " .

The heroes take this small lull to prepare. Helm and Mara quaff potions, Ebon moves his arcane hand as he moves forward to get a better view, Zanlin disappears, Trageon quaffs a potion and realizes he should learn his f’n character.

From the darkness, “Come on in here Zanlin, and I will bend you over like I did Talos”, Bog Luc taunts Zanlin.

On a side note – after rob farts on roy – Roy asks rob to spread it – we think he meant his ass cheeks.

The Heroes stand waiting with bated breath for what the encounter they have come to this dreaded place for starts to unfold. Mara and Thanior feel something magical crawl across their skin and they feel their limbs start to harden, but are able to shake off the paralyzing effect. Ebon moves bravely forward shooting bolts of force into the figure standing in a doorway and then his ghostly hand swiftly shifts forward and punches the figure also, wanting to end this as quickly as possible.

Nothing is seen of Zanlin but everyone does hear his inspiring words as Trageon engages. Trageon was so inspired ( uses an inspiration point ) that he delivers two forceful blows to the figure. Thanior , angry at the magical intrusion just moments before, puts two arrows in the figure. From deeper in the cavern the heroes here in that same rough voice, “Come on pretty boy , I am waiting. I am going to take Talos back and she will call me daddy again.” The raptor charges up as Helm puts the moonbeam on the figure and Mara puts him down with two arrows to the chest.

An orc gladiator charges out and kills the raptor on his way to Helm and delivers a spear thrust to him. Ebon fires a bolt of fire that narrowly misses and swings his ghostly hand down to punch the gladiator but also misses.

The search for Bog Luc’s death continues……. ( starts with Zanlin’s turn and he is invisible )


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