Epic Augusta

Session 27: The Blue Mask and Toraz

Play gets started after the not taker is tired of getting “razzed” after setting up the equipment. The group decides to touch the symbol that looks like a right triangle. They disappear to the sundial, and are faced with a decision having two choices. Looking around the sundial, there are only two paths, one going back to the village, and one going towards the tower. The group picks to go down to the tower where they arrive and decide to touch a star shaped symbol. The group appears in a room which looks to belong to a wizard. There is a brass telescope, 2 tomes sitting on a table, and the ceiling of the room is a crystal lens, looking to the sky. Ebon listens to the door and hears nothing, and tests the knob, seeing if it is locked, it is not. He opens the door towards the group, and two fire balls come raining in.

Trageon is hit for 68 points damage, Thanior takes 52 points, and everyone else only takes 34. After the smoke clears, the group can see that Helm, Thanior, and Trageon are all laying on the floor, limp and lifeless. Zanlin casts Shatter into the doorway for 28 points damage. Then, two magic missiles come flying out of the door at Mara, dealing 30 points damage. Then, out of nowhere, Mara queefs out a potion, that heals her for 28 hit points. Then, using second wind, heals herself for 20 more points. Ebon’s insight notices only two attackers, but when Zanlin had casted Shatter, there were many screams heard within the doorway. Ebon peaks out the door, and sees onto a balcony. On the balcony, there are two people lying on the ground, with a mage on either side. He then casts Fireball, doing 30 points of damage, dropping the last of the attackers. Trageon, with the help of Mara, queefs out a potion, which heals him 19 points. Ebon then walks over to Helm, casting cure light wounds, which restores 11 of Helm’s points. The group then searches the bodies and finds an hourglass-shaped key. They then decide it is everyone’s best interest to take a short rest, and heal.

After the short rest, the group turns their attention to the wizard workshop. Most of the books on shelves around the walls are ruined, and the brass telescope in the middle of the room is damaged, not being able to see anything through it. Searching the room, the group finds a table of interest, and in the table, is a trap compartment. Ebon searches for traps inside of it, but finds none, not taking it too seriously. When it opens, acid bubbles pop in Mara’s face, doing 16 points damage. Helm then tends to Mara by giving her a facial, a long household remedy passed on by the wood elves. Helm then wraps Mara’s head with a cloth, so the salty sauce can work its magical powers. Ebon then looks at scrolls found in the hidden compartment, which contain information on fire and earth elementals.

The group then presses a symbol that looks like a square, and it transports them to a bedroom. The bed is nothing special, and there is a makeshift table with notes and scrolls. Zanlin investigates this table, the notes pertain to the Dracoliches, from Jorgen Pawl and Iskander, Mara puts this scroll in her backpack. After looking at every point of interest in the bedroom, the group uses the hourglass symbol, and the key they picked up from the mages, to transport into a room with recently deceased bodies, and trail of blood. 2 of the bodies were killed by magical fire, and 1 was killed by stabbing. With Ebon taking the lead, the group follows the blood trail. There is a 2nd path trailing off from the original streak of blood with boot prints heading to the north passage way, where 3 figures are seen. Those creatures are earth and fire elementals.

The group moves up to see an earth elemental first. Zanlin casts Fireball, doing 36 points damage. Trageon then tosses two javelins to see only one of them hit, doing 8 points damage. Helm casts Conjure Elemental, bringing in a fire elemental of his own. Thanior casts Hunter’s Mark, and shoots 2 arrows for 28 points of damage. Trageon moves in on a fire elemental and hits it for 36 damage. The first earth elemental is confused, but the second uses a slam attack, doing 15 points damage to both Trageon and Thanior. Zanlin then casts Shatter on both earth elementals, which hits for 16 points each. The group notices that Shatter seems very effective against the earth elementals. The fire elemental now tries to attack, but misses twice. Helm casts Ice Storm to hit all three elementals, along with Trageon, doing 31 points damage each to the elementals, and 15 to Trageon. Mara attacks the 2nd earth elemental twice, to do 32 points damage, who falls to the ground in defeat. The friendly fire elemental tries to attack the enemy fire elemental, but fails since they are both made of fire. Ebon casts Ray of Frost to do 2 points of damage to the fire elemental. Thanior then fires two arrows at the fire elemental, doing 40 points of damage, resulting in death. Trageon attacks the earth elemental once for 11 points. It then moves away, and Helm’s fire elemental attacks for 8 points. Zanlin then fires two bolts from his crossbow doing 20 points, and killing the last enemy. There is nothing else in the room, where the fighting happened.

The group then turns around to see steps, descending to a walkway, which seemingly passes through space. You can see stars and planets as if you were looking through a telescope. To the left is a short walkway to a door, to which Ebon listens, and then opens. There is a room with a whirlwind in the center with small gems twinkling inside of it. Ebon then searches all the tables to find useless equipment and Xonthal’s notes to creating elementals. Zanlin tosses a copper piece into the whirlwind, and players roll for initiative, to fight a wind elemental.

Trageon hits once for 15 points damage. The wind elemental then rolls up on Trageon and Zanlin. Zanlin gets slammed against the wall, and lands on his stomach, taking 15 points damage. Trageon is the picked up and tossed at Mara, who side steps to avoid getting hit by Trageon, who takes 12 points damage. Thanior then shoots two arrows at the elemental for 27 points damage. Zanlin, who is laying on his stomach, uses his Wand of Wonder, which casts petrification at the elemental, but it has no effect. Mara hits the enemy twice for 21 points, and our friendly fire elemental does 30 points damage. Ebon then uses Frost Bolt to finish it off.

There is only one way for the group to go, and that is to descend the steps onto the space walkway. Zanlin gives Trageon two potions of greater healing, who takes one for 10 points of health back. As the group goes down the steps, and onto the walkway, Ebon and Trageon see a volley of small meteors cross their path. Everyone besides Trageon can dodge the meteorites. Trageon is hit, and then falls off the pathway, into deep space. Zanlin then casts Feather Fall on Trageon, who takes 12 points of damage. When Trageon lands, he ends up in the room where the group had just fought the earth and fire elementals. Everyone else still heads across, and come to a door. Ebon listens and hears nothing. The door is not locked. Ebon stands behind the door while opening it, to make sure he is hidden from any enemy attacks, but there are none, this time.

The door opens up into a study, with books lining the whole room, along with a ladder with wheels to be able to easily get around. There is a desk in the middle, covered in papers, books, scrolls, and tablets, and Ebon realizes there are a lot of valuables in this room. Zanlin is having fun on the ladder, while Mara pushes him around. Ebon finds a book on arcana, worth about 100 gold pieces, Helm finds a book about King Melan Drake and the Misty Forest Wood Elves, worth about 180 gold piece. Thanior finds a map of an unfamiliar area, which Zanlin inspects, and reveals that it shows the City of Brass. This map is worth roughly 500 gold pieces, Thanior rolls it up, and puts it in his quiver. Trageon finds a book of nobility worth about 70 gold pieces. Helm and Mara then find secret doors. Helm checks his door for traps and finds none. Mara pushes in a shelf, which moves back and then to the right. Loose papers then start moving around the room, slashing at anything inside the study.

Trageon, Mara, and Thanior do 91 points damage combined to the paper. The paper then attacks, missing Trageon, Thanior, and Zanlin. It hits Mara for 12 points, Helm for 9 points, and Ebon for 4 points damage. Helm then casts Dispell Magic, and all the papers float to the ground. Helm moves a book to open the second door, but two openings appear. The first opening heads into a large office. The only thing of interest in this room is ink that would be for magical use. The group then moves into the next room, which is capitalized by a large viewing crystal, and a rod in front of it. Zanlin turns the rod and the scene on the crystal changes to the city on the map that Thanior found, the City of Brass. Mara then urges Zanlin to take out the “rod”, and before you know it, he pulls out his manhood and places it in the palm of Mara. Now, leaving the study, and going down the space walkway once again, another meteor shower manages to knock Mara off, who is then saved by Zanlin using Feather Fall to slow her momentum. Mara still takes 12 points damage from the meteor. Mara then appears in the room at the end of the walkway, which happens to be a storage room. The door to the room is locked, so Ebon attempts to pick it, but fails. Thanior then steps up saying, “slide to the side”, as he opens the door, and there stands Mara.

The door to the left of the storage room is not locked, so Ebon opens the door and walks in. This chamber has two massive hourglasses. And, straight across from the door is the cultist with the Blue Dragon Mask clutched in his hand. He is slumped over. Ebon perceives that he is dead. Zanlin then uses a spell to talk with the deceased. He asks why the cultist would want to run away, and he responds that he did not like the direction the cult was heading. The next question is how to use the mask, and we are told to put it on. “What are the cults’ plans?”, asks Zanlin, to which he receives an answer saying the cult intends to revive Tiamat at the Well of Dragons. The team then takes the Blue Mask and moves on.

The group then enters a room where there is a red-skinned creature, wearing armor of flames, is sitting, studying a chess board. Ebon and Trageon are the first to see this creature. At the doorway, Ebon sees a thin line of salt across the floor. The salt is to keep the creature contained. The creature is known at Toraz the Fair, and he has been there since Xonthal ran the tower. Toraz kept inviting the group in to sit down and play a game of chess. The group then questions Toraz about his life, and origins, while he keeps asking for help escaping the room he is confined to. They learn that he is called an Efreeti, who can grant wishes, but the group can tell he is not being truthful about something. The group leaves without allowing him to leave. On the way out, Toraz yells, “You will regret the day you did not allow me my freedom!”

On the way back to the village the group spots a Blue Dragon. Zanlin then turns invisible, and scurries away, towards the village. Thanior tries to shoot two arrows at the dragon, but misses both. The dragon then frightens Mara, Ebon, and Thanior, who is then shot by a lightning bolt from the dragon for 33 points damage. Trageon does 6 points damage to the dragon, and Helm casts Ice Storm. The dragon fails his saving throw, but then decides to make it, just because he can, and takes 15 points of damage. Thanior then moves to find his Arrow of Dragon Slaying which he had missed earlier, and picks it up. Ebon casts Fireball for 23 points damage. The group then hears the dragon yell, “Give me the mask!”, and then Ebon, puts the mask on. Trageon does 6 more points, along with Helm’s 13 points of damage with his insect plague. Mara then does 12 points of damage. After Thanior gets his arrows ready, he fires one Arrow of Dragon Slaying, and one normal arrow, which slashes the dragon for 56 points damage.

Then, out of nowhere, two firebolts come from the sky, aimed at the dragon, doing 50 points damage. Zanlin then uses his Wand of Wonder to cast Petrification once more, but the dragon auto saves, because he feels like it. Ebon then shoots him for 40 points damage with a Fireball. The dragon is then wounded, and tries to escape. Trageon shoots two crossbow bolts at him for 12 points, along with one hit from Mara for 8 points, and an Ice Storm from Helm for 28 points damage. Then, the group sees Toraz the Fair is the one shooting the Firebolts at the dragon, who then fires two more shots at the dragon for 50 points damage, killing the Blue Dragon.

Toraz hovers above the group….

Session 26: The End of the Maze

The group approaches the sundial and appears on a separate path. In the distance, they hear charging hooves. A gorgon is coming at the group. Hurrying to react, Thanior pulls out his bow and flings two arrows at the charging gorgon, doing 30 points damage. Zanlin readies his crossbow, fires two bolts, but the gorgon proves to be too elusive, and both of the crossbow shots miss. Trageon uses his boots of speed to charge at the gorgon, he misses his first attack, and then fumbles on the second. Mara moves up 30 feet, drops her torch, and attacks the gorgon wither her bow for 23 points damage. Helm casts the spell Flame Sphere for 7 points damage. Now, the gorgon attempts to attack Trageon, but luckily, it misses. Out of nowhere, a second gorgon pops out of the tall hedges in the maze and uses his breath attack. Everyone in the group feels their bodies start to stiffen, but everyone breaks free, except for Thanior, who starts to turn to stone. Ebon then sends an owl in the air to do a shocking grasp for 24 points damage. Thanior fires 2 arrows that do 30 points, afterwards, he starts to change color before saving himself and fighting off the Petrifying Breath. Zanlin hits gorgon twice for 19 points, and Trageon hits once for 15 points. Mara, wanting this silly scuffle to be over, drops her bow and draws her two short swords, who fumbles her first attack, hitting on the second, and then using action surge getting two more attacks, and doing 42 points damage, finally killing the first gorgon. Helm now focuses on putting down the second gorgon, using a flame sphere and throwing a javelin, to do 17 points damage. The gorgon then charges past Trageon and hits Mara for 24 points damage. The gorgon then tries to use his Petrifying Breath once more, but the group resists. Ebon then commands his owl to do another shocking grasp for 5 points damage. Thanior slings two arrows at the gorgon, hitting on one and doing 21 points damage. Zanlin then fires 5 magic missiles, trying desperately to defeat this last gorgon in one final shot, and thankfully, the gorgon is slain.

Helm notices as the gorgon used his breath attack that a gem rolled from his mouth. Looking around, he found one from the other gorgon also. Helm picks up both gems, and as soon as he does, the hedges of the maze part and lead down to a new path. The team walks about 9 minutes and comes back to the sundial. Zanlin walks up the sundial while there are shadows pointed in all 8 directions. The group decides to travel west, after bickering about always coming back to the same place. They walk along the path for 2 minutes and come to a clearing with a circular pond in the middle, measuring about 60 feet, and has a gem hovering about a foot over the pond. Ebon uses Mage Hand to go out and grab the gem. As the hand approaches the gem, 4 pinchers come from the pond and attack Ebon. The first attack misses, but the second grabs Ebon and does 14 points damage. The other two pinchers turn toward Trageon, hit him with a critical hit, and grab him. Thanior attacks one of the pinchers that grasped Ebon, does 10 points damage with the first arrow, and fumbles the second. Trageon, while grappled, uses his manly strength to strike the pincher twice for 34 points damage. Zanlin then points his crossbow at the pincher that has Ebon by the testicles, and hits it twice for 13 points damage. Ebon, using his quick wits, then remembers he has a spell to get him, and his testicles, out of a sticky situation like this, called Misty Step, teleporting him 30 feet away, and then casts a Fire Bolt for 10 points. Trageon feels poison being injected into his body, but fights it off, and is crushed for 11 points damage. Zanlin is hit by a pincher for 12 points and grappled. Trageon is attacked by another pincher, but misses, and Helm is attakced for 12 points and grappled as well. (Jacob (Thanior) arrives from work and asks, “Are we still in the maze?”) Helm then wild shapes into a Dire Wolf and breaks the grasp of the pincher. (While Jacob is settling in and getting filled in on what is currently happening, him and Jason make a deal. Jason will write the notes, and Jacob will post them for this time, and the next. Jacob also proudly announces that after months of bumming dice from everyone else, he finally bought his own set, saying that it also came with a bag. Joe, then exclaims, that your reputation in the Dungeons & Dragons world is all about how big of a bag you carry your dice in (pulling out an extremely large bag). Jacob, who is obviously flustered by this news, reluctantly pulls his bag out of his pocket, which is barely able to hold 7 dice without ripping. The whole groups laughs at the pitiful size of Jacob’s dice bag, but then quiets down and gets back to the business at hand.) Mara attacks one of the pinchers 3 times with her short swords, doing 33 points damage. Thanior shoots 2 arrows, and hits with one of them to do 11 points damage. Trageon attacks one of the pinchers twice, and does 27 points. He then yells at Zanlin to use a Cone of Cold at the pinchers, which would also hit Trageon. The group thinks this is an act of bravery, “taking one for the team” per say, but then they remember that Trageon wears a ring of cold resistance. So, Zanlin uses his Cone of Cold and does 50 points of damage each, making 2 of the pinchers perish, and causing Trageon to take 12 points. Ebon then fires a Fire Bolt for 13 points. A pincher then grapples Zanlin for 11 points damage. Zanlin feels poison being injected into him, becomes paralyzed, and is taken underwater by the pincher. Helm gets grappled and takes 11 points damage. Mara then hits the last pincher above ground 3 times, “crits” it once, and kills it. Thanior then sheds all of his clothes, and dives in after his buddy Zanlin. Trageon sits and watches, thinking he had already done his good deed for the day. Ebon, then uses Mage Hand to take the gem that is still hanging over the lake, and returns to the party. The pincher then squeezes Zanlin for 11 more points damage. Helm changes into a Giant Octopus and heads after Zanlin. Mara, Trageon, and Ebon all stand by the side of the pond waiting for something to come out, and Thanior heads back up to them, seeing Helm already pass by him. The mosnster crushes Zanlin and makes him take 11 more points damage, but then, Helm catches up to the pincher, and takes 7 points damage and is grappled. Helm takes 11 points damage. While he is grappled, Helm swims 60 feet up towards the shore, but the monster lets go and swims 30 feet deeper. Helm goes after the pincher and misses. The monster then grapples Helm again, who swims powerfully up 15 feet. Helm can feel poison coming through, but fights it off. Helm then attacks the monster for 10 points, who tries to poison Helm again, but fails. Helm then moves 15 more feet towards the surface, and does 12 more points damage to the monster, and kills the last pincher, bringing Zanlin to shore. Zanlin is dying quickly. But thankfully, the group is able to help, and he starts to awaken. Mara then searches the bodies of the monsters, but finds nothing. Zanlin uses Mass Cure Wounds, and the group takes a short rest.

The team leaves the courtyard and walks for 6 minutes and arrive to the sundial with all the paths shadowed. They then move North and travel into a courtyard where there are 6 suits of armor on the edges of the room with a carpeted floor. The ranks of the group are changed before entering the room, as the group is expecting a fight. The fighters of the group step into the middle of room and initiate the battle. Ebon hits a suit of armor for 4 points, Trageon hits for 16 points, Thanior hits with his first arrow for 21 points, fumbles his second, Mara hits 2 of 3 for 23 points damage, who destroys a suit of armor, and a blood stone appears. Zanlin then uses his Wand of Wander and casts Fire Ball, which does 31 points damage to suits of armor and Helm, and Trageon takes 15 points damage. Helm moves forward in the room, Ebon readies for his action, Mara moves farther in, and Trageon then moves to the next suit of armor. Mara then picks up a stone and tries to throw it to Zanlin, but she misses her mark horribly, and breaks the stone. Zanlin then picks up another stone and sticks it in his pouch. The group travels on through the room, then on a path for 3 minutes and come to the Sundial Room. They travel North, once again, for 8 minutes, come to the same room with armor on the edges, and Zanlin notices that the stone in his pouch disappears. This cycle continues to go on many times, and the heroes are confused about what they are supposed to do. (While all of this is going on, Robin is asking people to smell his wrist.)

After 5 insight checks (hints from the DM), the group decides to go through the hedges and they disappear, finally escaping the maze. They appear 5 feet away from the tower, with a portal next to them, on the ground. The group steps on the portal and is transported into the tower. Inside the room they appear in, there are geometrical symbols on the wall, and a lady lies in a pool of blood, killed by a dagger. She looks to be a high ranking official from the cult, a Wearer of Purple. There are no doors in this room, just a portal with controls, and 2 balconies on either side, 8 feet off the ground. Ebon investigates floor, and learns there are portals on both balconies. Under the railing on the balconies, there are buttons which are believed to be controls. The buttons are; a chair, 2 chairs, upside down “L”, flames, a triangle, and a hour glass.

Ebon and Thanior both press the downward “L” button at the same time, and disappear. The rest of the group follows and end up in some room where there are doors leading to other rooms. The group investigates all of the doors, and every room is empty. The group then steps back onto the portal in which they came, and pressed a rectangle symbol. They appear in a room with an altar in the middle, and a half dozen cultists, who are surprised to see visitors. Ebon and Zanlin both shoot Fireballs in at the cultists, and do 15 points and 32 points of damage respectively. The group then presses the flame button on the portal, and teleport into a room with a fireplace, two-thirds of a skeleton of a red dragon on the floor, and half a dozen figures dressed in black, who attack the group. Trageon hits twice for 25 points, Ebon shoots a Firebolt for 12 points damage. Zanlin then uses his Wand of Wonder to cast Darkness. The cultists then move in to attack the group. Mara then hits 3 times and does 35 points damage. Thanior backs up away from the figures to be able to shoot a ranged attack, who shoots two arrows and does 36 points damage, which kills one of the figures. Helm then moves to attack, and misses. Trageon hits once for 16 points damage, and Ebon misses his attacks. Zanlin, once again, uses his Wand of Wonder to cast Fireball who hits Thanior for 15 points, and Helm with two other cultists for 32 points of damage each, which kills the two cultists. The cultists then attack Trageon for 10 points and Mara for 6 points of damage. Mara hits a cultist twice for 20 points, and then fumbles. Thanior shoots two arrows at another cultist doing 47 points damage. Helm then uses his Staff of Healing to regain 13 hit points. Trageon attacks a cultist twice for 12 points, and Zanlin hits a cultist with 1 of 2 bolts, then cures Helm. The battle continues with the group finishing off the cultists.

POV1 - Cult of the Dragon

“I am growing extremely tired of your continued delivery of upsetting news,” the enraged red wyrmspeaker growls as he grabs the frightened messenger around the neck. “I can no longer stomach the sight of your face.” The Cult of the Dragon leader rips the throat out of the unfortunate courier, dropping him to the floor in a lifeless bloody mess.

Severin had just received news two more of his inner circle had been killed at the hands of a certain group of adventurers he was becoming more and more aware of. The troublesome band, working for the Waterdeep Council, had killed Varrum, the white wyrmspeaker, and Neronvain, the green wyrmspeaker. They had already disposed of Rezmir, the black wyrmspeaker, and fought off or killed a few dragons as well. He had vastly underestimated their power.

Looking to a rather large imposing red half dragon warrior in plate armor, Severin says menacingly, “They have meddled in my plans enough. I want them dealt with once and for all. Gather your team and strike mercilessly. Do not disappoint me.”

Session 25 Xonthal's Tower & the Hedge Maze
The Night of Foul Wind

The Night of Foul Wind
In attendance: Joe, Rob, Aaron, Roy, and Jason
Time: 5:30 P.M.
Coneys was on the menu tonight with Jason’s secret sauce of exotic meats and sausage, though he would bless us with his presence later in the night due to ball practice. He entrusted his secret sauce to Rob who proceeded to try and warm it all up in the tiniest of sauce pans with the meats overflowing in the pan, to the horror of all in attendance.

It was at this time that the crew experienced some technical difficulties and had to drag a T.V. from upstairs and Joe and Aaron went through their gadgets until they has their VGA hooked to the mini HDMI that was then spliced into the Flomonical Tube and fused to the Flux Compositor, your everyday projector stuff. After 30 minutes of fixing all of this they decided to not use any of it and sent the T.V. back.

As everyone settled down to eat the mustard was subject to being blocked in the hole while Jason’s secret sauce was revealed to be buffalo and his special sausage with the time now being 7:00 P.M. At this time Shady Will walked in to see what was for dinner and proceeded to sneeze into the pot of dogs, sadly Aaron had not eaten yet with the time being 7:25 P.M.

Joe proceeded to go over the magical items with Zanlin getting a ring of cold resistance as Jason and Aaron were discussing getting off the wall to which Aaron was resolved to point out that Jason would never being able to get off. At this time PK joined the party with being remoted in through the Flux Adaptor which frightened Jason at first because he thought we were communing with spirits for a bit there.

The echo is going to drive us all mad as PK’s voice and all that speak are echoed from one device to the other. Later we find out that it is Aaron’s fault and he should be caned. After a few moments it is discovered that Jason’s cushion has been kidnapped. The time is 7:50 P.M. and we are still going over magical items.

In going over the past events we are reminded that we has just killed the green dragon, Chuth, and after reading a journal on the speaker’s body we find that the Green Wyrm Speaker is Neronvain the long lost son of King Belindrake. Weary from battle we rest and search the massive cavern to find a massive horde of treasure, 8000 copper pieces. Jason found his cushion and the culprit is Aaron, who swiped the cushion. That swiper no swiping was not prepared tonight with no cushion, no screen or background music.

After searching the cavern the group came together to discuss where they should rest, a long rest is desperately needed. As they searched they found the food supplies, about 2 months of “common fair” food with 8 bottles of Evermead wine. a rare and expensive delicacy. Aaron used his wand of finding secert doors, to check for any other hidden areas, which raised questions from the DM and accusations of his "willy nilling " his character sheet. The DM tries to argue that the Wand of Secert Door Detection is an awesome item and needs to be properly recorded.

After much discussion it is decided that Tregon, Ebon, Thanior and Mara will stay at the cavern while Helm takes Zanlin back to the castle to bring it to them and get the food supply. After watching Helm change into a giant eagle to transport Zanlin back to the castle Ebon exclaimed, ’I got a new F@!kin mount."to with Zanlin asked Mara did he just say he wanted to mount Helm? Poor Helm has been the subject of much persecution from a mount to the demining man servant.

The group flew their castle back to the Elven village to inform them of the dragon’s demise. (It is at this time, 8:30 P.M., the assault begins. The most foul of foul. A stench that would burn the eyes. A stench that cannot be healthy, that one would question…“How is that humanly possible?” Rob’s assault begins. The strangest thing is that no one else is having this issue. It will continue through the night as if his gaseous biochemical warfare has startled all into a sense of stunned submission. ) After telling the elves of who the wyrm speaker was the guard advises the group to be careful in how they discuss this with the king. The group the boards their castle and heads for Waterdeep.

The group traveled for 3 days to Waterdeep and upon arrival they informed the guards that they needed to meet with the council. The guards told the group that it would take some time before the entire council could be summoned to which the group decided to do a little shopping, eating and socializing while they waited. They entered Zip’s Rarities, a small shop of acquired items of different functionality and incense filled air. While there they stocked up on much needed healing potions and Ebon was delighted to find a few spell scrolls. Sadly Zip would not except payment in copper pieces. The group decided to not purchase the fine sickle, though it was a good price.

Finely the group would meet with the council and upon arriving they discovered a new face was amongst them. One Rein Nightshade, special advisor to Lord Everember who was not in attendance. The group, with Zanlin being the main speaker, informs the council of sad tidings. The Green Wyrm Speaker was none other than Nevorvain causing King Mellingdrake to rise in a rage of confrontation as he demanded proof of these accusations. After Zanlin hands the king the journal he collapsed back into his chair weeping uncontrollably. Zanlin offers some hint of atonement as he informs the king that in that last moment he believed that the king’s son showed some sign of returning from the darkness. This surprised the group somewhat as all looked at each other with a questioning glances, wondering if Zanlin fought the same guy they did. The council then asked about the green mask, which was not found, and some seemed displeased when the group informed them that the mask was not on the body. After seeing some of the council members’ reaction Ebon asked if anyone else in the room had just killed a dragon. (The biochemical bombardment continues, driving many from the table except poor Aaron who seems to be trapped. Resembling a beleaguered boxer backed into a corner trying his best to duck and cover from the vicious blows.)

The king was going to retire to his quarters but decided to stay when the group to speak with him in private. After some small discussion he demanded the group come out with their request, the last demand of the good dragons. After being informed of their demand of a written apology for using mithal to enslave the dragons all those years ago, the king accepts the request. At this time Lady Laeral Silverhand informs the group of two issues to be addressed. One is the request of the Red Wizards of Thay asking for representatives from the Sword Coast to help them overthrow the Lich King of Thay and help them regain their land. The second issue was a Dragon Cult deserter who needed help in defecting. He is trapped in his own tower and has the blue dragon mask. The group decides to head to the deserter. (Coney count: Aaron= 2, Jacob= 2, Jason= 6, Joe= 5, Rob= 2, Roy= 2)

The group leaves the council with an upbeat attitude, the council was impressed with the group be able to gain the support of the metallic dragons and Zanlin was able to convince the King to write the apology, convincing him he could restore honor to his and his son’s name by doing so.

Lady Laeral presents the group with a letter, written in haste, that explains why the defector is defecting. He is in Xonthal’s Towe, some 5 days away. Zanlin and most the group agree it is most likely a trap but they must try if a mask is involved.

The group leaves the castle on their wyverns and see that the tower is surrounded by an unkept and overgrown hedge maze. Close to the tower is a small village, that goes by the same name as the tower, consisting of only 20-25 buildings. No windows are in the tower and the hedges are some 8 feet tall. Instead of making their way through the maze the group glides their well trained mounts, trained by Helm, close to the tower and jumps off close to the tower. While everyone jumps effortlessly, Zanlin jumps off in a graceful roll with a “Ta-da” stance at the end. This draws some strange glances from the group. No entrance can be found into the tower and Ebon even uses up his wand in trying to find one, to no avail The group gathers in a small huddle and it is decided that the wand was indeed a piece of shit. After finding no entrance back through the maze the group recalls their mounts and flying out back over the maze and into the town. A villager warns the group about the maze and its danger, how those that enter sometimes never return and if they do they are changed forever. He also tells the group that every once in a while they see a Blue dragon fly overhead. As the group look at the maze it appears to be a beautiful hedge lined garden with a beautiful and bright tower. The tower has a balcony and window from this viewpoint. A black robed figure appears on the balcony, yelling that he has the mask. He tells the group that he will hide in the dungeon beneath the tower and that the group must hurry. He tosses a small white hourglass to the ground beneath the balcony telling the group that it is the key to get to him (teleport?).

As the group enters the maze they come to a small clearing with a stone sundial at its center. Eight exact pathways go off in each different directions. Upon inspecting the sundial the group discovers that the shadow of the dial points towards the tower whereas their own shadows point away from the tower. Mara takes out her dagger and carves a X into the dirt in front of the pathway they came from with an arrow pointing in the direction they came from, she will continue this throughout the maze in an attempt to not get lost. The players exit the small clearing and transverse the maze for 22 minutes until they come to a clearing too big for the maze. The area is scattered with large boulders and is some 90 feet by 150 feet. A large cottage and pond take up space in this clearing with 2 Cyclops and a small herd of sheep appear to be frozen in time. As the group enters the spring to life and the sound of bleating sheep fills the air.

The two Cyclops notice the group and perform some sort of action similar to "Rock, paper, scissors " and begin to approach the group. Using sign language and picking up a huge boulder one of the Cyclops heaves the huge rock clear to the other side of the pasture, some 150 feet. While not speaking and motioning to the group he clearly has challenged the group to a contest of might. With a smile and full of confidence, and having his new belt of giant strength, Helm rises to the challenge and picks up a 500 pound boulder. With a mighty grunt he tosses the boulder some 105 feet. Realizing he came up short he rushes up to the boulder and tosses it another 45 feet. The giant shakes his head and finger at Helm. With Thanior translating, the Cyclops speaks in giant, “You must beat my toss in one toss”. Knowing that physically he cannot match the Cyclops toss, because he gave that all he had, the group is beleaguered with confusion as what to do Zanlin breaks into the cottage while everyone thinks. It is at this time that out of the blue and with no provocation Zanlin turns to Helm and says, “Why dont you bend one of the sheep over?” To which Helm says, “Really, really?” “Just cause I am a Druid does not mean that.”

Finally Ebon comes to a decision and casts his Arcane Hand spell, he picks up a boulder tossing it the length of the pasture. Upon crashing into the opposite hedge the boulder breaks open to reveal a topaz gemstone believed to be magical. Though the throw was impressive the Cyclops snicker at the somewhat feminine way in which Ebon tossed the boulder (DM’s call). The group decides to leave and walks another 9 minutes through the maze. The group finally comes to a small pathway with 12 flowers, each with a small pearl. Using mage’s hand, Ebon tries to take one causing the flowers to come to action. Not knowing what to do, Mara decides to use evasive footwork to run past the flowers, getting struck twice but drawing the flowers attention and saving the lives of all her friends.

The group keeps running through the maze and with much gasping and out of breath they come to a small clearing with a single fountain at its center. The group keeps going, only to come to another fountain. Confusion fills the air as Mara and Thanior drink from the cool and refreshing water. Helm fills his waterskin from it and decides to turn into a shark to find the bottom of the pool. After finding the bottom he decides to swim to the surface as fast as he can, leaping out of the water some 7 feet in an attempt to see over the 8 foot hedge. Thus the appearance of one, “Jabber Jaws”.

The groups leaves clearly in desperation of how to unlock the puzzle of this maze only to arrive again into the pathway with the 12 flowers. After much frustration, Ebon unleashes a fireball with no warning, sending the flowers into a frenzy. As almost on cue, Zanlin follows up with another fireball. The warriors begin to unleash arrow and blade as Helm swings his shileigh. Both Ebon and Zanlin follow up with a second fireball each as Helm switches tactics to step back and unleash his own lightning bolt (At this time Jacob cannot stop laughing at J as he pulls out his tiny dice for the damage roll, even though he killed 6). Mara attempts to attack but fumbles and gets bit in the ass.

(After being assaulted once again by the noxious fumes that Rob tries to defend with his doctor saying, “Its healthy”. Roy is driven from the table in a gagging and coughing fit, Aaron’s eyes are wide open, gasping for air and holding his chest as he struggles to breath. Joe began to laugh until he choked on what was in the air, all the time Rob defending himself as it was healthy to which Jason clearly expressing his opinion in that there was nothing healthy about that. It is discovered that Rob will now intentionally aim if paid, to which Roy paid Rob to not aim at him, almost like weaker nations paying tribute to not be invaded. The ironic thing about all this is that just a few minutes later Aaron will let one wet sounding one loose and Rob looked at him with a disgusted look saying, I quote, “You’re nasty.” )(Back to the fight)

Zanlin finally drops the last flower and everyone retrieves two pearls and exits the area only to arrive back to the Cyclops. When they enter the discover the topaz was gone and realize they are going to have to repeat the challenge. Being out of spells and many options, Helm uses his potion of shrinking and shrinks the boulder. He throws the boulder causing it to crack open and retrieves the topaz, impressing the Cyclops. The group exits and goes Northeast, still trying to get out of the Hedge maze.

Session 24: The wolf saves the day
Ebon Goes Down

Slow start as Jason and Aaron struggled to get our advanced technology working. After eventually swallowing their pride, they begged the wolf to assist and the wolf (Joe) answered the call and we were off and running.
Chili was the meal of choice, and we were quickly reminded why the meal had been previously banned. Farting commenced about 15 minutes after consumption.
We start actual play about 7:15 with Ebon in a pickle.
Each player is given his own color token to better distinguish them:

Zanlin – orange
Helm – Green
Mara – Turquoise
Ebon – Red
Trageon – yellow
Thanior – Purple

Trageon swings blindly and kills a cultist with his long sword of acid. He damages a second cultist with his second attack. Thanior drills a cultist with 2 arrows to the head, dropping him to the ground and out of the battle. Helms casts Shillegah and clubs one of the cultist. Mara drops the torch she is carrying and rushes into battle. She kills a cultist with the first of her 3 attacks but violently keeps swinging eventually lopping off his head. She must be ragging.
One of the remaining cultists swings at Trageon with a short sword but misses. Zanlin pulls out his wand at shoots a money shot to the tune of some serious damage. He smiles.
Ebon, currently in a pickle, casts dimension door to escape his dire situation. He joins us in the larger area where we are fighting.
One of the cultists’ dashes into the fray.
2nd cultist heaves a javelin at Helm,but misses.
At this point we notice 2 guard drakes coming into the battle. The boss cultist moves in and chucks 2 daggers at Thanior but misses with both.
Trageon, having trouble seeing in the dark, disengages and moves back towards the light. Thanior focuses his Hunters Mark on the Boss cultist and hits with 2 arrows and bloodies him.
Helm casts lightning bolt at a line of cultists killing two of the 3, and injuring the last one.
Mara confronts the Boss Cultist in melee and hits with 2 of the 3 attacks. THe Boss has not died yet.
Cultist casts fire bolt a Trageon and misses. In the midst of al the confusion of battle, 2 cultists slip through a secret door and surround Mara. The cultist that can attacks whings twice at mara and hits both times with scimitars dripping with acid. Mara parries an attack and reduces some of the damage. Zanlin ready to getting into the fun of killing bad guys, cast shatter and kills 3 of the cultists. Ebon follows suit and blast a ball of fire to finish off the Boss Cultist. Ebon is able to notice some shadows moving towards us.
The 2 cultists attack Mara and both of them hit twice whooping her ass.
Starting the ext round of battle Trageon kills one cultist with his first attack and misses a cultist with his next attack. Thanior kills one of the dragon souls that were sneaking in with an arrows and injures another one. Helm cracks the skull of another cultist with his shillegah. Mara, close to death from the ass whooping she is taking from the cultist, must use her turn to quaff a potion and use a second wind skill. The cultist hiding in the shadow misses Ebon with a crossbow bolt. Cultist also misses Thanior with a bolt. Zanlin, on fire, casts a flaming ball at some cultists and kills two and bloodies the third.
Ebon casts firebolt and damages the last cultist. Trageon, enhances by his magical boots of speed, rushes into melee and takes out the last cultist.
At this point in the game Roy takes advantage of playing Thanior and they disappear around a corner and Mara asks for a smoke when they return. Her lipstick is quitw smeared, but she seems healed a bit more.
Mara and Ebon search the bodies and rooms and are very surprised that the scimitars dont actually drip acid. It must have been a spell.
Trageon and Helm search the backpacks and bedrolls and find a 5lb silver bar.
Zanlin discovers a secret door and discovers 30 gp, 120 sp, 23 ep and 200 cp. At this point we move east to where the cultists came from. As we move on, Ebon lets us know that there are guard drakes to the south. We go in searh of the drakes, to no avail. Ebon keeps sneaking up ahead. As Ebon sneaks to the south, he realizes a tad late that someone is casting a spell in his direction. Ebon is held. Thanior spots the guard drakes and hits with his 1st arrow, barely missing Ebon. Thaior readies his 2ns arrow and before he fires he gets chomped in the ass by a guard drake. and fumbles his 2nd shot. Ebon is pinged by a magic missle. Trageon uses his acid sword and attacks a guard drake. He hits with the 1st attack and fumbles with the 2nd attack. (he will lose his next action.)
Zanlin casts Bardic Inspiration as a bonus action to help Ebon, canst vicious mockery at the Guard drake. Helm uses his thorn whip and hits aguard drake and pulls him back ten feet. An unseen enemy fires a crossbow at Thanior and hits once. Mara hits with multiple attacks and and kills one of the guard drakes. Ebon is finally able to shake off the paralyzation.
One of the guard drakes attacked Mara, and one attacks Ebon and hits once. Ebon takes 3 more magic missles. After the attack, Aaron told jason to give Thanior a tug and pull.
Thanior killed a guard drake with his bow and arrows. Zanlin mocks the other guard drake, putting him at a disadvantage on his next attack. Helm swings his thorn whip but misses.
A ½ dragon gladiator enters the fray. He is carrying a shield and a spear. He jabs Thanior dealing some nice damage.
Mara attacks a guard drake. She hits with her 1st attack, but fumbles the 2nd one.
Ebon follows with a fireball that damages 2 enemies and bloodies the mage.
The 2nd ½ dragon misses Thanior with 2 arrows. Guard drake chomps on Mara’s tit.
Zanlin, Trageon, mara and Helm are swarmed by pecker gnats and have trouble fending them off.
Thanior uses a barrage of arrows to attack three enemies. He hits all 3, and kills the mage.
Trageon finally kills the pesky guard drake with the 1st hit, and missed with javelin
Zanlin casts fireball at ½ dragon gladiators and hits both. And then moves out of lightning bold formation.
Helm casts his own swarm of pecker gnats and they swarm the gladiators.
Thanior is damaged severely by 2 hits from the ½ dragon
Mara hits once with her 2 arrows.
Ebon casts fireball, but neither ½ dragon dies.
Gladiator misses.
Trageon, sensing that one of the gladiators is barely hanging on, finishes him off.
Zanlin casts cure wounds on Thanior to revive him some.
Helm casts flaming sphere to damage the last man standing.
Mara fires 2 arrows and misses both.
Ebon finishes off the last gladiator with a magic missle.
Group takes advantage of battle finally ending to heal up some.
During their search of the bodies we the party finds a crossbow and 500 gp
Ebon/ Zanlin find a secret door. As Ebon tries to open the door, he activates a glyph of warding and everyone but Zanlin takes 22 points of acid damage. This damage drops Ebon, and he has to be healed by Zanlin to get up. Ebon and Thanior quaff their healing potions. Ebon rechecks for traps, and clears the way the second time.
Ebon takes another potion.
This secret door leads to a passage into a room. We find a small shrine to an Elvin god. Fernnarell Mestaine. God of outcasts, scapegoats and solitude.
We are able to find a leather bound journal on the small table beside the shrine.
Ebon detects magic on the crossbow we found, but nothing else. Journal not trapped.
It is found to be the journal of an elf by the name of Nerovan (green Wyrm Speaker) son of King Melandrake. He owns the Green Dragon-Mach. He was thought to be dead. Proof that he is the one, not the party, for the death of thousands of wood elves in his raids.
Ebon finds another secret door. Group takes a short rest to heal up as best as they can.
Zanlin assists Ebon in unlocking the secret door. As soon as the door is opened , Ebon is attacked by energy arrows. He is hit twice, bloodied and paralyzed yet again. He screams like a girl.
Thanior sees a wearer of purple with a green headband. He lets two arrows fly, 1st hits 2nd fumbled.
Zanlin cast fireball at the Green Wyrm Speaker (GWS) and backs out of the room
Trageon, with no light source also stays back.
Mara dasehes into the room. The GWS waves his hand and the room fills with a very foul odor and gas. Thanior, Ebon, Trageon and Mara are engulfed.
Ebon is poisoned and has disadvantage. He moves out of the gas and casts arcane hand to grapple the GWS.
Helm dispels the nasty gas, Thanior hits with an arrow and does damage.
Zanlin successfully mocks the GSW. Trageon moves up to the edge of the light. Mara moves up 30 more feet and fires 2 arrows at the GWS, both hits.
GWS fires 2 arrows at Ebon and fumbles and misses on both.
At this point in the battle, a dragon sweeps in and uses his poisonous breath. Ebon falls again. 2nd time tonight.
Thanior bloodies the Green dragon with 2 hits from his arrows of dragon slaying.
Zanlin casts fireball injuring the dragon and killing the GWS.
Trageon cuts the green dragon.
Mara strikes the green dragon with 3 hits, using an action surge and hurts him bad.
Ebon fireballs the green dragon and finishes him off.
We stop here, no rest and we still need to search.

Session 23: A Selfless Hero
Ebon a Hero? Mara useless? Trageon a coward? Read on to find out

When last we left our adventurers they had just found what they believed was the Lair of the Green Dragon Caller. They stand before the waterfall actively debating their next move and what lies hidden by the green mist that covers the area……

A green mist covers the area just inches above the pool of water obscuring most details. Helm can see the entrance behind the waterfall and the group tries to decide how best to cross the pool and enter. They are all wary of what the green mist might be hiding so Helm morphs into a giant constrictor to allow the party to walk across the pool to the entrance.

Zanlin takes a tentative step onto the body of ‘Helm as constrictor’ . As he is getting his balance to start the odd walk across , a large Morningstar swings our of the waterfall and slams into ‘Helm as constrictor’ . Zanlin hops off ‘Helm as constrictor’ and back onto dry ground , readying his crossbow as Thanior quickly fires an arrow through the water, believing he hit something.

Trageon, taking only seconds to consider his options, charges across ‘Helm as constrictor’ with a grace that belies his looks and leaps through the falling water just to bounce off something on the other side and fall into the pool, quickly bouncing back to his feet. The adventurers can now see a large two-headed giant. A target showing itself, Mara quickly fires her bow as Ebon slides behind her and Zanlin , to get a better view, and fires a bolt of fire at the creature.

‘Helm as constrictor’ defies the large creature and wraps his new body around it and slowly starts to squeeze the life from it. Zanlin and Ebon , ever watchful and protective of their friends, stay firmly on solid ground. Zanlin using his bardic magic to mock and distract the enemy combatants while Ebon maneuvers for a clear shot.

Being so close to the opening now, Trageon can see other combatants joing the fray so engages another two headed beast and its drake companions. Thanior , helped by ‘Helm as constrictor’ topples the first beast. ‘Helm as constrictor’ drops the dead body and slithers forward to grab a drake , helping Trageon who is locked in fierce combat with the other two-headed beast.

Mara, feeling useless on shore unlike Zanlin and Ebon who are powerful anywhere they are , throws caution to the wind and swims across the pool to engage. As she gets to the other side she sees an attack coming and flips up out of the water , parrying. Thanior also braves the pool to help his fellows.

As the battle rages on , it is clear that the adventurers will win the day with little effort , thanks to ‘Helm as constrictor’ and the mocking magic of Zanlin.

After the battle , the adventurers start to cautiously investigate the cave opening, going further into its depths to confront the dragon caller. Ebon, always the brave one, scouts ahead and leads the group into a large cavern with a pool of water.

As he went further in , two beams of energy sizzle out of the darkness and punch into Ebon’s chest as two arrows zip passed him. Behind him, he sees fire erupt among his tightly packed friends. They all spread out into the darkness. Trageon , lights a torch so he can get his bearings , runs forward toward the pool of water and throws himself flat at the edge and douses the newly lit torch as an arrow takes Ebon in the chest. Ebon stays conscious only by the sheer iron of his will.

Helm, always the selfless hero, runs toward Ebon , takes cover along the wall and is able send a warm glow of healing to his friend, giving Ebon the energy he needs to use his magic to make himself fade from sight. Mara follows the retreating footsteps of Helm in a blind panic and runs face first into the cave wall, almost knocking her senseless.

Another magical attack engulfs Trageon and Thanior in a freezing cloud, but giving Ebon a brief glimpse of their attacker. He is on a ledge just to the south and more archers are on the party’s level just below the attacker. Zanlin also sees them and drops a cloud of sickly yellow on top of the archers on the floor, incapacitating them as Helm follows up with his own cloud of ice.

Thanior and Trageon see four figures chained on a small island in the middle of the water pool. Thanior ignores the prisoners and fires into the heavily magic obscurred area trying to eliminate the enemy threat, while Trageon swims over to the island ( to help prisoners or hide the party does not know ).

Ebon slowly moves close to the areas of magic laid down by his group and sees several dead , but more on the ledge just above him. He reaches out with his mind to Thanior , alerting him to the continued threat , but not before Thanior is hit by arrows from the archers above. Ebon ignores the prisoners on the Island as the bowmen from above continue to fire at his friends.

Trageon , for some reason, feels the need to engage the prisoners in conversation, finding they are being held captive for ransom (They are apparently important to their villagers) , while Zanlin starts to insult the combatants to distract them. Unfortunately, it appears that the ruckus Zanlin is causing brings forth several Ogres from around a corner that engage Mara and Helm.

Ebon knows that he must eliminate the threat on the ledge so he uses his magic to teleport on top of the ledge behind the bowman. Since casting the powerful spell negated his invisibility , Ebon quickly hides behind a statue so the bowman will not know he is there and bides his time to figure out how to deal with them , since he is still close to death’s door.

Helm morphs into a giant toad to match the size of the ogres and starts grappling them as Zanlin decides it is time for fire. He hurls a large ball of fire into the grouped ogres, sorely wounding them as he slides back into cover laughing wildly. Hearing that laughter sends a chill down Ebon’s and Helm’s spine as they remember the wild monkey like attacks of Zanlin while he was possessed by the last pool they encountered.

Ebon decides it is time for him to reach deep into his repertoire of spells and calls forth a ghostly hand and proceeds to shove bowmen off the ledge into Zanlin’s floating cloud of stink while the battle below him rages on below him.

Mara, so far being useless in the fight, shows herself to not be light on her feet. She stumbles while attacking and actually hurts her left hand making her other weapon useless. This after one of the two-headed beasts almost ripped her sword from her hand, scrambles back into cover to quaff a potion to heal herself as Ebon , still close to death , continues the fight making his ghostly hand flick another archer off into the cloud of stink.

Trageon , after a quickly escalating discussion with the prisoners ( we believe he actually struck one ) finally swims back across the pool to engage with the enemy and help his friends and strikes a mighty blow to one of the Ogres. After several more minutes of combat, Ebon pushes the last of the bowmen off the ledge. A loud crunch can be heard as the bowman lands on his head, ending his life. Thanior puts a fleeing bowman into the ground with a well placed arrow as Trageon puts an end to the last of the Ogres.

While the adventurers apply first aid to themselves, they release the prisoners and find out that they were attacked on their way to waterdeep and brought here. While resting , the group explains how to get to one of the wood elf settlements not far from here and Zanlin, ever the diplomat, gets the nobles to look on our group fondly though nothing he could say would make them like Trageon.

The group takes a few minutes to recoup before continuing their investigation of the cave complex. In the area where the ogres came from , Mara found a belt in a rubbish pile. The ogres must not have noticed its value, though covered in excrement as it is , most of the party doubts the value as well. Ebon was also able to find a small hidden compartment in the statue/shrine he took cover behind where gold and jewels were kept or put for tithe to some ancient power. Nonplussed , Ebon quickly brings it to the group, team player that he is.

The group gives the large cavern a more thorough investigation and finds other rooms on the opposite side that they search. This new area seems to be a dining hall with bunks and other hallways leading deeper into the complex.

Ebon stealthily checks one of the hallways leading off of the dining hall and sees two figures approaching stealthily. He Reaches out to the group with his mind and reaches into his magical reserves to port right behind the figures to then catch them unaware and shoves a thunderous wave from his body to impact with the figures, knocking one of them in the dining room for his fellow adventurers to dispatch though the other was able to hold fast. Trageon and Thanior quickly react to the threat and engage the figure that Ebon shoved into the room. Helm, always the self less hero ( we are starting to notice a trend with our friend ) calls forth his druidic magic to confuse the new opponents.

Ebon once again reaches into his magical reserves to port away from the figure left in the hallway and hits it in the back with bolt of frost, slowing it so his friends will have an easier time dispatching the other. From the corner of his eye , Ebon sees more figures coming towards him form further down the hallway and quickly moves around a corner into a new passage, only to come face to face with more combatants. He is surrounded! With no friends easily available to help or even know he is facing mortal danger.

What will happen next to our intrepid adventurers? Will Ebon’s friends see the danger and help, or will Ebon be left to his own depleting resources to escape this new menace? Tune in next time.

writer: Ebon

Session 22 - Monkey Style
Battle of the weeklings

The intrepid adventurers emerged from the ruins near dawn and immediately setup camp to rest after their harrowing ordeal.

Feeling well rested, the group decides to venture back into the ruins to further investigate the scrying pool as they felt there was still more information to be gleaned.

Unfortunately, the group had to split to ensure they could operate the pool successfully. Trageon, Thanior and Mara went through the rubble to pour water from the well into the sluice that fed the pool. Helm, Ebon and Zanlin were watching the pool to determine how it worked.

As they stood watching they saw the water come down the sluice into the pool. As the water emptied into the pool it flared with a black light and they turned away , disturbed at what effects it may have on them. After several discussions about how to proceed, Zanlin throws caution to the wind and turns to look into the black light.

Helm, hearing maniacal laugher , turns just in time to stop the blade that was descending on him held by his friend Zanlin. Grappling him so as not to hurt him , Helm twists Zanlin’s arm behind him only to have Zanlin twist, turn, and scamper up Helm’s body to end standing on his shoulders in what could only be called ’ Monkey Style’ , and tries to twist Helm’s head off his shoulders.

Not fully understanding the situation and in a fully reactionary state, Ebon, swings his staff and connects with Zanlin’s head. Hitting him squarely between the eyes. A shot that would have knocked a sane man to his knees, only made the crazed Zanlin laugh louder as his grip on Helm’s head tightens.

Helm , thinking the black light has made his friend insane tries to run from the room to get out of the black light’s evil glow. Unfortunately, Zanlin stymies the attempt and is able to fully twist Helm’s head to face the black light. After just a second’s glance Helm joins Zanlin in the maniacal laughter as they both turn their attention to Ebon.

Magical energy crackles around Ebon’s fingers and he utters a word of power that slows his friends movements, giving him the time he needs to run through the rubble to get help from the other party members.

As Ebon quickly darts through the entrance ," Fella’s…. We have a real problem out here!" , he glances back to see Helm creepily staring at him from around the corner. Not seeming to want to leave the room, Helm just continues to stare and smile at Ebon as the others rush to their companions aid.

“Zanlin and Helm have went bat shit crazy”, Ebon rushes past the others to put distance between him , Helm and Monkey Boy, the image of Zanlin on top of Helm’s shoulder burned into his memory forever.

Trageon, Mara and Thanior can only stare in shocked silence at the scene in front of them. Feeling creeped out as Helm says from his position at the corner, " Maaaraaa…. Come in and plaaaayyyy".

As the black glow in the room beyond fades they notice recognition finally start to slip into Zanlin’s and Helm’s eyes. Shortly after the end of the glow, both friends shake their heads and seem to come out of deep sleep. When questioned, they had no recollection of the previous hour. The group decides they have learned all they can from the pool and not wanting any further mishaps , they return to their castle.

Talis had questions about Verum, but Zanlin told her he was killed by the Yuan-ti. Tactfully leaving out all mention of the fireball. He didn’t want anything to endanger his ability to talk Talis out of going back to the cult. He continues to court Talis as they journey back to waterdeep to meet with the council.

Once in Waterdeep, the intrepid adventurers are greated with cheers as they walk down the busy streets, they decide to take care of personal business before addressing the council.
· Mara’s ex red Talon’s decide to travel to Baldur’s Gate to speak with other surviving members to bring them to their new cause.
· Zanlin decides to go to his favorite Inn and plays to the large gathering all night.
· Helm, always putting the Wyverns before himself, visits his friend at the stables where they are held and they speak about investing in this stable and setting up a side business of giving children rides on the wyverns.
· Trageon finds his friend Ontharr Frume and they sit , drink, and tell outlandish stories of their travels until dawn shines its light through the tavern windows.
· Ebon spends a quiet contemplative evening with Imsa. She has been on several low key missions with leosin while he was away.

The meeting with the council was long and interesting. After giving their report on Verum (the white caller ) , Lord Neverember steps down from leading the council and is replaced by Laeral Silverhand and she introduces the adventurers to Elia ( actually a silver dragon in human form ) who talks about a metalic dragons council that is happening in 6 six days. The council gives them more information on the Green Caller and implores them to seek out the council of Dragons and persuade them to lend their support.

The Emerald Enclave representative sends them to the Mistywoods to look for the Green Caller and specifically Altand , the only settlement to have any survivors of the dragon attack.

The adventurers depart immediately. After arriving at the settlement, they have 4 days to investigate before they have to leave for the council of dragons. They immediately start interrogating people and find several things that don’t sit well.
· Dragon attacked form the ground instead of from the air and only once before retreating
· There were cultists who fled when the dragon left but didn’t take anything
· The settlement’s priest confronted the dragon and was swallowed
· The warden of the settlement , Galin, stepped up afterward and now leads the settlement
· The dragon had a rider that appeared to be human but moved with the grace of an elf
The party could only take so much of what they deemed desceptoin form the warden before they confronted him in his house, keeping him seated while Mara tried to intimidate him into telling them more…. Mara’s intimidation fell on deaf ears and the warden continued to plead his innocence until Zanlin decided to use his great skills of persuasion to convince the warden to tell us all he knew about why the dragon left. The warden had made a deal with the enemy…

The warden offers to help them with his knowledge of the woods , letting us know he was supposed to meet with the dragon rider in a clearing not far from the settlement. Our intrepid adventurers devise a plan to infiltrate this meeting hoping to get the upper hand on the dragon rider. Helm would become an owl and watch the glade from a tree while Ebon and Thanior would be hidden 120’ from the clearing leaving the rest of the , not so sneaky, party further back with Zanlin who would use his mighty magic to quickly cover the ground between them. Unfortunately, the meet never happens. Now the party is even more suspicious of Galin.

After Staking out Galin’s home, Ebon and Helm search it while Zanlin keeps Galin busy. Ebon was able to find a map with settlements numbered except for Altan and anything to the southeast where the dragon was said to have flown off to. None of the Settlements that are numbered have been attacked yet. It is believed that these are the next targets.

Zanlin confronts Galin out in the open and tries to arrest him. With all of the commotion , the guards come and Zanlin outs Galin to the community. He is promptly arrested and taken into custody.

With time dwindling down to be able to reach the dragon counsel in time, the group decides that they have given Altan enough information for the moment and assume they will warn the settlements and travel to reach the dragon council. As they travel , they see below them the devastation of the dragon attacks [The great green dragon Chuth]. Thousands of wood elves have perished and many more will perish unless the group can convince the Dragon Council to join them and they stop the green dragon caller.

As the floating castle reaches the mountain entrance to the Dragon council, they are greeting by the Silver Dragon from the council of waterdeep. They quickly inform her of the attacks. She lead the group into a large cavern , resting on large ledges were all of the representatives of the metallic dragons.

After hours of arduous debate, the group confers and find the following information gleaned from the debate to be of best use in their negotiations:
· Gold dragons would rather do their own thing
· The Brass representative is 50/50
· Silver wants to join the fight
· Bronze enjoys the company of the order of the gauntlet and the harpers and will fight with the alliance
· Copper was siding with the Gold dragons
They decide it all comes down to appeasing the frustrating dragons so Ebon gets to the bottom line , what do each of you want?
· Brass wanted a song written for him and an agreement that we will destroy the dragon masks
o Having a world renowned Bard at our side we easily agree to terms with the Brass and Zanlin will write the song.
· Copper wanted a dagger we found that was supposedly stolen from her ( she hates rogues and bards ) -
o Ebon ( the team player that he is) turns over the glimmering dagger and wins the support of the Copper
· The Gold doesn’t like elves and could care less if thousands are dying. They shaped magic long ago that made dragons go crazy ( history of the dracolich Myhal )
o He wants the group to expose the wood elves for what they are by using the green dragon caller to get his revenge
o He also wants an apology from the King- we easily agree though we did not see the grimace that came over Helm’s face as we did.

The group of stalwart adventurers and special investigators of the Waterdeep council , having garnered the support of the Dragons travels back toward Altan. As they travel they see that a number of the settlements marked on the map have been destroyed.
( as a side note, you apparently can’t trust wood elves to deliver a message… no offense Helm)

Since the settlements have been getting attacked they head to the 5th settlement to try to save it. Helm advocates sending all of the women and children onto our flying castle and sending it 2 days away in any direction. Tanvir can come back when all is safe. Then the adventurers help the men setup defenses and await the coming attack. An attack that never happens. Though the dragon flew over as it headed southeast.

The group follows the flight of the dragon trying to keep it in their sights. As they move quickly , a large crash is heard further up the path they have taken. Helm let’s everyone know that it was a large tree ( Jason’s first crit! Yay! ) , but the party believes it could have been the dragon so they fan out and hide their approach.

“Help, I have fallen and I can’t get up!” , comes from the trail ahead. Perplexed, Helm changes into a badger and goes to investigate. What he finds , confounds him and the grouip. An old lady was apparently walking through the forest when this large tree ( Helm was vindicated ) fell on her and she is asking for our help. As the group keeps a wary eye on the lady, Trageon moves forward to help and is able to free her from beneath the tree.

The lady turns out to be the “keeper of the forest” and her trees , 2 of them, were testing us by one of them gently pinning her while the other made the loud crash. Since we helped she deemed us of good intent and rewarded the group with garlans to hang around our necks that would keep us undetected by the dragons spies ( woodland creatures, would explain why our earlier meeting never happened ) and help us stave off the dragon fear that would buckle our knees.

The group gives thanks and travels on. After hours of rigorous travel they finally come across a clearing with a large pool of water that a waterfall empties into. Helm believes this to be the lair of the Green dragon caller and dragon as he can tell there is an opening behind the waterfall.

What will happen next to the intrepid adventurers. Tune in next time and read the continuing tales of our heroes.

[ note: Roy brought suspect meat to the table. Many conversations were had regarding Roy’s meat and why it was putting juice all over the cheese. Though he did say that PK liked his meat, so maybe there is something there……

Also, late in the evening Pk put his naked ass right next to Roy’s face – he wanted it rubbed… disturbing ]

Ebon 9/23/15


All present except Jacob Riggins

Technology devices handed out! Roy states “How do you use this thing?” (To advanced for a man with a flip phone and a calculator watch as his arsenal!”

Menu: Pork Loin, Mac and Cheese, chips, butterfingers, Reese cups, and a few other items including cashews that only Robin would eat! Better than cardboard IMO!

Meat Sticks Consumed – T.K. (2), A.H. (3), R.K. (4), Joe S. (5), R.M. (5), P.K. (6), J.S. (6)…. Total (31)

We pick up in the temple standing over a crispy critter, while part of the party decides what we should do next Ebon and Mara are searching the altar and Mara finds a hidden trigger. Before we move any further Ebon investigates the trigger and finds a trap and disarms it. Mara then activates the trigger which opens a hidden cubby that is a small treasure hoard. They gather the treasure. While the treasure is being collected Trageon finds a door behind one statue. The door is checked for traps and once it has been deemed safe it is opened. The door leads to the outside, and the team tempted to leave think twice and back pedal back into their adventure. Did they make the right decision? Was there more to gain by staying?

As the adventurers start back they come across one of many doors they have yet to open. This door was locked with a monstrous padlock. Could it be a prison of some sort? What in the world were they trying to keep in there? Trageon looked over his shoulder and found a large key ring, 3 lbs to be exact, hanging on the wall. He removed the keys and opened the lock. Once inside the team found nothing but 6 empty cells. Since nothing struck their interest they continued to move back through the dungeon to come across a familiar room. Three quarters of the room glowed red and Ebon and Zanlin persuaded Trageon to move into the red glow to investigate. Trageon being the tank that he is decided to show that he was not scared of anything and moved forward. As he stepped into the glow he was struck by 4 darts which his armor protected him from. Immediately he jumped back out of the glow. Now with his excitement for danger trumping his common sense he steps in again…. “Ouch” he says… 4 more darts shoot from the walls and this time blood was drawn. He quickly moves back again. “There has to be something at the end of this room Trageon!” Ebon states… So Trageon moves forward as Zanlin and Helm stop him to help him come up with a little better strategy. Helm hands him his shield and Zanlin talks to him about leaping through to not trigger the first trap. As Trageon jumps, holding a shield on each side of his face, 8 more darts fly out as he lands deeper into the room, but not blood spilled because of the shields. “STOP!” Ebon yells… “Let me see if I can reach it!” Ebon casts MAGE HAND and guides it to the back of the room where he picks up a pile of clothes. As he moves the clothes back towards the party a dagger falls out from the pants. The dagger is then retrieved by the mage hand and put away until it can be studied. Once Trageon returns to the party the team gathers around him to stroke his ego to let him know how great he did!

PSA – Jason requested to use the cushion and was denied! As if taking notes wasn’t bad enough he had to do it standing up!

Moving from this room to the next the team opens a door to what appears to be a meditation room. In the room there are shrines and statues with 2 sets of plate armor lying in front of the statues. As Ebon looks around he notices snakes slithering about the room going from one hole to another in the walls. Helm casts SPEAK W/ ANIMALS and steps into the room. Immediately hundreds of snakes move into the plate armor and start to form 2 warriors. The adventures move into battle formation as Helm tries to talk them down to protect the creatures. “Give me a chance to speak with them!” Helm cries out. Helm negotiates with the warriors and they agree to speak with him as long as everyone backed out of the room. So Helm talked with the party and all agreed that it would be a good decision. Once out of the room Helm nothing more than what they had already known, but felt good that the lives of snakes were spared.

The next stop was to return to the room with the Bearded Devils. What are they protecting? Zanlin tries to persuade them to allow us through to the spiked door. “We are to kill anything that comes out this door” states one of the devils. Zanlin askes “What will it take for us to pass through that door?” The Bearded Devil replies “$500 gold in and $500 gold out!” Zanlin continues to speak with them and got to a final offer of $200 in and $300 out, but before he could agree the Bearded Devil added “and a smooch from her!” pointing to Mara. Zanlin states “OK!” Mara rebukes “Hell NO!!!” Now the price just went back up to $300 in and $300 out. Zanlin not happy with this tries to intimidate the devils and forces the party into battle.

While in battle Helm using his WAND OF WONDER deals himself damage, Ebon throws a FIREBALL causing burns for all! Zanlin casts CONFUSION which caused some of the devils to attack their own party, while Mara and Trageon engage in some slicing and dicing! From a distance Thanior uses his bow to pick off one of the devils. Zanlin then casts SLEEP and takes forces 2 others to sleep while Trageon slaughters yet another. The last one decides that speaking with us would be in his best interest. All that he tells them is what he told them before… “We are to kill anything that comes through that door!” Mara dispatches the devil and the party moves towards the spiked door, but before opening it they decide to fall back into the cells found earlier for a long rest.

*PSA – Aaron is upset w/ the technology again! He has put more shapes on the map than a geometry text book holds. “Still can’t grab that S.O.B.”

PSA Continues – After about 20 minutes it is important to note that Joe can remove the shapes with the click of one button!*

While resting the alarm that was set up by Ebon was triggered, and the team was awakened. Helm transformed into a mouse and squeezed under the door to see what was happening. While passing under the door he noticed a red robed figure casting a green gaseous cloud towards him. Speaking with Ebon the team is warned and moves defensively yet strategically. Zanlin casts DIMENSION DOOR, he and Thanior move into the Temple area behind the robed being. Ebon casts MISTY STEP and also moves into the temple area unnoticed. Then he casts WITCHBOLT and hits the robed creature. Mara comes through the cloud and finds herself face to face with the robed creature and gets hit with a cold blast. Then the robed creature disappears.

The battle is only beginning though… Three warriors of some sort are moving down the hallway towards the temple. Helm still in mouse form runs past the three and waits for his opportunity to use the element of surprise to attack. “Surrender to the cult now and lives will be spared” rings out from nowhere… Mara gathers her senses and moves into the temple to warn the rest of the party about the enemy that is approaching. At this point the team; except for Helm (yes, still in mouse form) are all in the temple awaiting the enemy to turn the corner. Helm is following behind the enemy waiting for his moment. Out of nowhere 3 red half dragons and 2 assassins appear behind the team. While everyone engaged in battle Mara notices that at least one of the assassins wears the mark. “You dare dishonor our leader Thorn Blackrain and join the scum of the Talons?” The assassin stops for a second and “Who are you to speak of Thorn Blackrain?”…. The conversation continues with Mara getting louder hoping that anyone that can hear her that wears the mark attention is drawn. Now everyone is in the temple except Helm who now faces the Red Wizard of Thay in the hallway. Helm transforming back into himself is scorched in the face with a fireball and the wizard runs off in the opposite direction. Meanwhile back in the temple Mara continues to battle with words as the rest of the team is dispatching of the enemy. Mara’s words are heard and is reunited with the Talon friends and they finish off the enemy. Now with all slain Helm yells out to Trageon “Trageon the Red Wizard of Thay attempts to escape chase him down!” Trageon using his boots of speed jumps in the air and clicks his heels. He dashes down the hall and around the corner. Commotion is heard and then Trageon comes back into the temple with the wizard on the end of his sword like a marsh mellow on a stick! Meanwhile the team searched the area and a magical robe was found.

PSA – New Cheeseball record!!!! 24 balls in P-Dirty’s mouth at one time!

Helm casts MASS CURE with his wand and heals the group. Now that our long rest was interrupted the decision is made to go ahead and move to the spiked door to see what we find!

Once the spikes were removed the door was opened. The adventures move down the steps and find themselves in a large elegant bed chamber. They search the chamber and find a book shelf and chest that strike their interest. Only one problem there are 2 spectral figures guarding them. With the team needing a long rest the plan is to speak with them figures to see if we can help them which in turn would help us. Zanlin persuades the figures to attempt to leave the room after Ebon destroyed a binding ritual that he found behind a loose brick on the wall. Both figures attempted to move outside the room and they both disappeared. All that we heard was a soft “THANK YOUUUUUU!” Now while searching the room a book was found that needed to be returned to ILDA a long with a magical quiver and ring.

The book was returned to Ilda and she is grateful as she disappears…. “THANK YOUUUUUU!”

The adventurers exit via the secret door from the temple and set up camp to attempt a long rest yet again!

Session 20: Trageon: One Man Killing Machine

DM: Joseph “Grizzly Bear” Singleton
All Members of the party

J was late arriving to the game! The crew would all like to congratulate Cam Snapp in qualifying for the state in the mile.

Party benefited from a nice spaghetti dinner to support some local Augusta residents and their mission trip to Haiti.

After some technical difficulties we’re ready to begin play

  • Aaron was ready to abandon the new technology device until Joe and Patrick encouraged him to try it “ONE MORE TIME

Roy provided some last session recap.

The session begins with the party in a long gallery room with a pool. There are broken arrows carved of stone. Dead cultist pool is empty. The stone sluice in the room is also empty.

The party quickly recognizes that the arrows are carved into the Snake God – Merrshaulk.

Patrick spent $30 a K’s IGA on snacks and Rob is spotted to be devouring cardboard

Ebon listens at the door and hears nothing. He checks and notices that the door is unlocked. Trageon, being the hit point tank and party’s greatest warrior, is front rank…he opens the door into a dimly lit large chamber. At the front center of the room is a stone stepped raised dais with a sarcophagus. The walls are decorated with life-size frescoes of Nethevil and Anavria.

Ebon steps on the first step and is taken back by a large booming voice.

Voice: “You approach Diderius in repose. I know what you seek”

Zanlin, the mouthpiece of the party, “just give it to us then”

DIderius: Be prepared, I will open the way.

A grinding sound startles the party as the door opens to about stomach level.


Trageon attacks twice and hits twice to the Lizardfolk.
Ebon follows up with a thunderwave. Lizardfolk fail their saving throw and are pushed back 10ft and take minor damage. The damage dealt is able to finish off the Lizardfolk that Trageon recently attacked. Ebon, being a team player of sorts, misty steps out of the room to allow the other party members to enter.

Trageon is attacked 8 times by 4 different Lizardfolk. Trageon, quick and agile, proficient with his board, dodges all but one of the eight attacks. Lizardfolk scratches Trageon for minor damage.

Trageon hits two more times, dropping a Lizardfolk.
Ebon follows up Trageon with firebolt. Hits for minor damage.
Zanlin casts sleep — one of the Lizardfolk naps
Mara enters the battle, attacks 3x dealing major damage with her short sword. She kills another lizardfolk.
Thanior eyes his target and BULLSEYE! Drops another one.
Helm casts thornwhip and hits for 10 points damage. Helm, being the strong minded person he is, shook up a spell from the Lizardfolk who was trying to grab his mind.

Lizardfolk hit Mara and Trageon, scratching them.

Mara’s not mentally strong enough to shake off the Yuan-Ti message and feels compelled to oblige.
Trageon attacks and hits. Ebon casts confusion and successfully does so on 2 Yuan Ti and 1 Lizardfolk.

Zanlin casts shatter – 3 Lizardfolk and 2 Yuan Ti fail and they take thunder damage.

Mara, still being controlled, crits Trageon for 18.
Trageon, proving once again to be a tank, takes two more attacks from Lizardfolk.

Thanior casts Hell of Thorns with his bonus action. Hell of Thorns hits for 26 an additional 4 points.

Helm casts a favorite of his – Shillelagh, clubs the Lizardfolk for 12
Ebon’s confusion spell causes the Yuan Ti affected to face a wall and not take an action.
The other two Yuan Ti affected just stare and don’t take their action.

LIzardfolk attacks Helm with a spear. Hits him twice for 14 points.

Trageon continues his killing spree – dropping another Lizardfolk.
Ebon casts Firebolt and Zanlin follows suit with his magic missile wand. Lizardfolk don’t know what hit them.

Yuan Ti tries to grab Trageon’s mind and dominate him, but Trageon too strong for that. It has no affect on him at this time.

Mara, proving to be the weak link of the party in more than one way, is unable to shake off the powerful Yuan Ti. She attacks Helm three times doing major damage.

The Lizardfolk and Yuan Ti stay confused.

Helm is attacked for 7 and he falls with most of his damage being dealt at the hands of Mara.

Thanior, fits right in being a team player, kills a Yuan Ti and frees Mara’s mind.

Helm fails his first death save.

Turn about is fair play. The confused Yuan Ti attacks two Lizardfolk, killing them!

Battle continues… Zanlin proves he’s not a team player and casts shatter while his friend Helm lays dying, motionless in his own pool of blood.

Mara, finally figures out what side she’s on, attacks a Yuan ti dealing a major dose of damage.

Mara. learning from her previous mistakes, shakes off the Yuan Ti power this time.

Thanior, keeps the team player title, proving worthy by casting cure light wounds on Helm. Helm wobbles up. attacks and misses, still a little shaken by his current condition.

Lizardfolk continue to blow cold with their attacks – misses twice

Trageon kills another Yuan Ti.
Ebon misses with a firebolt.

Zanlin, tired of catching grief from his party, casts cure light wounds on Helm, trying to redeem himself.
Mara kills a Yuan Ti.

Thanior, deadeye with the arrow, kills a Lizardfolk, leaving one left.
Trageon finishes off the LIzardfolk with a crit, dealing a major blow, decapitating the Lizardfolk.

(Mara and Trageon earn inspiration point for their crits)

Party searches and finds nothing of value.

Party descends down a set of stairs onto a platform. They cross a bridge and encounter more lizardfolk.

Mara gets the party started by firing her ranged weapon and hitting twice.
Lizardfolk retaliates by hitting Trageon, the parties tank!

Ebon attacks and scratches a Lizardfolk.
Trageon continues his killing spree, dropping another Lizardfolk.
Zanlin sticks one with his crossbow.

Thanior, joins the killing party, and drops a Lizardfolk with his arrow.
LIzardfolk shoot two arrows at Ebon and two at Trageon. All four arrows miss.

PSA #2 – It was announed that Captain Smudge paid Rob a visit

Mara, unlike the Lizardfolk, hits with two arrows. Lizardfolk fight back hitting Mara and Trageon with a javelin.

Trageon chalks up another kill and takes his second wind as a bonus action restoring hit points.

Zanlin, joins the killing party, casts fireball and drops a lizardfolk. Yuan Ti makes a successful saving throw taking only half damage.

Helm follows the fireball with a lightning bolt of his own. Two Yuan Ti’s are dealt a major blow.

Thanior nicks a lizardfolk for minor damage.

Yuan Ti miss Helm with two arrows.

Helm, normally liking to be dominated, shrugs off Yuan Ti domination.

Ebon’s firebolt connects with a Yuan Ti
Mara, provoking an opportunity attack, moves in on a Yuan Ti and hits 3 times killing it.

Helm, confident after shaking off domination, swiftly dodges two scimitar attacks.

The Tank (Trageon) kills another Yuan Ti, leaving one left.

Thanior, being the deadeye he is, hits the last one with two arrows. One in each eye, dropping him.

Party searches and nothing is revealed.

They continue down to another set of stairs. These stair descend to an uneven bridge hovering over a dark pit. The bridge is slick from moss, but doesn’t cause any problems for the travelers. After crossing the bridge, they come to another platform that offers two options. One – Path to the right. Two – Steps continuing down.

Party takes path to the right. Ebon, using his powerful listening skills, hears nothing. Party continues up the slanted path. Ebon listens again and hears nothing. Party enters a room that has a 10ft ledge all the way around the room.

PSA#3 – Rob forces Tanner to use a belt to apply pressure to his right wrist.

Ebon inspects room. There’s a floor 20 ft. below. A few ladders hang down. The walls in the room constantly drip of slime. Floor from the top view appears to be shimmering. The party sees a Yuan Ti thats full snake and 3 humanoid females.

Party prepares for the upcoming battle and decide on an excellent strategy.
Helm casts mass cure wounds, healing himself and getting ready for the battle.
Ebon casts Hastes on Trageon
Ebon casts fireball and kills a swarm of babies
Helm follows with a firebolt.
Helm casts Ice Storm and hits, killing the three humanoid females.
Ebon follows up with firebolt (13)

Trageon fires two bolts and misses.

Yuan Ti fired two at Trageon and misses. He starts to climb ladder and comes up.
Zanlin uses vicious mockery on a Yuan Ti. Makes save and doesn’t take any damage.

Trageon critically hits the final Yuan Ti, bloodying him.
Ebon follows suit with a firebolt
Yuan Ti gets on a ledge and attacks Trageon

Trageon is poisoned by the Yuan Ti bite. Trageon is dealt 19 points damage.
Zanlin shoots 5 magic missiles
Mara hits two times dealing major damage.

Thanior shoots two arrows and kills a Yuan Ti.

Room was a hatchery full of broken egg shells.
Party searches and finds nothing.

Party checks door on south wall. Ebon listens and nothing. Thanior casts lesser restoration.
Trageon opens door.

Room piled high with trash and filth. Party has a short rest and it goes uneventful.

Ebon stealthily enters hallway. Checks door, its unlocked.
Trageon opens the door into a room of slime.
Ebon listens at doors on the east wall — hears nothing.
Ebon listens at the north wall and nothing.
Both are unlocked

Helm checks religion on totems. They are a shrine to Merrshaulk.

Trageon opens the North door into a hallway.
Trageon opens the East door.
Along the walls is a red glow.

The party enters a giant chamber that appears to a temple.
On walls there are serpents with mouth of green flame.
There’s an alter at end of room
Near the alter a huge carved giant open mouth cobra at the base. A badly beaten dwarf is comatose.

6 Yuan Ti and 1 female snake like are in the room.

Ebon blasts a fireball in middle and does 31 damage. The female Yuan Ti moved up.

Helm casts Ice Storm on the 6 Yuan Ti and dealt major damage (27) and kills 3 female snake like creatures.

Verum, the comatose dwarf, burns from Ebon’s fireball.
As Mara turns corner – Yuan Ti fires two arrows and hits. Mara is poisoned. Mara, with disadvantage, fires two arrows and misses.

Zanlin, being persistent, tries vicious mockery again and failed.
Trageon enters the room, attacks a Yuan Ti and hits.
Thanior shoots two arrows and hits with one.

Ebon kills one with his firebolt.

Mara, Thanior, and Zanlin all fail their wisdom checks and a Phantasma image of their worst fears is before them.

They drop all of their equipment and dash away quickly.

Helm conjures two dire wolves.
Mara takes an arrow to the tune of 14 damage

Yuan Ti misses Trageon

Mara remains skeered and Zanlin shakes off his fears.

Trageon kills another Yuan Ti
Trageon uses his action surge and crits to the tune of 45 points damage.
Trageon uses his inspiration and crits another one for 45 more points damage.

Can I mention that Trageon is a killing machine?

Thanior is still skeered

Dire wolf bites a Yuan Ti and knocks him prone
Ebon misses with withbolt.
Trageon failed a wisdow saving throw and is suggested by the Yuan Ti to kill the dire wolves.
Helm casts dispel magic ending the suggestion spell on Trageon.

A Yuan Ti crits and kills a dire wolf.
Mara is no longer skeered
Zanlin misses with the crossbow.

Trageon being the hit point tank is attacked and takes 13 points damage.

Thanior is skeered
Dire wolf misses
Ebon hits with firebolt

Trageon dominated by a female Yuan Ti
Helm, proving to be a team player, dispels magic on Trageon.
Zanlin fails with Vicious Mockery for a 3rd time.

Trageon kills the female full snake.
And the conjured Dire wolf polishes off a yuan ti.
All are DEAD!

Party still needs to search and rest…

PSA#4 There’s an extra crispy dwarf in the room

Session 19: Tracking the Wyrm Speaker
The Night of Meat Sticks

April 29, 2016

Dinner tonight: Dogs & Brats with Banana Pepper Mustard

Joe, Aaron, Robin, Jason, PK, Jacob & Roy in attendance.

Everyone gets settled in as we discuss our characters reaching 8th level. Although most were present around 5:00 to 5:30 the time is now 6:30 and we are ready to begin. PK was a little late and quickly began to devour some meat when he called out little Elijah, scaring the crap out of him, for eating more than one dog. Poor little guy quickly fled the kitchen. It was at this time that Madison was caught red handed with the Jalapeno dip and chips.

(That shit has been disappearing for several secession now..J’s words). It is 6:30 p.m. and a meat check is called. Count is Jason=4, PK=3, Joe=3, Rob=2, Roy=2, Madison=1 & Aaron=refused to answer.

Aaron began to discuss how he was interested in building an addition and wanted to know if Rob knew of anyone who could help with it for some Lowbar. Joe was desperately trying to get all in line as he began the night calling for a rank check. Robin realized he was in the front rank and requested a move to the back rank, which got another discussion going between him and PK.
Aaron was asked what his snack was to which all found out it was a meat stick with mixed nuts.
The time is now 7:05 p.m. to which we are still getting ready to get started but Joe had to hold up for a few minutes because he was getting sweats from his meat stick.

Water Deep & Meeting the Council

The group begins their night in the city of Waterdeep, we had recently returned from the Sea of Flowing Ice where we drove off the White Dragon and returned to Waterdeep with the Teethling, Macouth, gaining the trust of the Arcane Brotherhood. We parked the Castle outside of the city high in the sky so as to not raise attention. The question was how to get Macouth’s vast library down to the city. Helm decided to go into town and purchase a cart and horse to carry everything. However, when he was in the marketplace he saw a lovely little cart and horse with a sign on the side, “Rent me”. So he decided to rent one instead. After the group finally got into the city we discovered the council was not in session. But, the leader of the council wanted to speak with us. So the group went to the chambers of the council where they met their old friend the monk along with two other gentlemen. Sir Estaveil, a Purple Knight of Courmyr & Lord Neverember were present with his small man servant.

Neverember asked about the Drachorn to which the group reported it was still missing but they were able to drive off the white Dragon, White Death. Nevderember holds up a bag of coins saying, “Your payment.” Tossing it towards the group, just as Trageon holds up his hand to catch it Helm quickly snatches it out of the air saying, “Thankyou”. Turning to Helm he says, “For the cart rental”. With their payment in check the group takes on a jovial attitude as they begin to exit the room discussing what to do with the money. Zanlin skipping as he plays a joyful tune to add to the excitement. Just as they were about to exit, Lord Neverember, sitting behind his desk. “Gentlemen and my Lady”, we may have another problem that could use your expertise. The group turned to look at him as Zanlin stopped his playing, still holding the flute to his lips.

(MEAT CHECK is called by PK)
Count is Jason=4, PK=4, Joe=4, Rob=3, Roy=3, Madison=1 & Aaron=4

Water Deep & Meeting the Council

Lord Neverember looks to the group and the room goes strangely quiet as he motions the group to his desk. With the group huddled around his desk and with the most serious of looks and with an almost whisper he says, “We may have a Wyrm Speaker near.” Causing Ebon to scream.

Talis the White

Zanlin asks how he knows of this to which finds that the city guards has captured a cultist and Lord Neverember wants the group to interrogate her. He motions to the guards to retrieve the prisoner to which the group is startled to find that their prisoner is none other than Zanlin’s old friend, Talis the White. Zanlin looks to the council leader and Sir Estaveil, clearly upset saying in a demanding voice, “What crimes has she committed?” as Talis looks to him longingly. Ebon quickly catches onto Zanlin’s ruse as the two begin to weave their web of deceit. The rest of the group take up positions in the room that would give them an advantage if this ploy turned against them. Ebon says in an almost laughing tone, “You expect us to interrogate one of our own.” The gamble paid off as the group exited the council chambers with Talis in tow. The group decided to split up and do some shopping as Zanlin took Talis to the local Inn, where he was a local celebrity, to find out what she was doing in Waterdeep. As he and Talis entered the inn a small peasant boy asked for his autograph. The group purchases some potions and Trageon got himself fitted for a suit of full plate armor.

As the group rendezvoused at the Inn more their dinner Helm approached Trageon to ask about his fine armor. “Where’d you get the armor?” he asked to which Trageon replyed, “I traded my scale mail for it straight up.” Helm looked him up and down saying, “Just when I thought you couldn’t do anything any stupider….you go and totally redeem yourself.”

As the group chilled, laughing and eating their meal with a few rounds of stout ale, Zanlin took a seat at a smaller table off to the side to speak with Talis in private. As they catch up with each other Zanlin tells of Cloudchaser’s death causing her to feint to the floor, hitting her head. He quickly helps her back to her feet and sits her down as she begs him to tell her that Cloudchaser was merely drove away and not dead. Zanlin decided to tell her the truth that he was dead, causing her to feint to the floor a second time, hitting her head harder. A small snicker came from the larger table causing Zanlin to look at the group with a serious look. No one knows who snickered.

After Talis finds out that Cloudchaser is dead she begs to know who delivered the fatal blow to which Zanlin told her that would only cause more pain, but to know it was not him. Defending his groups actions and pointing out the destruction that the beast has caused.

Journey to the Serpent Hills

Talis informs him that Verim the dwarf, the White Wyrm Speaker is nearby in the Serpent Hills. The rumor is that the Zintaurim has stolen his mask which is a death penalty if it is discovered to be true. Leosun arrives at the inn, waving to the group he approaches the smaller table with Zanlin and Talis. Once he was filled in on the situation he ask Zanlin and the group to look into the matter. The group returned to the Castle about 10:00 that night.

As the group flew to the Serpent Hills in their Castle it is discovered that the reason Verim is there is because there is rumored to be an ancient pool he could scry to find his mask. The journey takes only 3 days in their castle as the group uses their time to make improvements and train the crew. Talis is allowed free run of the castle, finding it quite interesting, under the watchful eye of Pole. As the castle approaches the hills the group notices a small settlement at the base of the hills.

The Village of Boareskyr Bridge

As the group looked down upon the village Talis informed them that this village was the last known location of Verim. The group decided to travel to the town on foot, arriving on the 4th day around 11:00 in the morning. The settlement was primarily made up of tents and shacks with a large colorful tent taking up the center of the settlement. This large tent was called Bolo’s Tentside Inn. The group entered the tent which only had a few occupants at this time of day, taking the largest table in the center of the room. The group asked for drinks finding that their choices were between Rabbitpiss and Mulekick. Everyone ordered Mulekick with one water. Zanlin approached the small halfling, Bolo, asking about the rumor of a magical pool. He was able to get quite a lot of information from this talkative halfling.

Bolo tells him that he is the second one to ask about the pool in the last few days. She tells of how a dwarf had been in a few days before asking the same information when a hooded individual approached the dwarf asking him why he wanted to know about the pool. The pool is called “Dideruis’ Pool of Divination”. The dwarf warned the hooded individual, who just would not leave the dwarf alone, so he stabbed the scaleskin, killing him dead. She pointed to the ground right where Zanlin was standing saying, “Killed him right here, killed him dead nuts.” Zanlin pointed to the ground saying, “Right here?” To which she responded, nodding her head, “Right here.” “Killed him dead nuts and left quick as cats”. She added to her story how the dwarf hired a group to escort him into the hills and they left quick as cats.

On the Trail

The group gathered on the outskirts of the settlement to discuss their course of action to which it was decided to begin their search now with the sun high in the sky around 12:30 pm. The ranger, Thanior quickly went to work, searching the ground for clues from an overturned rock to the slightest of marks in the dirt. He looked off into the distance pointing out the groups path saying, “That way, there are 12 of them.” With the ranger leading the way the group falls into rank with the ranger adding, “One has a limp.” To which Trageon called, “Bullshit”, with an added snicker from Mara.

(MEAT CHECK!!! called… Count is Jason=4, PK=5, Joe=4, Rob=3, Roy=3, Madison=1, Aaron=4, Jacob=3)

On the Trail

After 30 minutes of walking into the low and sometimes jutting hills the group rounded a bend in the trail to stumble upon 2 Hill Giants. (Timeout is called to discuss how the hell do you stumble onto a giant. This discussion took a few minutes.)

Giant Battle

Initiative is called with battle starting with the combatants being 200 feet away from each other. As the group sprang into action they realize that the giants had caught a humanoid creature and were in the process of trying to rip it apart. Thanior quickly jumps into action firing two arrows at the first giant, hitting it in the right thigh for 20 points of damage. Trageon then follows, jumping in the air and clicking his heels to activate his boots of speed, charging into battle full speed. The group looked on in amazement as he streaked by like a quickling. Just as he draws near the first giant he draws both of their attention as each throws a boulder at him. One boulder smacking him in the shoulder for 24 points of damage. Ebon steps forward a few feet and with a stern look and outreached hand sends a bolt of fire at the first giant, sending it stumbling back as the bolt hits it squarely in the chest for 17 points of damage. Though there was no way she would reach battle as quick as her friend Trageon, Mara ran forward 30 feet firing two arrows at the first giant, hitting the giant in the neck with her first arrow for 12 damage but fumbling her 2nd arrow. Helm stretched out his arms and began to shake as he called forth the power of nature, grunting as he flung his arms forward causing two Dire Wolves to spring out of a swirling mass of air and dirt that had formed behind him.

Taking a few more steps forward, Thanior raised his bow a 2nd time firing two more arrows in the belly of the giant for 23 more damage. Trageon was now in hand to hand combat with the first of the mighty beasts as he darted between its legs, quick as cats, slicing it twice, once in each thigh, for a total of 19 damage. The bloody and angry giant roared in pain as it swung its club at Trageon twice. Trageon expertly ducked out of the way of the first swing, but was not quick enough to avoid the 2nd blow with hit him for 20 damage. Seeing the huge wolves approaching his companion the 2nd giant, while still holding the dangling humanoid by the neck, throws a boulder at one of the wolves, causing it to momentarily fall to the ground, hitting it for 24 damage. Ebon slowly walking a few steps forward swings his right arm sending another bolt of fire towards the first giant. However, his aim was off as the bolt flew off into the sky. As Mara continued her rush into battle, Helm took the shape of a mighty Dire Wolf and sped past her to battle. Thanior knelt on one knee and raised his bow once again and with the precision of years of honing his craft sent 2 more arrows into the giant, striking it twice in the throat for 29 damage. The giant gurgled as it’s hand tried to raise to his wounded neck. It fell onto its knees and finally face forward to the ground, breathing its’ last. With a grin and slight stride he moved forward to assist with the 2nd giant, who still held onto the humanoid.

Enraged over the death of its companion the 2nd giant stepped towards Trageon swinging its club twice as Trageon deafly dodged and spun out of the way of the enraged beast. With his mind focused, Trageon switched his attention to the 2nd giant leaping into the air to strike it across it’s abdomen for 29 damage, causing a nasty gushing wound. Ebon swung his arm a 2nd time, grunting as he sent yet another bolt of fire into the shoulder of the 2nd giant for 11 damage.

Mara continued her mad dash into battle as Zanlin began his rush as well, only to be passed by a leaping Helm as he joined his Dire Wolves in battle. Striking with the deadly precision of a pack. The wolves bit and gashed at the giant for a total of 28 damage. While still walking Thanior continues his slow stride into battle firing two more arrows. One bouncing off the side of a boulder, but the second finding its mark as it struck the giant in the right abdomen for 20 damage. Trageon with shield in hand takes a run at a nearby boulder, using it to kick off of and leaping into the air. He struck the giant, sending his sword deep into the chest of the beast causing it to fall backwards dead and finally dropping the humanoid. The group inspects the giants searching for anything of value or interest. Mara, while standing over the humanoid, finds that it was a male 1/2 elf. She lightly kicks his foot saying, “Well hes dead.” Ebon and Helm investigate the corpse more to find that he was an agent of the Zentarium.

On the Road Again

After 15 minutes of searching Thanior finds the trail of the dwarf’s group and the group heads off into the distance, traveling until nightfall where they take a peaceful long rest in Zanlin’s hut. Resting, eating and laughing around the fire as Zanlin played his flute. They pick up their journey at 10:00 the next morning and after a few hours they come across the ruins of an ancient village surrounded by bluffs on all sides. The bluffs were full of caves as the group noticed a very ornate entrance archway on the far side of the village. The group cautiously moved through the ruins as quietly as they could towards the archway with their bows drawn and at the ready.

Diderius’ Tomb

As they draw nearer the archway they discover a recently left campfire, still smoldering from the morning, surrounded with 3 bedrolls. As they approach the camp fire they discovered 7 recently dug shallow graves. The ranger took a small handful of the dirt saying, “Not more than 4 hours old.” To which Trageon again saying in a perturbed voice, “Ok..again I call bullshit.” To which Ebon glared saying, “SHHHH”. As the group thought on their next actions Mara suggested that Zanlin use his trick of speaking with the dead to find out some information. This drew the attention of the entire group as they all looked at her with a strange and astounded silence. She looked at her companions saying, “Hey..I’m not stupid.” Ebon started to say something but quickly changed his mind with a nudge from Zanlin. He looked to Ebon with an almost pleading look causing Ebon to remember how last time they picked on her she was moody for almost an entire week.
Trageon and Helm took to digging up one of the dead humanoid to reveal it to be a human cultist.

(MEAT CHECK!!!…. time is now 10:35pm real time. Count is Jason=5, PK=6, Joe=6, Rob=3, Roy=4, Madison=1, Aaron=8, Jacob=5) The meat tally is debated with PK pointing out that one of Aaron’s 8 had no bun while all his had Banana Pepper Mustard. This is when Joe wanted it in the notes that PK is creating a “Hostile Working Environment”. I quote, “He continues to eat as he assaults everyone.”)

Diderius’ Tomb

The dead human reveals to Zanlin that he was with Verim and killed by one of the scaled folk one day ago. When Trageon hears “one day” he exclaims, “Told you..Bullshit!!” To which Ebon and Helm both tell him to shutup. The dead cultist further reveals that Varim is heading to the pool.

As the group approaches the entrance they find two 20 foot tall statues on each side of the stairway. As the group got closer one of the giant statues came to life exclaiming in a booming voice, “Halt, you come before Diderius Etherwalker. Behold his wondrous triumph. Do you seek wisdom or knowledge?” Before anyone is able to think Ebon steps forward exclaiming, “We seek wisdom.”

At the top of the stairway the group found a 10 foot gap to the other side, spanned with two ladders stretching across. Ebon leads the group finding his way across the rungs of the ladder easily with the rest of the group following. He reveals to the group once they are all safely across that the room is an illusion, making cracked, degraded and dusty chamber appear to be magnificent and spotless. The group approaches a door on the far side of the room that has been forced open and with Ebon being the quietest he enters first. As he began to squeeze through the door a thought entered his mind as he stared at the floor of the room, “Some knowledge is best unknown, look away from darkness where such knowledge hides.” he shivered as an unnatural chill went through his body. He looked up and continued to move into the room where he noticed 6 heavily cowled & robed statues leaning on their staves. He momentarily stopped in his tracks as he looked back at his companions saying, “Do not look into their cowls. In fact do not look at them at all, keep your eyes on the floor as you follow me through.” The group decided to follow the mage’s advice as they moved through the room. They could hear the scratching of the statues heads moving, watching their movement through the room.

The group next found themselves in a high domed room with a beautiful mosaic on the floor of a shining knight fighting a Chimera. The Chimera leaped to life as the group entered the room, coming into a 2D tiled form. The group battled for what seemed like hours to finally fell the beast when Trageon unleashes a whirlwind of steel with 4 strikes. To ensure that it did not come back to life the group had the idea to take 100 tiles with them, they would put 50 of them down the well later on.

TIME OUT CALLED!! Joe is having difficulty breathing as PK continues his assault. He has been branded as PK the Silent Shitter, with Joe saying, “You don’t even apologize.”. Roy did apologize for his last one at this point to which Rob said, " I apologize for anything later". This brought a very worried look from Arron. May I Point out that later on Rob was true to his word as he continued to arch his backside towards Aaron the remainder of the night. When asked by Aaron as to why point in the other direction, Rob pointed out he could not do that to one of his students. Aaron remained trapped

Diderius’ Tomb-Indiana Jones Has Nothing On Us

The group continued to search the tomb as they found a room with the word “Safe” written in chalk on the door. In the room they found a well surrounded with red mushrooms that smelt of raw liver and shined like wet blood. In the room was a bronze bucket and lever which revealed a trough into another room. Zanlin decided to eat one of the mushrooms with no obvious effect. With nothing found in the room the group decided to exit and go down the only other direction a slanted hallway. Everything was going well until Trageon triggered a pressure plate setting off a boulder trap. The entire group began to race down the hallway with the huge ball of bones catching up to them. It ripped past Helm causing 30 points of damage to him, Trageon and Ebon as it pulled each of the three into the ball. The rest of the group was able to dodge the device as it rolled past them into another room, slamming into the wall and shattering into pieces. Ebon slams to the floor unconscious and near death as the group gather themselves. Zanlin and Helm tend to their companion and Mara, Trageon, and Thanior watch for anything to approach.

The group realize that the room they are in is richly furnished with tapestries on the walls, smelling of incense. An unknown voice says, “Approach Mistrel with humility as you seek knowledge.” Helm informs the group that the symbol of respect to the goddess Mistrel is having your hands above your head as if you are holding a lamp with your head bowed in respect. The group decided to follow Helm’s advice as they approached the huge double doors on the other side of the room. The doors opened to reveal a huge throne in the center of the room with a 12 foot tall statue sitting on it.

Diderius’ Tomb- The Friendly Ghost

Zanlin approaches the statue in a respectful bow asking, “What powerful being sits on this throne?” to which he found that the group must pay silver in order to pass. The group placed their offering of silver at the beings feet as they passed into the next room which turned out to be a large ancient library that had looted long ago. In the room they saw a large glowing tome that was being read by a glowing feminine figure. The ghost conversed with the group in a hauntingly voice after the group revealed that they had no intention of looting the tomb and that they only wished to find a dwarf who was there to desecrate the tomb. The ghostly woman revealed that a few books had been stolen from the library causing her to be trapped for all time. The group offered their help to which she agreed and further revealed that the pool demanded a sacrifice in order to be used. She told of how the revelations of the pool could cause one to go mad, being risky to use without a sacrifice first. As the group left the room the ghost warned the group of how he pool had become more demanding with the activity of the Yuan-ti. This brought a groan from Ebon as he shook his head. Trageon and Mara both asked what that meant to which Thanior said, “It’s not good.”

Diderius’ Tomb-Here There Be Devils

The group continued their search for the pool and Verim the dwarf as they entered a large dining hall with a large marble table in the center. As soon as they entered the room Ebon started backing up with his arms outreached trying to push all the group back out of the room. He recognized them as soon as he saw them. Five purple skinned humanoids with long black hair in topknots and black barbed beards sit at the table casually as they watched the group. Trageon asked, “What is wrong? What are they?” to which Ebon responded, “They’re devils from another realm.” Mara questioned almost stunned, “They’re not moving to the defense to anything, just sitting there.” To which Ebon, now realizing the group had been seen and the was no use leaving, responded as he turned towards the table, “Because they don’t have to worry about us.” At this time he asked the devils, “Greetings, would you know anything about the door that is spiked shut.” In a short talk with the devils the group found that they were with Verim the dwarf and it was he that spiked the door shut. The devils let the group pass through the room, not worried about them, to where the group found themselves in the pool room. In the room was a lone dead cultist with blood stains and broken arrows strewn about the floor and room. Some sort of battle had taken place here very recently.


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