Epic Augusta

Session 9: Pan Flute Playoff
Pan Flute Playoff

The group has been through many harrowing moments the last few weeks and it looks as though things will continue as they return to Greenst with the the dragon eggs in tow. After much inspection by town officials the group split up the gold from the sale of the eggs. Leosin Erlanther, the monk, convinces the group to accompany him to Elturel to meet his good friend, Unthar Flune, Dwarven Paliden in the Order of the Gauntlet. It is at this time it finally comes to light that the monk is a member of the secretive Harpers.

Early the next morning, the 6 adventurers, set out with the monk and his man servant on the 6 day journey to Elturel. The trip is peaceful as the group gets to know each other better and relax somewhat. As they approach Elturel, they are amazed by the large glowing globe that is in constant suspension above the settlement, lighting the sky.

They finally find the Tavern where they will find Unthar, the “Black Antlers”. As we enter we can here the loud and boisterous Unthar holding court with two tables as he tells a tale of his adventers. He notices Tregeon as the twos’ eyes meet and they simply nod at one another. After reporting that Cyanwrath breathes no longer the dward and monk retire to the next room to discuss the situation. Before he leaves Unthar sees to it that the group is fed and waited on. Zanlin wins a few coins at the cards as the group kicks back to relax the evening, waking to meet with Unthar over breakfast as a few of the members take the opportunity to clean up.

The group is informed that the cult is taking a caravan to Bauldar’s Gate to meet up and head to Waterdeep. We are informed that for the prize of a 1200 gp valued ruby we need to infiltrate the caravan and meet up with a contact in Bauldar’s Gate, by the name of Ackyn Selebon, an equipment salesman in the north gate district.

It will be a 4 day trip by boat up the Chionthat River. As the group boards their passage boat called the “Long Snapper”. Zanlin comments on how he has been told he has one too.
On the 3rd day of the trip, the group encounters a trio of Ogres who require a toll to pass under their bridge. After some bluffing Zanlin gets the price down to 50 GP and the group travels on.

The group arrive at Bauldar’s Gate and quickly make contact with their man, Selebon, who informs them that they will need to fit in to get hired on by people in the caravan. We gather our 40 days of rations and realize that not all the people in the caravan are cultist.

Trageon gets hired on for 1GP a day by an odd man transporting a wagon full of dirt and a gargoyle. He lets no one near the wagon.

Helm gets hired on by a man named Bayde, for 1GP a day, who has a mobile bar with evening entertainment. He is very cruel to his animals.

Zanlin gets hired on by an obese man, Zamerdag, transporting fine porcelain for 12GP per 10 days, He has a second guard who is well over 7 feet tall simply referred to as the “Pole”

Tanvir gets hired by a man with birds for 5 GP every 10 days while Mara hires on with a family of 5 for 10 GP for the entire trip.

Ebon meets a green woman, both unable to find employment. They decide to travel together in hopes of getting hired later.

Zanlin recognizes some cultist who buy 3 wagons, a total of 9 men. They turn all away from their wagons.

Making about 15-20 miles a day the first 10 days will be the roughest. The group comes across a group of over 200 followers of Lovithar, goddess of pain. The caravan pushes through as some of the cultist want members of the group to beat them.

Around 3:00 PM on the 10th day the caravan is attacked by 3 eagle like creatures who kill several guards including “Pole”. Five guards who approached the caravan a few days before looking for pay hide under a wagon. Mara is able to rescue the small boy of the family she is employed by as Zanlin puts one of the creatures asleep. The group wins the day as Zanlin berates the guards, causing them to leave.

As the caravan reorganizes, Zanlin gets his lute out and begins to sing a song of rest Helm aids the wounded. The next 6 days are uneventful as the caravan travel on. On the night of the 17th day, as everyone gathers around the communal fire one of the guards picks up Zanlin’s flute and begins to playit and dance around, much to Zanlin’s displeasure. He challenges Zanlin to a Pan Flute playoff to which Zanlin accepts and wins. The guard exits still saying how much he likes Zanlin’s flute.

The caravan comes across a man by the name of Jasper Amoffel, buried in the ground up to his neck who claims to be a good friend of the monk.

With the rain pouring down, on the 20th night the caravan comes across a weigh station Inn. The keeper says the inn is full but their is only 5 people inside. After continual insults a Mara & Ebon are drawn into a fight with the robed figure and 4 guards. Quickly the rest of the party joins in and after a tough battle The robed man is finally finished off as Tregeon cuts down the sergeant, as he threw his hands in the air. The caravan spends the night inside the inn as they find out the snobbish group had forged papers. Helm takes this time to convince Bayde to treat his mounts better.

The next morning the caravan sets out early with the smell of rain in the air. Days 21 to 25 go uneventful when on the morning of the 26t day Zanlin notices his flute is missing. He confronts the guard, who quickly denies any involvement. The guard falls as Zanlin swiftly kicks him in the privates and retrieves his flute.
The group wakes up to start it’s 27th day on the road as Zanlin still fumes over his flute.

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