Epic Augusta

Session 24: The wolf saves the day

Ebon Goes Down

Slow start as Jason and Aaron struggled to get our advanced technology working. After eventually swallowing their pride, they begged the wolf to assist and the wolf (Joe) answered the call and we were off and running.
Chili was the meal of choice, and we were quickly reminded why the meal had been previously banned. Farting commenced about 15 minutes after consumption.
We start actual play about 7:15 with Ebon in a pickle.
Each player is given his own color token to better distinguish them:

Zanlin – orange
Helm – Green
Mara – Turquoise
Ebon – Red
Trageon – yellow
Thanior – Purple

Trageon swings blindly and kills a cultist with his long sword of acid. He damages a second cultist with his second attack. Thanior drills a cultist with 2 arrows to the head, dropping him to the ground and out of the battle. Helms casts Shillegah and clubs one of the cultist. Mara drops the torch she is carrying and rushes into battle. She kills a cultist with the first of her 3 attacks but violently keeps swinging eventually lopping off his head. She must be ragging.
One of the remaining cultists swings at Trageon with a short sword but misses. Zanlin pulls out his wand at shoots a money shot to the tune of some serious damage. He smiles.
Ebon, currently in a pickle, casts dimension door to escape his dire situation. He joins us in the larger area where we are fighting.
One of the cultists’ dashes into the fray.
2nd cultist heaves a javelin at Helm,but misses.
At this point we notice 2 guard drakes coming into the battle. The boss cultist moves in and chucks 2 daggers at Thanior but misses with both.
Trageon, having trouble seeing in the dark, disengages and moves back towards the light. Thanior focuses his Hunters Mark on the Boss cultist and hits with 2 arrows and bloodies him.
Helm casts lightning bolt at a line of cultists killing two of the 3, and injuring the last one.
Mara confronts the Boss Cultist in melee and hits with 2 of the 3 attacks. THe Boss has not died yet.
Cultist casts fire bolt a Trageon and misses. In the midst of al the confusion of battle, 2 cultists slip through a secret door and surround Mara. The cultist that can attacks whings twice at mara and hits both times with scimitars dripping with acid. Mara parries an attack and reduces some of the damage. Zanlin ready to getting into the fun of killing bad guys, cast shatter and kills 3 of the cultists. Ebon follows suit and blast a ball of fire to finish off the Boss Cultist. Ebon is able to notice some shadows moving towards us.
The 2 cultists attack Mara and both of them hit twice whooping her ass.
Starting the ext round of battle Trageon kills one cultist with his first attack and misses a cultist with his next attack. Thanior kills one of the dragon souls that were sneaking in with an arrows and injures another one. Helm cracks the skull of another cultist with his shillegah. Mara, close to death from the ass whooping she is taking from the cultist, must use her turn to quaff a potion and use a second wind skill. The cultist hiding in the shadow misses Ebon with a crossbow bolt. Cultist also misses Thanior with a bolt. Zanlin, on fire, casts a flaming ball at some cultists and kills two and bloodies the third.
Ebon casts firebolt and damages the last cultist. Trageon, enhances by his magical boots of speed, rushes into melee and takes out the last cultist.
At this point in the game Roy takes advantage of playing Thanior and they disappear around a corner and Mara asks for a smoke when they return. Her lipstick is quitw smeared, but she seems healed a bit more.
Mara and Ebon search the bodies and rooms and are very surprised that the scimitars dont actually drip acid. It must have been a spell.
Trageon and Helm search the backpacks and bedrolls and find a 5lb silver bar.
Zanlin discovers a secret door and discovers 30 gp, 120 sp, 23 ep and 200 cp. At this point we move east to where the cultists came from. As we move on, Ebon lets us know that there are guard drakes to the south. We go in searh of the drakes, to no avail. Ebon keeps sneaking up ahead. As Ebon sneaks to the south, he realizes a tad late that someone is casting a spell in his direction. Ebon is held. Thanior spots the guard drakes and hits with his 1st arrow, barely missing Ebon. Thaior readies his 2ns arrow and before he fires he gets chomped in the ass by a guard drake. and fumbles his 2nd shot. Ebon is pinged by a magic missle. Trageon uses his acid sword and attacks a guard drake. He hits with the 1st attack and fumbles with the 2nd attack. (he will lose his next action.)
Zanlin casts Bardic Inspiration as a bonus action to help Ebon, canst vicious mockery at the Guard drake. Helm uses his thorn whip and hits aguard drake and pulls him back ten feet. An unseen enemy fires a crossbow at Thanior and hits once. Mara hits with multiple attacks and and kills one of the guard drakes. Ebon is finally able to shake off the paralyzation.
One of the guard drakes attacked Mara, and one attacks Ebon and hits once. Ebon takes 3 more magic missles. After the attack, Aaron told jason to give Thanior a tug and pull.
Thanior killed a guard drake with his bow and arrows. Zanlin mocks the other guard drake, putting him at a disadvantage on his next attack. Helm swings his thorn whip but misses.
A ½ dragon gladiator enters the fray. He is carrying a shield and a spear. He jabs Thanior dealing some nice damage.
Mara attacks a guard drake. She hits with her 1st attack, but fumbles the 2nd one.
Ebon follows with a fireball that damages 2 enemies and bloodies the mage.
The 2nd ½ dragon misses Thanior with 2 arrows. Guard drake chomps on Mara’s tit.
Zanlin, Trageon, mara and Helm are swarmed by pecker gnats and have trouble fending them off.
Thanior uses a barrage of arrows to attack three enemies. He hits all 3, and kills the mage.
Trageon finally kills the pesky guard drake with the 1st hit, and missed with javelin
Zanlin casts fireball at ½ dragon gladiators and hits both. And then moves out of lightning bold formation.
Helm casts his own swarm of pecker gnats and they swarm the gladiators.
Thanior is damaged severely by 2 hits from the ½ dragon
Mara hits once with her 2 arrows.
Ebon casts fireball, but neither ½ dragon dies.
Gladiator misses.
Trageon, sensing that one of the gladiators is barely hanging on, finishes him off.
Zanlin casts cure wounds on Thanior to revive him some.
Helm casts flaming sphere to damage the last man standing.
Mara fires 2 arrows and misses both.
Ebon finishes off the last gladiator with a magic missle.
Group takes advantage of battle finally ending to heal up some.
During their search of the bodies we the party finds a crossbow and 500 gp
Ebon/ Zanlin find a secret door. As Ebon tries to open the door, he activates a glyph of warding and everyone but Zanlin takes 22 points of acid damage. This damage drops Ebon, and he has to be healed by Zanlin to get up. Ebon and Thanior quaff their healing potions. Ebon rechecks for traps, and clears the way the second time.
Ebon takes another potion.
This secret door leads to a passage into a room. We find a small shrine to an Elvin god. Fernnarell Mestaine. God of outcasts, scapegoats and solitude.
We are able to find a leather bound journal on the small table beside the shrine.
Ebon detects magic on the crossbow we found, but nothing else. Journal not trapped.
It is found to be the journal of an elf by the name of Nerovan (green Wyrm Speaker) son of King Melandrake. He owns the Green Dragon-Mach. He was thought to be dead. Proof that he is the one, not the party, for the death of thousands of wood elves in his raids.
Ebon finds another secret door. Group takes a short rest to heal up as best as they can.
Zanlin assists Ebon in unlocking the secret door. As soon as the door is opened , Ebon is attacked by energy arrows. He is hit twice, bloodied and paralyzed yet again. He screams like a girl.
Thanior sees a wearer of purple with a green headband. He lets two arrows fly, 1st hits 2nd fumbled.
Zanlin cast fireball at the Green Wyrm Speaker (GWS) and backs out of the room
Trageon, with no light source also stays back.
Mara dasehes into the room. The GWS waves his hand and the room fills with a very foul odor and gas. Thanior, Ebon, Trageon and Mara are engulfed.
Ebon is poisoned and has disadvantage. He moves out of the gas and casts arcane hand to grapple the GWS.
Helm dispels the nasty gas, Thanior hits with an arrow and does damage.
Zanlin successfully mocks the GSW. Trageon moves up to the edge of the light. Mara moves up 30 more feet and fires 2 arrows at the GWS, both hits.
GWS fires 2 arrows at Ebon and fumbles and misses on both.
At this point in the battle, a dragon sweeps in and uses his poisonous breath. Ebon falls again. 2nd time tonight.
Thanior bloodies the Green dragon with 2 hits from his arrows of dragon slaying.
Zanlin casts fireball injuring the dragon and killing the GWS.
Trageon cuts the green dragon.
Mara strikes the green dragon with 3 hits, using an action surge and hurts him bad.
Ebon fireballs the green dragon and finishes him off.
We stop here, no rest and we still need to search.


dingolove dingolove

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