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Session 29: Robin

The Well of Dragons

March 17, 2017
The gaseous releases start well before game play. It gets really serious when Aaron threatens a Cleveland Steamer.
Finally the notes are reviewed (can’t just look them up on Obsidian Portal, because MR. Hamilton hasn’t finished them yet. Wall O’ Shame x 2 for him.)
We wrap up our first dealing with Toraz the Fair. (Still no definitive answer to how he was released although Zanlin quickly takes credit for it.)
He tells us to look him up at the Nether Mountains so he can show us his full gratitude. I hope Mara is ready to take one for the team.
We question our prisoner Gravis and learn that Severin (wearer of purple) wants us dispatched and that he is heading East to the Well of Dragons. Severin is identified as the Red Dragon Speaker. The plan, which we foiled, was to get us out in the open.
After a ong rest, we arise to meet with the Council of Water deep at 10:00 a.m. As we enter, we are given a rousing standing ovation. As we make our way in, some old friends invite us to sit with them. Trageon gladly obliges and takes a seat right next to Ungar Thume. Ebon’s dear friend Leocin has him a seat saved and calls for him to take it twice, but Ebon rudely denies him to sit at the big boys table. Leocin is obviously dejected.

Lady Laurel, who has ran the last three meetings, gets things started by asking us to share our heroic tales.
Leocin gives Ebon one last plea to join him and Ebon takes delight in tell him no as he shakes his head left and right arrogantly, almost taunting Leocin that he doesn’t have a seat at the head table. What a shame.

Zanlin starts to recant the tale of how they acquired the Blue mask in Zhentil’s Tower, and how they quickly defeated Lennithor, the blue dragon to save the day once again.
At this point, one of Leocin’s peons is sent to tell Escobar that the Blue Dragon has been slain by the real dragon slayers.
The meeting moves on with the harpers providing intel on the Cult of the Dragon starting to gather at the Well and they are very excited. The time is almost near.
Our next mission is to go to Thay and meet with their leader to gain their support. Nym Ilmichh, a Thay Delegate, is in attendance and has requested that we represent the Sword Coast at her master’s Castle. She tells us that there are many Red Wizards that are working for the Cult who have been exiled and the want us to track them down and kill them.
Lady Laurel appoints us as special council for the Lords of Waterdeep, and we are now part of the Lord’s Alliance. She asks us to negotiate with Thay to help us in our battle against the dragons and to kill the red wizards.
We are sent off to a small waiting room to prepare to head out again. While waiting, Ryan Nightshade, a tiefiing who is a member of the black network, comes to pay us a visit. The black network is a zhenterian faction( some shady dealers that love secrets). Prefer to stay low key and behind the scenes.
Nightshade wants to buy Zhentils Keep from us. He has documents prepared and drawn up. Ebon assures us that everything is on the up and up and we sell them the rights to Zhentils Keep for 8000 gp (8 diamonds)
In preparation for teleportation to Thay, Helm casts Heroes Feast on the party to give them temporary hit points and buffs.
Once we are buffed, Nym teleports us to a very lavish waiting room in Thay. He tells us the the Tharchion (Commander) will be in soon. His name is Esdlearayeth and he has fangs.
Nym returns about 20 minutes later and tells us to follow her. We follow her down a long hallway where we see many races of undead servants moving about.
The end of the hallway opens into a big chamber where we see a very pale female human. Standing around her are 10 more humans in red robes. 5 are men and 5 are women. There are also 5 undead wights in chain male.

The lady speaks, “ I am Tharchion Eadlearayeth. I am in command of the Keep” We have a common cause against a common enemy. Together we can remove them as a threat to both of us.
We are on a mission to find the exiled Red Wizards. We have agreed to a deal with T.E. to find the exiled Red wizards and report to Nym.
We sleep through the night, but it is a very restless sleep. We all feel like we suffered from terrible nightmares, but couldn’t recall any of them. Trageon feels like he was tortured, felt he had his fingernails pulled out. Mara finds blood on her sheets, Helm is totally drenched in sweat when he wakes up and Ebon looks like he has a very deathly pallor. All color and blood are drained from his face. During the morning conversation about nightmares, Helm lets it slip that he was woken up with Ebon laying next to him on more than one occasion.
We have heard in the past that sleeping in Thay can cause different effects. It is common knowledge that the Red Wizards of Thay have been known to invade your minds to find out your true intentions.
Breakfast was delicious. We enjoy the sweet meats that have been prepared for us. Afterwards we Nym teleports us back to Waterdeep. She tells us she has a room at city hall if we need her.
We we return are members of the alliance are gathered in little groups. Lady Laurel is very happy that we have secured the help of the Red Wizards. She makes in clear that we need to cut ties once our task to help the red wizards is complete.

Through all of our heroic efforts and great deeps to help save the world we have acquired the help and resources of many groups. They are the Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, lady laurel, Neveember, Connarad Brawnanvil, Elves of King Melondrake, Uldar of Baldur’s gate, Silverymoon, the purple knights and the Metallic Dragons and the giants.
The harpers and Zhenteran share the information they have gathered on the Cult of the Dragon and the raising of Tiamat. They tell us that we will be battling:
Severin and the Red Wizard, Galvan, ROdmodon, the cult leaders, cultist troops, chromatic dragons, devils, giants, monsters, evil mercenaries, temple of Tiamat, Mask on the Dragon Queens, and the Drakhorn.
We know that it is imperative that we:
1) Shut down the Drakhorn
2) Kill the cult leaders
3) Damage the temple
4) Destroy the mask of the dragon queen
5) Stop prisoners form being sacrificed

We are aware that once they get to a certain point in the ritual we will also have to defeat Tiamat, We need to work quick.
As we are flying in our castle to the Well of Dragons we witness dragons attacks all around the castle. 10 bearded devils teleport onto our castle and begin to attack. After a long and violent battle we are finally able to dispatch of all of the devils and restore order on the castle. Pole is dropped fighting valiantly to defend our castle and Helm heals him and many others after the battle. We sense that the battle is worsening and we need to get boots on the ground. We mount our Wyverns and head to the outlying area surrounding the Well of Dragons.
As we descend we notice a temple rising out of a volcano. Our attention is quickly drawn to 5 spires each with a chromatic dragon on it.
After analyzing the situation, we decide on the tunnel we are going to take to enter underneath the volcano. The tunnel we pick is being guarded by 6 guards. Ebon and Zanlin let fireballs ring out and quickly dispatch of the guards. We make our way into the tunnel ready for an epic battle.

To be continued ……..


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