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Session 25 Xonthal's Tower & the Hedge Maze

The Night of Foul Wind

The Night of Foul Wind
In attendance: Joe, Rob, Aaron, Roy, and Jason
Time: 5:30 P.M.
Coneys was on the menu tonight with Jason’s secret sauce of exotic meats and sausage, though he would bless us with his presence later in the night due to ball practice. He entrusted his secret sauce to Rob who proceeded to try and warm it all up in the tiniest of sauce pans with the meats overflowing in the pan, to the horror of all in attendance.

It was at this time that the crew experienced some technical difficulties and had to drag a T.V. from upstairs and Joe and Aaron went through their gadgets until they has their VGA hooked to the mini HDMI that was then spliced into the Flomonical Tube and fused to the Flux Compositor, your everyday projector stuff. After 30 minutes of fixing all of this they decided to not use any of it and sent the T.V. back.

As everyone settled down to eat the mustard was subject to being blocked in the hole while Jason’s secret sauce was revealed to be buffalo and his special sausage with the time now being 7:00 P.M. At this time Shady Will walked in to see what was for dinner and proceeded to sneeze into the pot of dogs, sadly Aaron had not eaten yet with the time being 7:25 P.M.

Joe proceeded to go over the magical items with Zanlin getting a ring of cold resistance as Jason and Aaron were discussing getting off the wall to which Aaron was resolved to point out that Jason would never being able to get off. At this time PK joined the party with being remoted in through the Flux Adaptor which frightened Jason at first because he thought we were communing with spirits for a bit there.

The echo is going to drive us all mad as PK’s voice and all that speak are echoed from one device to the other. Later we find out that it is Aaron’s fault and he should be caned. After a few moments it is discovered that Jason’s cushion has been kidnapped. The time is 7:50 P.M. and we are still going over magical items.

In going over the past events we are reminded that we has just killed the green dragon, Chuth, and after reading a journal on the speaker’s body we find that the Green Wyrm Speaker is Neronvain the long lost son of King Belindrake. Weary from battle we rest and search the massive cavern to find a massive horde of treasure, 8000 copper pieces. Jason found his cushion and the culprit is Aaron, who swiped the cushion. That swiper no swiping was not prepared tonight with no cushion, no screen or background music.

After searching the cavern the group came together to discuss where they should rest, a long rest is desperately needed. As they searched they found the food supplies, about 2 months of “common fair” food with 8 bottles of Evermead wine. a rare and expensive delicacy. Aaron used his wand of finding secert doors, to check for any other hidden areas, which raised questions from the DM and accusations of his "willy nilling " his character sheet. The DM tries to argue that the Wand of Secert Door Detection is an awesome item and needs to be properly recorded.

After much discussion it is decided that Tregon, Ebon, Thanior and Mara will stay at the cavern while Helm takes Zanlin back to the castle to bring it to them and get the food supply. After watching Helm change into a giant eagle to transport Zanlin back to the castle Ebon exclaimed, ’I got a new F@!kin mount."to with Zanlin asked Mara did he just say he wanted to mount Helm? Poor Helm has been the subject of much persecution from a mount to the demining man servant.

The group flew their castle back to the Elven village to inform them of the dragon’s demise. (It is at this time, 8:30 P.M., the assault begins. The most foul of foul. A stench that would burn the eyes. A stench that cannot be healthy, that one would question…“How is that humanly possible?” Rob’s assault begins. The strangest thing is that no one else is having this issue. It will continue through the night as if his gaseous biochemical warfare has startled all into a sense of stunned submission. ) After telling the elves of who the wyrm speaker was the guard advises the group to be careful in how they discuss this with the king. The group the boards their castle and heads for Waterdeep.

The group traveled for 3 days to Waterdeep and upon arrival they informed the guards that they needed to meet with the council. The guards told the group that it would take some time before the entire council could be summoned to which the group decided to do a little shopping, eating and socializing while they waited. They entered Zip’s Rarities, a small shop of acquired items of different functionality and incense filled air. While there they stocked up on much needed healing potions and Ebon was delighted to find a few spell scrolls. Sadly Zip would not except payment in copper pieces. The group decided to not purchase the fine sickle, though it was a good price.

Finely the group would meet with the council and upon arriving they discovered a new face was amongst them. One Rein Nightshade, special advisor to Lord Everember who was not in attendance. The group, with Zanlin being the main speaker, informs the council of sad tidings. The Green Wyrm Speaker was none other than Nevorvain causing King Mellingdrake to rise in a rage of confrontation as he demanded proof of these accusations. After Zanlin hands the king the journal he collapsed back into his chair weeping uncontrollably. Zanlin offers some hint of atonement as he informs the king that in that last moment he believed that the king’s son showed some sign of returning from the darkness. This surprised the group somewhat as all looked at each other with a questioning glances, wondering if Zanlin fought the same guy they did. The council then asked about the green mask, which was not found, and some seemed displeased when the group informed them that the mask was not on the body. After seeing some of the council members’ reaction Ebon asked if anyone else in the room had just killed a dragon. (The biochemical bombardment continues, driving many from the table except poor Aaron who seems to be trapped. Resembling a beleaguered boxer backed into a corner trying his best to duck and cover from the vicious blows.)

The king was going to retire to his quarters but decided to stay when the group to speak with him in private. After some small discussion he demanded the group come out with their request, the last demand of the good dragons. After being informed of their demand of a written apology for using mithal to enslave the dragons all those years ago, the king accepts the request. At this time Lady Laeral Silverhand informs the group of two issues to be addressed. One is the request of the Red Wizards of Thay asking for representatives from the Sword Coast to help them overthrow the Lich King of Thay and help them regain their land. The second issue was a Dragon Cult deserter who needed help in defecting. He is trapped in his own tower and has the blue dragon mask. The group decides to head to the deserter. (Coney count: Aaron= 2, Jacob= 2, Jason= 6, Joe= 5, Rob= 2, Roy= 2)

The group leaves the council with an upbeat attitude, the council was impressed with the group be able to gain the support of the metallic dragons and Zanlin was able to convince the King to write the apology, convincing him he could restore honor to his and his son’s name by doing so.

Lady Laeral presents the group with a letter, written in haste, that explains why the defector is defecting. He is in Xonthal’s Towe, some 5 days away. Zanlin and most the group agree it is most likely a trap but they must try if a mask is involved.

The group leaves the castle on their wyverns and see that the tower is surrounded by an unkept and overgrown hedge maze. Close to the tower is a small village, that goes by the same name as the tower, consisting of only 20-25 buildings. No windows are in the tower and the hedges are some 8 feet tall. Instead of making their way through the maze the group glides their well trained mounts, trained by Helm, close to the tower and jumps off close to the tower. While everyone jumps effortlessly, Zanlin jumps off in a graceful roll with a “Ta-da” stance at the end. This draws some strange glances from the group. No entrance can be found into the tower and Ebon even uses up his wand in trying to find one, to no avail The group gathers in a small huddle and it is decided that the wand was indeed a piece of shit. After finding no entrance back through the maze the group recalls their mounts and flying out back over the maze and into the town. A villager warns the group about the maze and its danger, how those that enter sometimes never return and if they do they are changed forever. He also tells the group that every once in a while they see a Blue dragon fly overhead. As the group look at the maze it appears to be a beautiful hedge lined garden with a beautiful and bright tower. The tower has a balcony and window from this viewpoint. A black robed figure appears on the balcony, yelling that he has the mask. He tells the group that he will hide in the dungeon beneath the tower and that the group must hurry. He tosses a small white hourglass to the ground beneath the balcony telling the group that it is the key to get to him (teleport?).

As the group enters the maze they come to a small clearing with a stone sundial at its center. Eight exact pathways go off in each different directions. Upon inspecting the sundial the group discovers that the shadow of the dial points towards the tower whereas their own shadows point away from the tower. Mara takes out her dagger and carves a X into the dirt in front of the pathway they came from with an arrow pointing in the direction they came from, she will continue this throughout the maze in an attempt to not get lost. The players exit the small clearing and transverse the maze for 22 minutes until they come to a clearing too big for the maze. The area is scattered with large boulders and is some 90 feet by 150 feet. A large cottage and pond take up space in this clearing with 2 Cyclops and a small herd of sheep appear to be frozen in time. As the group enters the spring to life and the sound of bleating sheep fills the air.

The two Cyclops notice the group and perform some sort of action similar to "Rock, paper, scissors " and begin to approach the group. Using sign language and picking up a huge boulder one of the Cyclops heaves the huge rock clear to the other side of the pasture, some 150 feet. While not speaking and motioning to the group he clearly has challenged the group to a contest of might. With a smile and full of confidence, and having his new belt of giant strength, Helm rises to the challenge and picks up a 500 pound boulder. With a mighty grunt he tosses the boulder some 105 feet. Realizing he came up short he rushes up to the boulder and tosses it another 45 feet. The giant shakes his head and finger at Helm. With Thanior translating, the Cyclops speaks in giant, “You must beat my toss in one toss”. Knowing that physically he cannot match the Cyclops toss, because he gave that all he had, the group is beleaguered with confusion as what to do Zanlin breaks into the cottage while everyone thinks. It is at this time that out of the blue and with no provocation Zanlin turns to Helm and says, “Why dont you bend one of the sheep over?” To which Helm says, “Really, really?” “Just cause I am a Druid does not mean that.”

Finally Ebon comes to a decision and casts his Arcane Hand spell, he picks up a boulder tossing it the length of the pasture. Upon crashing into the opposite hedge the boulder breaks open to reveal a topaz gemstone believed to be magical. Though the throw was impressive the Cyclops snicker at the somewhat feminine way in which Ebon tossed the boulder (DM’s call). The group decides to leave and walks another 9 minutes through the maze. The group finally comes to a small pathway with 12 flowers, each with a small pearl. Using mage’s hand, Ebon tries to take one causing the flowers to come to action. Not knowing what to do, Mara decides to use evasive footwork to run past the flowers, getting struck twice but drawing the flowers attention and saving the lives of all her friends.

The group keeps running through the maze and with much gasping and out of breath they come to a small clearing with a single fountain at its center. The group keeps going, only to come to another fountain. Confusion fills the air as Mara and Thanior drink from the cool and refreshing water. Helm fills his waterskin from it and decides to turn into a shark to find the bottom of the pool. After finding the bottom he decides to swim to the surface as fast as he can, leaping out of the water some 7 feet in an attempt to see over the 8 foot hedge. Thus the appearance of one, “Jabber Jaws”.

The groups leaves clearly in desperation of how to unlock the puzzle of this maze only to arrive again into the pathway with the 12 flowers. After much frustration, Ebon unleashes a fireball with no warning, sending the flowers into a frenzy. As almost on cue, Zanlin follows up with another fireball. The warriors begin to unleash arrow and blade as Helm swings his shileigh. Both Ebon and Zanlin follow up with a second fireball each as Helm switches tactics to step back and unleash his own lightning bolt (At this time Jacob cannot stop laughing at J as he pulls out his tiny dice for the damage roll, even though he killed 6). Mara attempts to attack but fumbles and gets bit in the ass.

(After being assaulted once again by the noxious fumes that Rob tries to defend with his doctor saying, “Its healthy”. Roy is driven from the table in a gagging and coughing fit, Aaron’s eyes are wide open, gasping for air and holding his chest as he struggles to breath. Joe began to laugh until he choked on what was in the air, all the time Rob defending himself as it was healthy to which Jason clearly expressing his opinion in that there was nothing healthy about that. It is discovered that Rob will now intentionally aim if paid, to which Roy paid Rob to not aim at him, almost like weaker nations paying tribute to not be invaded. The ironic thing about all this is that just a few minutes later Aaron will let one wet sounding one loose and Rob looked at him with a disgusted look saying, I quote, “You’re nasty.” )(Back to the fight)

Zanlin finally drops the last flower and everyone retrieves two pearls and exits the area only to arrive back to the Cyclops. When they enter the discover the topaz was gone and realize they are going to have to repeat the challenge. Being out of spells and many options, Helm uses his potion of shrinking and shrinks the boulder. He throws the boulder causing it to crack open and retrieves the topaz, impressing the Cyclops. The group exits and goes Northeast, still trying to get out of the Hedge maze.


The defector does not toss the hourglass key down from the tower as he needs to use it first to teleport himself. He did however fight off another cultist and push the cultist off the balcony, hitting the ground below.


I thank you Roy for pointing out the numerous times that I was treated unfairly…. It’s brought up some horrible memories of the way these older guys picked on me when I was younger… (I probably deserved that though)

dingolove dingolove

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